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  1. You need to put the update onto a usb stick
  2. I didn’t know that, I wonder how long mine will stay updatable. I still think you are better off with a separate SatNav, given some are cheaper than the update cost with toyota.
  3. It is indeed. I think it should be done as part of the yearly service.
  4. Good luck. Let us all know how you get on.
  5. The update IS free for the first 3 years, but even then the dealer will charge for doing it for you. It’s a pain to do, I tried to do it using my MacBook, but it was having none of it. The only way I could get the car to recognise the info on the memory stick, was to use my ancient Windows laptop. I contacted Toyota and was given their Multimedia phone number, it was helpful. 0344 701 6202. Even after the ‘update’, it wasn’t that accurate, you are better off with a TomTom which has FREE updates. I can’t see why Toyota can’t do this.
  6. Twice now, both times in heavy rain, the symbol to show the collision warning system is off has lit up. It goes out of its own accord eventually. Anyone else had this ?
  7. Thanks, I’ll have a wander around the forums.
  8. Is it possible to replace the standard headlight bulbs with LED ones ?
  9. Which LED’s did you get ?
  10. Mine used to do that, no apparent reason. I used to switch the mpg to kpl and back that sometimes worked, but not always. You might check if your satnav is up to date.
  11. Hardly much point even thinking about this car. There is nowhere to buy the fuel.
  12. This is just down the road from me, there are actually two, both the same.
  13. Thanks for the info. I’ve been using the online manual, for a while now, it’s much better than the paper copy. I’ve found the entry methods, as always, there is more to this car than you first realise.
  14. What is the key press sequence ?
  15. That’s good, but I expect there will be many aftermarket units coming onto the market. And I do think they are not a bad idea.