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  1. not bad.. lack of tyre slick is making it look worse than it is tho
  2. Heres mine - medium smoke all round, personally id go for the light smoke next time
  3. i checked my rays box and it says both those sizes on it?? lol
  4. cheers for the advice!! i would hope they wouldnt need replacing as the car is only a year old :(
  5. chances are that'll need spraying, u could give it a shot yourself first by touching it up then some wet sanding, and a buffer!
  6. How easy are the side repeators to get off on the yaris? Mine seem to have some gunky green stuff growing round the edge, tis not very pleasant!! Any hints/tips would be appreciated Ruth :)
  7. nice yaris. lol. only jokin mister i love your car to bits, swap u anyday!
  8. Looks really well chris that lip suits it perfectly. Altho i hate all eyebrows.. sorry..
  9. excellent, u will love it. I test drove the sr before i bought a t sport and altho the sr was a smashing wee car i thought the t sport was a completely different drive. Health to drive !!
  10. yeah mine does it too, lol, either the dash or scuttle panel?? not entirely sure
  11. cheers, must take note of the part number!
  12. i love those rims tbh id leave them on! Im goin off the polished lip thing, tho for some reason i sitll like them on my car lol. I think white wud look ace!
  13. this thread is indeed like spot the oldie!! I just stuck the t sport in my own name for the first time on my own policy. So no NCB, but 3 years named driving experience (actually 4 but lost a year due to renewing it early :( ) Im 22 and live in Northern ireland.. £805 with all mods declared. I was a happy bunny!!
  14. lol at the risk of sounding like a girl racer, i raced a 1.6 fiesta when i had my old clio 1.2 16v.. i kept up with it around the town no problem... the 1.4 16v's didnt even get a look in - they all seem so dead and lifeless. The yaris is slightly more responsive than my clio was.. but it was nippier than normal and died after 60! I dont think there would be much in it tho, certainly not enough to worry me. Who cares anyway i think everyone will agree u have the better car :D
  15. Im guessin thats not actually just white paint and u have lifted the paint of the car? :( was going to suggest it may buff out but i seriously doubt it by the sounds of things! good luck with it :)
  16. that would be such a nice wee car if you sorted the rear lights out :( sorry... mines prob a bit lower and im just careful where i drive, any scuffs and bumps dont seem to be doing any damage so i just live with it. Even drove over a badger the other nite and done no damage lol
  17. is that black minichamps one a 3 door or 5 door? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1-43-Minichamps-Toyo...1QQcmdZViewItem cant quite see on my monitor!
  18. Does anyone know the engine code for a ph2 t sport corolla? Also is the suspension set up the same as a) any other corolla and B) a ph1 t sport? cheers
  19. i chose the yaris for so many reasons i dont think i cud pick just one of those up there ^^ 1. Somethin different and rare ish over here, was fed up of everyone having a clio that looked like mine 2. It was jap and toyota so had to be reliable (clio gave me so many probs) 3. Got a really good deal on a new one, i originally would have been happy with a 2nd hand t sport but couldnt refuse the deal! 4. Wanted to do somethin different mods wise that wud make ppl look at the car as more than just a "granny car" 5. Insurance was decent and affordable 6. The car is more than surprising and fun to drive, when i eventually found one to test drive i fell in love straight away and just had to have one :D
  20. so much better lookin.. :)
  21. 100% better.. nice positioning on the rear TEIN badge eh ;)
  22. have you done this step by step guide on how to fit the filter yet?hehe
  23. seen them before somewhere :D i could swear my rear springs were black tho! very nice tho ull love them!
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