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  1. aye the socket provided for the 4 locking nuts is the only one i got??? forde i hope your not gettin red ones.... lol
  2. You can buy an anti static quick detailer from chemical guys, I havent used it personally but their stuff is pretty good so it might be worth a try. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/shop/detaili...iler/p_146.html http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/shop/detaili...wipe/p_180.html
  3. Stunning - would have went for the blue nuts personally with the stickers being blue. But red looks well also. Just be careful when your removing them, wheel brace took the edging off mine so im using a 19mm extended socket on my new set when they arrive!!
  4. Hmm mine doesnt do that, altho it slightly touches the window i think. Have you got any pics of the damage to see where exactly its rubbing
  5. R6TH M

    Mr2 Rear Badges

    Thanks guys, I take it that the badge on the other side is also stuck on, think its a "toyota" one...
  6. aye wee balls painted neal's splitter on the corolla when he scuffed it... he is a sound lad and i'm sure he will sort it for you!
  7. which look great til you attack them with a wheel brace...... lol. Lesson learnt
  8. Hey rick, spotted you tonight in bangor. I was going to suggest a buff, it may bring the colour up a little. However that looks completely off and i personally would complain about it, its very pinky. Hard colour to match i reckon! Who sprayed it?
  9. Hey everyone just after a bit of help here really. A friend of mine just bought himself an mr2 which is rather faded. I'm due to be buffing the car and giving it a detail shortly. Problem is his rear badges are slightly orange also. I was wondering if they are stuck on or is there holes behind them? Also can you get replacement ones from toyota or anywhere else, even chrome, as i think they all came painted? Heres a pic of the ones on it at the mo, any help much appreciated. Thanks, Ruth
  10. Tis damn squeaky.... But im sort of used to it now lol. Would the corolla one fit? Could pinch the bf's! he he
  11. any other pics of that rsr exhaust? From the rear? how does it sound and is it mild steel??
  12. class, lol, i bought the bf the black t sport one, shame its a ph1 and has no spoiler tho:(
  13. aye - "Very Very Tiny Inside" as my mate kindly pointed out
  14. Jeepers, perhaps its time i paid toyota a visit for a 1ltr transplant....
  15. lol pass thanks im not into all that :$
  16. First car.. 2002 1.2 16v clio extreme.. owned it for nearly 3 years and altho i loved it, the thing broke my heart with problems.. Always wanted a yaris.. so thought a t sport would be a nice upgrade.. searched for one for months before finally giving in and buying a new one in 2005 Not very exciting lol
  17. emmm how about black and black if you really must tack it up? A nice set of snap on covers would be better
  18. why the hell did they spray it with an aerosol can?! Is this a proper bodyshop?
  19. update, guy from toyota took one listen to the cd playing and said "we'll get u a new headunit from japan" yayyyy, have to wait a couple of weeks now tho :(
  20. Oh flip, i was thinking about this whilst driving home tonite, is there anyway this could cause a fire?? Should i leave the radio off altogether? Its going into toyota on friday afternoon!!
  21. James Donnelly Carnology 028 90813181 Hardly be worth you lot buying stuff from him if he has to post it to england it might work out dearer?
  22. My battery died again on saturday, i stupidly left the interior light on for 12 hours. Thats about the 4th time the battery has drained, doesnt seem to last long at all!
  23. cheers guys, im brave enough to clean it i just cant be bothered lol. Rang Mr T there and the girl said it will be warranty work! Waiting on them ringing back... looks like i could be waiting a while
  24. yip used a cd cleaner on it earlier, seemed to work for a while but now its not playing any tracks at all!! As far as i know, nothing has been inserted into the slot that shouldnt have been,lol
  25. Ok so my cd player is messing about in the yaris - when playing a cd, the lights dim in the car after it bangs and pops (as if the track is skipping) only its quite a loud noise! i thought at first it was a few scratched cd's but its doing the same thing with new cd's Has anyone had this problem? The car is within its 3 year warranty but i was thinking the cd player warranty might only be a year? Any help appreciated before i ring Mr T! Ruth
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