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  1. I like it, not sure about the alloys or the black/grey speedo, look a bit dull when the lights arent on? Prob wouldnt let that put me off buying one tho
  2. dear me.. good luck with the mr2, but if you think the t sport was boring you mustn't have been driving it right hehe
  3. 5 doors are the same yey thanks got sorted anyway!!
  4. LOL! :P ok next question, are the 5 door rear lights the same as the 3 door?
  5. lol i have this problem, have done from the car was new. Doesnt seem to be leaking anywhere.. Flipping thing is always steamed up!! lol. As someone said flick button off recirculating the air.
  6. have to say thats just lovely! health to drive!
  7. Many thanks, thought as much but best to double check! Will ring Mr T tomorrow and other places :)
  8. I'm after a 2004 Ph2 Corolla T sport rear light.. passenger side. Does anyone know if the T sport lights are the same as the rest of the ph2 range? Also how much are they from toyota... does anyone have a part number? Many thanks
  9. yea they are the same ones i have but didnt get them with the car
  10. not a great pic n i think theyre 15s
  11. err how are you all getting 40mpg.. i average about 31!!
  12. Lol, only spotting this now cheeky - number 1 for me when im driving your car :P
  13. hey twain glad to see you joined. I got a jap rectangle plate on sat too!! lol
  14. I wouldnt mind driving a new ST to compare with the rolla but the ST that was on the rollers a few months back was underpowered which didnt impress me alot, the ST side repeater badges look a little tacky and the standard interior aint much to right home about but on the other hand if i was buying one i would definitely get the metallic orange one its amazing looking in the sun. Linty264
  15. mine does it when the weather gets colder/wetter lol, i dose it up with WD40 and it stops
  16. hmm like the TRD one now too - price?? lol
  17. He meant he raced a DC2 integra type r not a dc5 - civic has more power. Linty got his coilovers from funky styling
  18. oh aye im liking the cusco kimi.... mmmmmm...
  19. any pics kimi? how much was the cusco?
  20. Any piccies or price for the trd one chuck?
  21. Must invest in one sometime, fly got stuck to mine last summer and i scraped it off and took a chip of red paint off.. crrrrrry
  22. Fancy some strut braces for the t sport - front and rear... i assume theres no difference between ph1 and ph2 fitments on the t sport?? I'd like something lightweight, shiny and not overly expensive. Anyone have pics or recommendations?? Thanks Ruth
  23. how much was the front badge amoredfist2002??? ta
  24. excellent ryan looks well!! does need lowered so badly tho
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