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  1. So just to confirm this for my 2004 RAV4 I need part number 68650-42070 to make my tailgate door open wider, On my tailgate car side there are two bolts that is securing it to my car and then on the door side there are another two bolts on the tutorial there's only one bolt securing the check strap to the car side I'm I right in thinking I need to take the revit pin out of my check strap and then take the revit out of the new check strap and then fixing it back together using my original check strap fixing sorry to keep posting but I just don't want to order the wrong part. have anyone got one for sale on this site by any chance ?
  2. You can check the heater plugs with a multi meter to see which one is bad, You can use a test light to see if power is getting to heater plugs.
  3. It's saying that part number is for a 2005 model or is it that I use that part number for my 2004 model My brain hurts today 🙉😁 Have I got this right in my head I buy the 2005 one for my 2004 rav and punch the rivet out and swap it over for the standard one that's on my 2004 RAV4 model please confirm 🙉😁 Why did it take me that long to work that out if that's right I need help 😁
  4. Thank you Frostyballs for the link and thank you to anchorman for tutorial nice one 👍 I've had the tailgate panel off before when I fitted a reversing camera so I wished I saw that before I did it. Very good tutorial that Will that part number fit my 2004 RAV4 5door right hand drive model why I ask that. Looks different fixing to the car side I think I saw two blots/nuts The door (tailgate) side looks the same, Well I think it looks the same need to check tomorrow.
  5. Sorry if there's another thread about this I know there is somewhere but I can't find it. I have a five door 2004 RAV4 right hand drive with a standard tailgate door strap I read somewhere about a tailgate strap conversion kit to make the UK model open wider, I really need one now and I don't really know what I'm looking for, I know what the part looks like but I don't know what part number the conversion kit is and where I can buy one from. I've looked around scrap yards for a left hand drive RAV4 because I was told that should work but I've had no luck so far. There is one on eBay UK but it's for a 2005 model and I've emailed the seller and he said it wouldn't do what I want it to do because it's for a 2005 model rav4. Could anyone please post me a link to where I can get one from and what part number I'm looking for. I would really appreciate any information regarding this. 👍
  6. I was after one of them, if anyone have got one for a 2004 rav4. I know its a old thread but i thought I would ask
  7. Thank you again for all your help I don't know why the garages don't repair them today, maybe the time and cost for labour works out the same has changing the compressor, not like the old days when garages liked to fix things and get them going again, It was a challenge back then for the fitters and the garage reputation at stake, its more about money today and how many cars they get through the doors. I read a few of the threads really good information , I found this vid on the fix, the guy does go on a bit but I found this video better for me, he explains it really good. Thank you again 👍☺
  8. Maybe your dust shield plate rubbing on the disc, just bend the plate a little so that its not rubbing or could be a loose road stone that's got stuck in the disc. Jack the car up and spin the wheel to see if anything is rubbing. I had a stone stuck once in the brake pad and it was touching the disc and made a squeaking noise just a thought. Hope you sort it soon 👍
  9. Thank you again for replying nice one I'm not very good at putting things into words sorry but we got there in the end. After watching a few vids on YouTube and with the info from you that you gave me I took the clutch off the air con today and had a good look at it in the garage. I think it was sticking and that the shim/washers had worn down only one shim/washer left on it should of been 3 shims/washer. I gave the clutch a good clean with brake cleaner and a little wire brush found a washer that fitted and brought the gap back to 0.65 mm. All working and doing what it should do so fingers crossed that will do the job for now. I did ring a repair garage and explained to the guy what the air/com pulley was doing and he said probably a new air compressor. So for a washer and a bit of brake cleaner that I had already didn't cost me a penny. I did think it was going to cost me a bit to have fixed at first. There are some good vids on YouTube about the fix if anyone is having the same problem, I didn't like to link them because I didn't know if I could. Thank you again gjnorthall for you help 👍 😀😎
  10. Thank you again for your reply This is what I found out today by looking at it in daylight, I know nothing about air con units on a car and never have had a problem with one before to look in to how it all works. I found out today there is a clutch on the air con pulley that engages when air con is on, I think I have got this right. So this is what is happening with my air con pulley/pump I have marked the clutch on the front of the pulley with a white paint mark so i can see whats happening. Start engine air con pulley turning with belt and clutch not moving all good so far, after watching for a few minutes the clutch starts to turn then stops and then spin a little stop and then spin again this is when i can hear the squeak.I dont think it should be doing this with air con not turned on in the car but engine ticking over, I'm I correct in thinking this ? Now with engine ticking over i then turn on air conditioning and the clutch start spinning for ten seconds and then stops for a few seconds and then spins again for ten seconds and so on, The air in the car it really cold so its seems to be working okay. So I am thinking something is sticking on the clutch and making it make a squeaking noise or rattling noise. I didnt have much time today to look into it more but i dont think i will use the car untill i have fixed it might do more damage. Do it sound like a shim missing or something like that ? Forgot to add it only makes a noise when clutch starts turning or spins. Thank you again and sorry for the long post.
  11. Thank you for the reply What it is I was reversing down the drive when I started hearing a squeaking sound, so I looked under the bonnet and I could hear this rattling/squeaking sound coming from the belt area its not a loud noise. It was a bit dark but looking at the belt I could see that on the air con pulley the pulley looked like it was sticking not all the time just now and again when engine was ticking over. More like turning slower and then speeding up again with same motion and rotation of the belt and other pulleys. The air con was off I then put the air con on to see what was going on air con working all okay blowing cold air. Look again at the pulley and it still sticking and making a rattling/squeaking noise ? The belt was fitted about 3 months ago i only had it changed because it was due replacing and I try and keep up to date with things. Sorry if I haven't explained it that well, not very good with words. The belt don't look like its slipping on the pulley it looks like the pulley to me ?
  12. Hi I heard a squeaking from under my bonnet today, on further inspection I saw the pulley on the air con sticking with the engine ticking over. Is this a big job ? Can I just have the pulley changed or is it a new air con unit ? I changed the belt a few months ago. I don't think I can drive it until I get it sorted because I think it might do more damage. My car Rav4 petrol 2.0 vvti Xt3
  13. I Could do that, thank you again for all of your advice 👍