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  1. I had the same question last year, my Auris had LED headlights and appeared to have a ‘flat’ dip. I did buy a pair of deflectors, but didn’t fit them, despite the instructions saying how to. I drove from Calais to Germany in heavy rain with my lights on and didn’t get flashed.
  2. The company I used was local to me ( Nailsea, North Somerset) not much use to you, I know, but I found them by doing a google search. They did a great job on one wheel with curb damage. It took about a week, as they had to take the wheel back to bare alloy, repair the damage and them powder coat and lacquer. Placed next to an original wheel, you couldn’t see which was which. It cosy about £95.I hope you find someone.
  3. Car has been checked and I’m told it’s fine. Got a bit close to cars on the way home and it worked. I did ask about it braking as I parked and they seemed to think that it doesn’t on my model.
  4. Jonmartin

    Fuel gauge

    The Auris, I recently owned, had a fuel gauge that would take at least 100+ miles before the needle even moved. Once it did start to move it would plummet towards empty, as if there was a hole in the tank. I got into the habit of ALWAYS having the display show fuel range, which was fairly accurate.
  5. When I had a VW, I did this same thing, so I’m guessing the window is shut ? First turn the on. Then, hold the button in the close position for 10 seconds and then hold in the open position for 10 seconds, let go of the button, then try to open it. It might not work straight away so repeat until it does. As I said this fix was for a VW so it might not work.
  6. I can find nothing in English for this, but from what I can make out it is a dashcam, and I guess the beep is it turning on. My Nextbase camera does the same thing.
  7. i don’t think asking for some form of proof that the PCS is actually working is too much to ask. It just might save a life sometime. And I would hardly expect the dealer to test it on the road. But what I’ve experienced so far, leads me to believe it’s not working, and if that’s the case then it needs to be fixed. And I need to know, and be shown this is the case, just being told that it’s fixed is not going to be good enough. It is a major selling point for the car and one which was high in my consideration when I bought the car.
  8. Yeah, mine is the same with the big screen in the middle and a little screen between the instruments. This small screen is the one that is supposed the go red and say brake. It has only done so on two occasions, once when I got close to a car in traffic, fair enough, and the other occasion, for no reason, on a completely empty road. Methinks it’s broke. I’ll update here.
  9. When you say your car brakes if you get close to an object. Are you applying the brakes as you approach but the car actually stops for you ? update. Just tried. Drove the car as if parking, got closer and closer to the ‘wall’. All I got was the proximity alarm beeping and the display showing I was getting closer, but it allowed me to drive through and over the ‘wall’. The adaptive cruise works well, does it use the same radar I wonder. Anyway hopefully will find out on Wednesday.
  10. Quick update. I blocked my drive with sheets of cardboard and drove the car at it. Straight through, no warnings or braking, just flat cardboard. The only warning was the sensor saying I was too close to the wall at the side. Off to the dealer on Wednesday, who seems to think it might be a ‘software’ problem. When I collect the car and IF you assure me the PCS is working, I will ask for proof and or a demonstration, don’t think that will be too much to ask.
  11. Jonmartin

    Park assist

    I think the models are different. My first hybrid was an Auris, easy to use electric up to 40 mph, after that mostly petrol. I now have a C-HR and that uses electricity much more, not difficult to drive over 40 mph on pure electric. It’s a case of almost learning to drive again, certainly maximising electric requires a bit of practice.
  12. Video is impressive. Don’t think I’ll try to find out by driving towards something, though. Certainly mine does not beep or brake when I get close anything. Perhaps an experiment driving towards some like a suspended sheet, might work.
  13. I’ll try that, thanks.
  14. I’ve only ever had the car tell me to brake on one occasion. So I’m wondering if it works, according to the centre display it is turned on and shows 3 green bars, supposedly looking further ahead. Anyone out there know if it can be tested without risk to other vehicles, pedestrians or my car ? i have no intention of relying on it, that would be somewhat silly, just want to know it’s there if needed.
  15. Jonmartin

    Park assist

    Parallel parking is weird, but after a few goes you do get less panicky. Reverse parking is, in my experience a bit random. My C-HR sometimes can’t seem to find spaces, or isn’t to accurate. You need to be VERY aware of what the car is doing. Can’t say I use either very often.