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  1. Thanks, someone local is selling a new set of front black TRD pads for £50
  2. Does anyone have these - if so what are they like, and how much are they normally? How would they compare to the endless pads? Ruth
  3. Wasnt a main dealer, toyota specialist and I think i was quoted £90.. BUT slight problem with not being able to get my car on the ramp.. so ended up being £39 for oil and filter change and a quick check round..
  4. Lol :) I got sorted anyway found it in the book! ta
  5. Just wondering what all is due for checking/changing at the 20,000mile service on a yaris t sport? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. leave that wee car alone as it is, it looks pretty cool!!
  7. lol yeah i know :P But it was the fact he was standing beside the yaris badge and asked if it was a starlet...
  8. Hmm I got pulled by the cops tonight, after being a know-it-all and keeping me standing for about 30mins he writes me a producer.. standing behind the car next to the "yaris" badge he asks "what is this? a starlet?" To which i replied, "yaris" - he then said "ah its a new starlet then"
  9. .. Remove the front side windows on a yaris t sport? Does anyone know - even better, anyone have a guide? lol Ruth
  10. cheers dee.. it seems to have stopped it now?? You still driving the SR or u got a t sport now?
  11. heres the only pic i have of my car just after it was lowered and not driven, the mechanic took this... And it settled a bit too
  12. LOL yes sorry im a pleb. I gotta stop doing silly things today
  13. I'm curious does anyone have the standard TTE T sport spoiler part number? Cheers
  14. very nice ryan, its at a nice height there. Altho i was looking at the pics of mine lowered on the standard 15s and it looks lower. And my rear coileys aren't even screwed the whole way down. Odd
  15. Ok this started last wednesday night randomly. When turning round a sharp right hand bend, there is a rubbing noise coming from the front passenger wheel arch area. Five minutes later when i went to park up, the steering was creaking or making a "popping" like sound - hard to describe but its not that loud. The car has never done this before and I have checked everything I can think of in that area. Has anyone got any ideas what it might be? Someone mentioned a cv joint The car is lowered in Tein coilovers and 16s with 17k on it if that helps. The only thing i can think of is the arch liner snapped a screw of and i replaced it with a plastic screw that had a huge head on it, it didn't quite fit in tight and it might be rubbing the tyre/popping in and out as it doesn't make the noise all the time. Any help much appreciated Thanks, Ruth
  16. lol hope yougot that washed off asap before it eats through your clearcoat!
  17. ooh thank you very much! I might ring up now and order one, the guys werent sure which one was for my car lol
  18. Does anyone have the part number for Ph2 t sport front badge?? Please :)
  19. R6TH M

    Mr2 Rear Badges

    lol zebidi, i think i had this posted before i asked u!!
  20. My skirts and below the film have tiny white specs.. nightmare.. so i dread to think what the arch would be like if i took the film off
  21. dammit nick, i would have had the brakes..
  22. A machine polish by someone who knows what they are at is what you need
  23. ahh another northern ireland member! yey!
  24. yeah, i went and bought a 19mm extended socket that grips the flats and not the edges. So fingers crossed it should be ok this time!! Halfords sell those plastic sleeve sockets i think.
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