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  1. Thanks Mike I spoke to John the other week , only reason I didnt use them is because there 50 miles from me , wish I had of done now , really feel like ive been had over here though and really bad service from Toyota
  2. Car has been in Toyota main dealers for over 3 weeks now , im absolutely P****d off , Car was diagnosed with a faulty actuator , So Toyota orders a brand new one and fitted it , still same problem Handbrake warning light on , Toyota seem to think the new actuator may be faulty so order a new one , a few more days waiting again , new actuator arrives and still same problem bear in mind they have had my car over 2 weeks now and fitted 2 new actuators on it , then they tell me the new callipers fitted from the start are the problem so can they have the old callipers back to try them as it would be a few days for new ones to arrive , so off i go again and drop the old callipers off with split piston rubbers , whilst they are fitting them back on they snap the bleed nipple on on the n/s one so I then get a phone call to explain this , off I go to buy a set of brand new calipers again this time from a different supplier from the first set ive bought ( from Europarts OE Spec ) , so I drop them off , next day I get a phone call saying the new N/S calliper is faulty the return spring is not returning the arm back all the way so off I go again and swap it over for another one , then they fit it take it for a road test and still the same so they ring me again and now say the O/S new calliper is faulty , as you can imagine at this point im ready to blow 4 weeks off work with no wages coming in and these idiots P*****g me about , now anyone with common sense and where talking about a big main dealer here I had to tell them to fit the original O/S calliper with the split rubber ( the one they hadn't snapped the bleed nipple in ) to check if it took the lights off and worked okay , day later I get a phone call to say its sorted all working and no warning lights on , so I say its all fine working but now I have a brand new calliper on the N/S and old calliper on the O/S with split rubber thats going to cause me problems in the next few months sticking , they say only way to solve it is for them to fit a Genuine Toyota calliper , so hang on then ill have a genuine Toyota calliper and an O.E spec calliper on the other side ????? Can you understand my frustration here im dealing with idiots , then they say they will only charge me ££££ for the new Handbrake Actuator module and labour to fit it , they wont charge me for the 30+ hours of them fault finding , they even spent a full day checking the tow bar wiring as they said that could cause the handbrake light to come on im not having it one bit that every new calliper fitted to an avensis has to be genuine Toyota or will break the Handbrake actuator module , you only need to look over Yorkshire , Manchester and Birmingham 95% of taxi's are Toyota Avensis its got to be rubbish that I never had a problem with my actuator before new callipers where fitted and they said by fitting the O.E spec callipers has broken the Actuator This is a Toyota main dealer , I was lead to believe Toyota where very good , absolute load of idiots Bear in mind its a 20 mile round journey there and back for me in which ive done this over 5 times in the last 3 weeks , ive booked 6 Taxi M.O.T re tests at £23 a time because they promised me each time it would be fixed and it wasnt and you cant get these costs cancelled so thats £138 up in smoke and council are not happy about me keep having to keep cancelling last minute , had to keep booking because there was over a weeks waiting list at one point for just a re test and just wanted to get back out earning money
  3. Thanks alot everyone to be fair the Avensis has been a good car since ive owned it over the last 18 months , just this now is an headache , especially when its used to make me money with being a taxi driver , the guy I dealt with today seems a nice guy and is going to speak with Toyota tomorrow and see what they can do on the price , problem is if id of known what I do now id of been aswell as paying the cost at the beginning and that way I wouldn't of lost over 2 weeks wages . Just hard to justify paying so much money on 10 plate Avensis thats done 150k Toyota said the Actuator I got from a breakers was programmed to another cars VIN so would not let them add it to my ECU Surely not everyone has had to buy a brand new module , anyone on here used a 2nd hand one without any problems after fitting it
  4. Not been able to work now for over 2 weeks as im a taxi driver , Toyota are diagnosing it as a faulty Handbrake actuator , £1500 they want to repair it , the car is not worth much more than this my heads done in with it , Toyota are saying they I wont be able to fit a used one from a breakers because it will be registered to the original car and my car will only allow for a new one to be fitted ????
  5. Really having a nightmare with this now , bought a replacement actuator for £300 from a breakers , had a local garage fit it but its now showing : zero point calibration of clutch stroke sensor undone zero point calibration of g sensor undone
  6. Think ive found the problem , took my car to have the fault codes reset but still couldnt remove or reset them , jacked the rear of the car up and watched the cable functioning and the passenger side sticks and releases , probably the reason the passenger rear wheel has been slightly binding for a while , just been to a breakers and picked one up for £300 , garage is going to fit it tomorrow then hiopefully everything should be okay
  7. Tried a few fault readers but no luck , showing needs caliper calibrate , just read on here somewhere about joining a piece of of wire in obd port 4 and 12 , anyone else done this as I dont want to make matters worse
  8. Any recommended independent Toyota garages up on the North West area Thanks
  9. Thanks Konrad ive tried above what you have said but still no luck , ive noticed once the handbrake has been released to put it back on you have to turn the ignition off then back on for it to apply ? Is it a special fault reader , who would have one would it be Toyota main dealer only
  10. Had a problem with my passenger rear brake slightly binding , checked brakes and both rubbers had split badly on both of the pistons , I bought 2 brand new rear calipers for £60 each and fitted them with new pads , all fitted okay but now im getting check parking brake fault , and to apply the handbrake I have to turn the car off then it applies , any idea how to solve this Thanks
  11. Got 2 faults showing up on my 2010 Avensis 2.2 D4D T Spirit which is putting warning lights and Airbag lights on saying check VSA Parking and Parking brake etc Fault Code on my mini tester was P0488 Exhaust Gas recirculation throttle control circuit A range performance ( car when sluggish so I cleaned all Egr it was full of soot , was okay and picked up loads better but engine light come on again a few miles later with same fault Both Fault codes underneath came off a local mechanics Snap On Fault computer : Fault Code B1826 Open in side squib ( left hand circuit ) guess this is the problem for the airbag light staying on Fault code C1201 Engine control System Malfunction Anyone fixed these faults or know whats causing them Thanks Gaz
  12. Do Toyota or anyone do a repair kit to strengthen this up
  13. Just noticed both my drivers and passenger doors are cracked too , my car is 2010 and done 83,000 miles with full Toyota main dealer service history , Its out of warranty but surely this is a manufacturing fault
  14. Hi can anyone advise me on how to de activate the Hijack central locking kicking in at 20mph , im a private hire taxi driver and its quite annoying having to keep using the button on my door to let people in and out after each journey , my car has the push button engine start , had a quick look through the manual but cant see anything Thanks