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  1. iqcvt

    Understeer noise

    My iQ has been making a noise for a while now (stoc stoc stoc) when I turn the whole steering wheel. I made the convergence, maybe it reduced the problem but it didn't solve it. What could it be? On the bridge I tried to turn the wheels with the steering turned all around, no problem.
  2. What does this accessory do? Does the mirror close? Even the glasses? The site is all in Japanese, I can not understand it ..
  3. I get it.. I try to look for it then .. For the windows?
  4. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    Thanks Craig .. Now I have to work to the subwoofer .. Question Craig: the standard antenna arrive +12 V? For now use a glass antenna, it seems to work. Thank you.
  5. Thanks David .. Do you think it a quality product? I see that is a Chinese .. I worry about my car. Then you have to pay the duty, you how much you paid?
  6. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    Here ... Happy New Year!! W hi-fi !! upload immagini
  7. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    No, I do still work, when I finished post a picture, however, it is the work will be like ..
  8. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    Today I installed the stereo, very nice, the steering wheel controls work well ... Thanks Craig!!
  9. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    Hi, Finally arrived Connects2 CTSTY001.2, I doubt if it is a clone because it does not have the sticker "Connects2"
  10. We wait... I also had all the automatic closures ..
  11. Do you know an economic card that closes mirrors and glass? Thank you.
  12. I purchased the IQ with a single command radio. Immediately I went into Toyota to buy the radio control to 315 € (15 € to program 10 minuts). After a few days calling me the old owner told me that he found the command radio. I called Toyota asking if I could clear the new command will radios and sell it, they told me no. Now I do not know if your radio control as it belonged to another IQ you can reprogram. I think you can do but to be safe you do not do.
  13. iqcvt

    An Iq Called Toya

    Do not worry.. I found this guide: Thanks for everything.
  14. iqcvt

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    Good!! Thank you very much, I will update !!