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  1. Jonmartin

    Warning Light

    Why DID they put it there ?
  2. Jonmartin

    Which region in my car

    I am exploring all the things my C-HR can do. One of the things I am looking at is the pedestrian pre-collision prevention. The online manual has this entry...... Regions Function availability Region A The pedestrian detection function is available Region B The pedestrian detection function is not available However it doesn’t explain how to determine what region the car is from. Anyone got any idea how I find out ?
  3. Jonmartin

    C-HR Hybrid question

    The car has a 1.8 petrol engine, the spec also states HV Special next to the 1.8. Does anyone know what it HV Special means ?
  4. Jonmartin

    Moving here

    I started my Toyota membership with a Yaris, I never really got on with it. Too much wind whistling and the driving position made my shoulders ache. Then I moved to an Auris Touring Sports Hybrid. Lovely car and so easy to drive. But now the time has come to go from two cars, my wife has an Aygo and she doesn’t like the Auris, to one. So I’ve bought a C-HR. Collect it on Friday, going to be a long week. Any of you C-HR drivers have any tips you can pass on ?
  5. Jonmartin

    Warning Tyre Pressure Light -How to reset

    Mine is on the right off the glovebox when it is open. To reset, turn on the ignition and then hold the button, when the warning light stops flashing, it is reset.
  6. Jonmartin

    USB port dust cover

    My dust cover fell off and went between the driver seat and tunnel, and I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know if I can buy another one anywhere ?
  7. Jonmartin

    How to reset Auris 2018 TPMS

    Mine is a 2016 model and the reset button is on the right hand side of the glove box lid when open.
  8. Jonmartin

    Disable speed camera alerts

    If you do need one, then go here. This is the official site and is very cheap, compared to other sites that pop up if you google Crit’Air. I bought one a while ago and was very easy, took a couple of weeks to come from France.
  9. Jonmartin

    Disable speed camera alerts

    Touch SETUP. Then MAPS. Then untick SHOW SPEED CAMERAS. That should work. I’ve driven through France many times, and never (yet) been stopped and have always used a satnav. Although I always disable speed camera alerts, just in case. Never liked the idea of arguing with a French police officer, who will probably decide not to understand English. If you’ve not driven over there before, be aware that they do tend to hide their cameras, and even in plain sight, are to to easy to spot. They look like a grey metal filing cabinet, thats been dumped on the side of the road. Also you need to know this. French roads have a variable speed limit that depends on weather conditions. In dry weather rural 2- or 3-lane roads are limited from July 2018 to 80 from 90 km/h, 4-lane expressways (in rural areas) 110 km/h, and highways (in rural areas, when classified as motorway) 130 km/h
  10. Jonmartin

    My Yaris 1.5TS Speedometer bouncing.

    It sounds like the speedo I had on my 1964 Mini. Which I had in 1970. It meant then that the cable from the speedo to the gear box was stretched and ready to break or that the gearing in the speedo head was nackered. Usually replacing the cable worked, but sometimes you had to replace both the cable and the speedo. Thought this problem went away with modern cars.
  11. Jonmartin

    seeking internet advice

    Not sure if this will help.
  12. Jonmartin

    seeking internet advice

    What phone have you got, have you checked that it is compatible ?
  13. Jonmartin

    seeking internet advice

    Have you set your phone as a ‘hotspot’ ?
  14. It does seem odd to go to Honda for a problem with a Toyota. I would have thought you’d get better service from a dealer who actually knows the model.
  15. If you bought the car from a dealer, you will some form of warranty. Take it back and have it checked. If you bought it privately, then still go to a dealer, but you will face a bill.