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  1. Happy Birthday R6TH M!

  2. That's minor, and on the protective film, lucky :) Get down to toyota and get a new set of arch protector film ordered up. You could try giving it a rub with something like autoglym super resin polish first, but i'm not convinced it would work:)
  3. yeah except that oul silver corolla :P
  4. What a pain in the ***** I feel the same i dont want to search through a load of non TS threads to find stuff. Get it sorted TOC :ffs: Linty264
  5. don't know how people can say that tein basics aren't much better than tein springs, I have the coilovers in my own car and my mum has just the tein springs and altho they do the job for her, they are much much softer than the coilovers and it doesn't handle anywhere near as well as my car. Would definitely recommend the tein basic coilovers. Not sure on the apex fo the yaris but my dad had an apex shock/spring kit in his old golf and BOTH the front springs snapped. Steer clear from Pi as well :)
  6. it's ok, i feel your pain, i'm burnt front and back lol!! Linty and Stoney got it too...
  7. not at all robert, nice to meet you too. Shame you drove the whole way and more people didn't turn up! Nice motor you have there :)
  8. why waste my petrol :P Least you have air con hehe. my pics are the non blurry ones ;) nice to meet everyone (except stoney, never nice to meet him)
  9. are they selling them / can they replicate it
  10. I was at stoney about it the other day, i reckon it would be good craic! when is it?
  11. ok yes, but it means one extra day in the month i have to look at you :P
  12. me, but possibly every month is a bit much.. only ever gonna be a limited number :(
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