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  1. On a straight road I’m in 5th at 35mph and 6th 40mph+
  2. I do... When it's wet from washing or rain.
  3. Yes (As long as you are in 5th gear)
  4. Has it been run in properly before doing motorway speeds?
  5. You need to change up a gear at 2,500 revs for good fuel economy
  6. Sounds like it's on the blink...
  7. Waste of time effort and money... Don't do it.
  8. It’s due to a new Yaris coming out next year. VSC will be compulsory in vehicles within a couple of years in the UK (like ABS is now) and by 2012 in the States.
  9. Does that mean the over inflated pricing is down to Toyota ripping people off, £8,220 for a 3 door compared to £6,495 for a C1? You pay the extra for this...