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  1. Hi all, Been a long time since I posted here, mostly because we sold my wife's iQ and secondly because I've not had many issues with my Hilux. It's currently a light use work vehicle, Dec 2012 Invincible model and it's due for a change so I wanted to see if there were any improvements over mine, particularly with regard to the terrible Touch and Go nav system it has? It is simply the worst sat nav I have ever used and the system as a whole (media, radio, traffic, nav, online services, camera view) isn't a great package either. This and the lack of Isofix in the rear are the two biggest reasons I'm tempted to go for something different, along with the fact work might be purchasing on my behalf so I could afford a bit more from another make. Your thoughts and advice please? Gary
  2. I guess I posted this in the wrong place earlier. I have a Hilux bed liner over-rail version to give away for collection from HA4 6SR. I don't have the tailgate part but it can be found on eBay for approx. £40. It's a genuine Toyota part that was fitted to my 2012 Invincible double/crew cab. PM me for details if you wish to collect, view or for me to send photos. Thanks.
  3. Not technically a classified I don't think? I've got a bed liner, over rail type (genuine Toyota part) to give away for collection from HA4 6SR. Suits a crew cab model current shape (was on my 2012 Invincible). I don't have the tailgate piece but this can be found on eBay for about £40. PM me if you're interested and would like photos. Cheers.
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread, but does anyone know if Prospeed exhausts for the CTS Compressor are loud or if they are comparable to the Longlife exhaust?
  5. K19NE G


    Thanks for all the replies peeps! Toyota did come back to us and confirmed the one recall the car was called in for was carried out but Mrs Kane-to-be didn't ask what it was! A few things I have noticed though are: when the fuel gauge is reading empty, it only takes £30 to fill - this can't be right surely?when parking the car and turning the steering wheel, there is a squeaking/groaning noise from the steering column - has anyone else experienced this?lastly, the passenger side window seal is tucked inside and the glass has trapped it for so long that it is now deformed and I can't get it to it's original position The car is going in Monday to hopefully have all the above resolved, get our free mats, hopefully a free glove bag and a couple of minor paint issues sorted :) Gary
  6. K19NE G


    Hi all, Well, my missus has had her iQ 2 1.0L manual a week today and absolutely loves it... we aren't so happy with Jemca Toyota however as we're still waiting for a cash-back cheque of £4,200 in respect of the part exchange car, a scratch on the roof to be repaired, the aerial to be replaced (as it seems to have been chewed by a dog) and a set of mats and the glove box have to be provided by them! I also checked the Toyota site for the recalls and it says: We have identified that your Toyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall. This can be rectified at no cost, by contacting your local Toyota Centreor call us on 0844 701 6202 to arrange a time at your convenience. Should any recalls not have been done prior to us purchasing the car? If not, could anyone list all the recalls that are applicable to ours? I've searched and can see something relating to the brakes and trip computer but it's a bit hazy after that!! Thanks, G
  7. Thanks for all the comments and insight into your experiences! Hopefully it will be a hassle free car as we bought from our most local dealer; just a spin back there next week to collect mats, a new aerial (the one they fitted was chewed by a dog!), touch up one small mark and hopefully they can find us a glove-bag thingy! ;)
  8. My first time in an iQ and I have to say I was very impressed with the solid thud of the doors, the neat little design touches and all round I think it's a cool little car! We wanted white but when we saw the tinted windows against the red and dark shadow chrome alloys on this one we both fell in love :) We went from having a combined 4.3L of petrol engines (Focus ST3 and Yaris SR) on our drive yesterday down to just 1.0L today in a big economy drive after I sold my car and we traded the SR in!!! Flickr
  9. Try sending a PM to Parts-King on here.......remember to give him all the details of your car including the colour He may be able to quote you a price for the part ....painted and delivered Have done, thanks!
  10. Hi, Can anyone help me with this and advise if it can be bought pre-painted? For some reason our front towing eye cover has popped off and has gone missing. Thanks, G
  11. Don't be afraid of stripping out the dash - it really is simple if you follow this:
  12. My partner has one and it's a savage little car... sometimes wish it had a 6-speed box and was quieter on the motorway but around corners it makes up for it! Based in NW London.
  13. Hi all, I went about installing the CK3100 kit to my girlfriend's Yaris SR this afternoon to no avail. I bought it on eBay Click Here so it should have the correct harness etc as you can see from the listing. It's a '09 Yaris 1.8 SR by the way. I did have to switch around the orange, red, black and blue wires on the harnesses so that they all matched up but the handsfree kit doesn't seem to be working. Nothing when I search via bluetooth and no display on the LCD; the headunit works fine so I haven't blown anything (yet!). I'm definitely an electrical novice but wanted to have a go on my own as I thought it would be a simple case of connecting wire blocks but it seems I'm missing something! Has anyone done this before or can anyone offer advice? Thanks, Gary
  14. Need both these parts to replace cracked units and if by a long, long shot anyone knows where I can get clean body panels or plastics then that would be great!!
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