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  1. Anyone any ideas what could cause the car to throw the code other than a blocked dpf? I've removed and cleaned the egr valve. It's a 1.4 d4d. It was professionally cleaned out at a cost of £450. Thanks
  2. I've had a quick Google and possibly the egr valve could cause this. Might have a go at cleaning it out myself and save a few ££
  3. Car went into limp mode 3 weeks ago ... dpf blocked and wouldn't force regen. I took it and had it removed and cleaned/flushed out at a cost of £450. Car was great when picked up , much nipper. Now 3 weeks and 350 miles later it went into limp mode again. Returned to original garage and they scanned it and said it was showing dpf partially blocked. They agree it shouldn't be after 350 miles so want to look into it. At £70 an hour! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or experience with this ie could it be an exhaust sensor or similar? Thanks in advance
  4. I understand the car is mostly a yaris (2010) if that helps
  5. I'm changing discs and pads just needed to know if a rewind tool is required. Thanks
  6. Took the car out and followed the advice given, over 2500rpm for about 30 mins on motorway but no improvement. I don't think I mentioned the car is a diesel so I guess it's the dpf not a cat . Anyway I'm ringing the dealership in the morning and hopefully they can force a regen.. ££££££££
  7. As above the car is in limp mode so 30mph tops and only about 2500rpm. Never had this before I'm reluctant to hand over £50 to have it scanned at the dealers but from what I've read it may require a re-evaluation gen of the cat which I obviously can't do myself as the limp mode stops this. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  8. Im going to ring around for prices but just wondered what was a decent price. Its a 4wd diesel . Cheers
  9. Never heard of this before but due to the appalling fuel guage that goes from half a tank to empty in about 50 miles I ran very low on diesel. Possibly 20 + miles below zero range. Limp mode engaged on the way to filling up but sorted itself out after about 2 miles with a full tank. So I suppose not a bad result all in all . In other news it does now need a clutch after only 75k .
  10. That and the fact they were massively over priced. But they are wierd looking and 4 wheel drive and that's all that counts it even outweighs the tiny boot and no noticeable power
  11. Usually you need the engine/drivetrain book separately. Not sure where you'd get it tho. I don't think there's many u/c owners on here going on how quiet it is.
  12. My last car had auto locking doors that could be set , windows rolled down by holding the open button on the key fob etc. Just wondered if Toyota hid any stuff like this. The owners manual didn't show any.
  13. I've had a quick look and can't see it from above , don't want to order the wrong filter but don't want the mess about removing the undertray twice . Is the filter a standardize or the replacement element type? Also how long a job is it to change oil and filter. Thanks in advance.
  14. Just thinking of getting one to do intermediate oil changes. What do you recommend? I've seen some 12v ones on eBay also the vac pump ones all about the same price . Cheers
  15. I filled up from nearly empty with the dear stuff and the car appears to be much more responsive. It used to feel gutless but now pulls on in all gears and occasionally is quite fun to drive. Not sure if its my imagination tho.
  16. I was just reading theSat nav hack thread and all of a sudden it was locked for thinking about doing something illegal. The op just tried doing a cheap work around , I don't think he was trying to rob anything.
  17. Don't forget any progress report and costs ,thanks
  18. Cheers for the prompt reply, I'll have a look I looked the part up ,another£15 ,I don't think that's happening. Off to motor spares 1st then ebay about £3 on the bay.
  19. Only the passenger side jet works the drivers side nothing ,I tried cleaning it but no joy. Bit the bullet and bought one from Toyota £15.42p . Fitted today and..... still the same just a dribble. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Anyone used an led light in here. It's the strange cartridge one not sure of the number. I've a 19w in atm and it's garbage. Cheers
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