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  1. There could be an insect in the car, triggering the internal movement sensor. This sensor can be disabled by pressing a switch near the sensor, which is above the rear view mirror. At least, that’s how mine used to work. Check your manual.
  2. I got my space saver from my Toyota dealer. After much online searching, it wasn’t the cheapest, but it came complete. Tyre, wheel, jack, wheel brace, floor and mould carrier for all.
  3. If it’s anything like my C-HR, then only a ‘space saver’ will fit.
  4. When I fitted my spare wheel, which does not have TPMS, the warning light was on all the time.
  5. Have you looked here for a manual ?
  6. I think you’ll find the ‘P’ button is the self park. There is a way to disable the parking aid in the setup menu. Find the online manual
  7. I to contacted Toyota and was given this phone number, they were helpful. Toyota Multimedia 0344 701 6202
  8. Are you using a Windows pc or an Apple ? I had the same problem when I did mine. I was using a MacBook and although it looked fine on the usb, the car ignored it. So I tried again with a Windows PC, worked fine after that. It’s a pain in the #### to do, you’d think Toyota could make it easier to update.
  9. You need to put the update onto a usb stick
  10. I didn’t know that, I wonder how long mine will stay updatable. I still think you are better off with a separate SatNav, given some are cheaper than the update cost with toyota.
  11. It is indeed. I think it should be done as part of the yearly service.
  12. Good luck. Let us all know how you get on.
  13. The update IS free for the first 3 years, but even then the dealer will charge for doing it for you. It’s a pain to do, I tried to do it using my MacBook, but it was having none of it. The only way I could get the car to recognise the info on the memory stick, was to use my ancient Windows laptop. I contacted Toyota and was given their Multimedia phone number, it was helpful. 0344 701 6202. Even after the ‘update’, it wasn’t that accurate, you are better off with a TomTom which has FREE updates. I can’t see why Toyota can’t do this.
  14. Twice now, both times in heavy rain, the symbol to show the collision warning system is off has lit up. It goes out of its own accord eventually. Anyone else had this ?
  15. Thanks, I’ll have a wander around the forums.