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  1. Got a new manifold there for a t sport, and there was no gasket with it. Was wondering if anyone had the Toyota part number for a new one? I don't overly trust the local toyota.. they seemed a bit unsure! lol Ruth
  2. Better to have the back tyres slightly less pressure than the fronts for better grip so if ur putting 34psi in the fronts just stick 32 in the back. just the 2or 3 psi makes a difference. Linty264
  3. Go for the 3g discs mate i have them on my corolla t sport phone ricerocket very fast service and best price around for these Tel:07831147200 . I think they were just under 100quid for the yaris when i was ordering mine for the corolla. Linty264
  4. Your dad is right.. kinda You can clean out the stonechips and touch them in with paint, allow to dry and wet sand smooth with the surface, then buff up the panel. Wouldn't recommend doing it yourself tho, get a pro to do it
  5. Lol mine buzzes the odd time as does my mums.. never investigated it tho?
  6. That looks lovely! What lowering springs did you use?
  7. I still cant see how just by changing the spark plugs can give you a noticeable difference in power or am i totally wrong?? And i really dont believe that the typhoon gives 15bhp theres no way I have one on my T Sport and even though it does make it sound alot nicer i only got 176bhp on the rollers Linty264
  8. Have raced my bf in his corolla T sport, me in the yaris obviously, he kept off lift and just had the edge. However through the twistys it was almost a different story :P
  9. That is amazing! Love it! Balearic blue? Such a cool colour :)
  10. If your looking at spending 12k I would definitely be looking at 06 Corolla T sport compressors. Hell of a lot more car for the money than a fiesta ST. Personally I dont think I could change my yts for an st but the only way you will know for yourself is to go drive it:)
  11. yes, standard tyres on them might be a bit bulky tho..
  12. surely i just need to know whether or not the manifold im buying has an o2 sensor housing? and therefore which code - TA or UA applies ?:( Thanks :)
  13. I'm trying to find out about a 5zigen manifold and the guy in nemesis performance said there are 2 listed for the T sport, those are the codes he gave me. I've no idea which one is right:(
  14. well thats what i thought but then a friend pointed out maybe one code is left hand drive?
  15. Ok I am told there is 2 chassis codes for the yaris T sport. TA-NCP13 UA-NCP13 Which one is the phase 2 T sport - 2005 model, anyone know? Ruth
  16. Kimi how much was your organic clutch? Also how much did it cost you in total to go to germany and have it fitted etc, if you dont mind me asking :)
  17. No amount of wax or polish is gonna make that look right. Get it back and complain, there is no reason why a decent painter cant properly colour match that.
  18. is that his user name - just "matty" ? Thanks :D
  19. Should be going over to England next wed to (hopefully) bring home a yaris t sport for my mum, she's a bit of a girl racer and would like it lowered - obviously no point in spending the money on coilovers, but what are the best springs for the yaris? And where is the cheapest place to get them? Any pics also would help B) Ta Ruth
  20. I was pretty sure it was a 45litre tank, the corolla t sport is 55litre
  21. I paid £60 for my coilies to be fitted, I'd think bigger companies like envy would charge labour per hour? Not sure tho :)
  22. I'm just wondering if anyone has put corolla T sport brakes on their yaris? Can it be done? Ruth
  23. Good choice i'm sure you will love it! The supaguard certainly isn't worth £250 - you'd have been better payin that to a pro detailer to sort the paintwork and protect it :( ah well
  24. www.neweraparts.com - Jap company but im near sure i seen a set on there whilst browsing for other bits ;)
  25. Right i've done a search and I just can't find any sound clips of the blitz nur spec exhaust on a T sport. Can anyone help?? Please.. Also any pics from different angles would be much appreciated. Especially on the phase 2. many thanks Ruth
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