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  1. This is just down the road from me, there are actually two, both the same.
  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve been using the online manual, for a while now, it’s much better than the paper copy. I’ve found the entry methods, as always, there is more to this car than you first realise.
  3. What is the key press sequence ?
  4. That’s good, but I expect there will be many aftermarket units coming onto the market. And I do think they are not a bad idea.
  5. Will we have to retro fit an AVAS, will it become part of an MOT ? It's probably a good idea, people in car parks tend to not be aware of their surroundings, and I've made many jump when they have realised I'm behind them. Sounding the horn seems a bit much, and who knows what harm it could do to an elderly person with a dicky ticker. I have found that loud music and the windows down helps. I considered fitting a cycle bell, but I have no handle bars.
  6. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I would rather look for myself, not be cold called.
  7. I presume the only way to tell, is do a check on previous owners. Is this possible ?
  8. Surely, if the car has a black box, this should be declared at point of sale because wouldn’t the fitting of one be classed as a modification and as such must be declared to your insurance company.
  9. No problem. This is my second hybrid, the first was an Auris TS, drove that from Calais to Trier (Germany) 4 hours in the rain, didn’t get as tired as I thought I would. I hope you enjoy the Prius. Toyota Hydrids are rather good.
  10. Even better, and it does seem to be a good service.
  11. Thanks for the info. It’s something I hope never to need. I think the renewal price of £76 is very good value, especially as it covers you in Europe, to do that I’d have to pay my current supplier £150+. All I’ve read and what you are saying it makes sense to renew.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with Toyota Raodside Assistance ? I got it free for a year, when I bought my C-HR and I was wondering if it worth renewing and paying for it ?
  13. I would guess that the black box belongs to the insurance company that fitted it. So, as said before contact them and ask them if it is deactivated and do they want it back. I'm sure this must be fairly common.
  14. You were right, I fired up the old windows laptop. 5 updates and two hours later, I was able to download the map update, unzip and copy onto a usb stick. Stuck it in the car and IT WORKED. Can’t understand why the computer should make a difference, but computers work in mysterious ways.
  15. I am coming to that conclusion. Time to start up the old old old laptop, do all the windows updates, and start the download again.