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  1. I've got a 22 plate 2.0 T.S and as Paul said wheel arches are almost fully lined with no easily visible mastic. It sounds like a wheel liner is missing on your car. I can't imagine that Toyota would cut corners and leave them off with differing grades of Corolla for such a cheap piece of plastic.
  2. Hi Denise, I had the same issue until i realised that the ambient lighting is only on when the car is unlocked and not ready to drive. Once you are in ready mode the lighting goes off. You can however alter the brightness of the ambient lighting in one of the options. i can't think which one exactly but it can be done.
  3. As Kingo said as long as you use the recommended oils and filters then you can service the car yourself and if ever an issue arose regarding the lubrication system then Toyota can see that a Toyota oil filter has been used and if required can lab test the oil to check it conforms to their specification. As long as the oil filter is not hanging off and the work has been done competently then you are o.k. I am a competent home mechanic and intend to keep this car for 10 years or more until electric cars are cheaper and better catered for for charging etc. As such I did a 1500 mile oil change to eliminate any chance of recirculation of swarf particles which are produced by any new engine and hopefully picked up by the oil filter and retained there until the first service. I am a bit "old school" and remember the need to do a 1000 mile oil change with new cars when engineering tolerances were nowhere near as good as they are today. So I am just being cautious and for the sake of £55 quid in parts giving myself peace of mind and hopefully greater longevity with the engine. Access to the oil filter and sump plug is very easy and for those interested the factory fitted oil filter for the 2.0L car is 90915-CA004, but I believe you can also use 90915-YZZM3 which I think is the Lexus equivalent used in this engine. Oil required is Toyota genuine 0W16 and it takes 4.3L with a filter change.
  4. Having always had cars with a hand brake I have become used to the brakes seizing on overnight when wet so eventually used to leave the hand brake off altogether overnight as I have a level gravel drive and the car could not roll away but could be pushed. Now with the Corolla I have deactivated the automatic E.P.B function as when in park mode the transmission is mechanically locked within the transmission so the front wheels cannot turn and I can activate the parking brake with the switch if required for parking on a slope etc which I assume adds braking to the rear wheels. My reasoning behind this is that the brakes cannot seize on when the car is left for longer periods on my drive so reducing wear and tear on the discs and brake pads and it should prolong the life and reliability of the E.P.B. due to less constant use. Am I right in thinking that cars with electronic parking brakes will still seize due to rust between the disc and brake shoes if left for longer periods or has Toyota found a fiendish method of curing this issue.
  5. I use Lexol leather deep conditioner which is absorbed very quickly by the leather and does not leave any residue. They have been making leather conditioner since 1933 and judging by how quickly it is fully incorporated into the leather must show how dry the leather was originally. For the rubber seals I have used Holts professional silicone spray. I would certainly recommend wiping this on with a cloth as if not fairly evenly applied you can tell where it has and has not been applied.
  6. Only had my Corolla 2 months after 5 yrs with a T25 Avensis but the first things I noticed that were not apparent in the Avensis were wind noise at speed and very thin and dry leather on the steering wheel giving it a cheap feel. I found that spraying silicone lubricant onto a cloth and coating both door surround and door seals has plumped out the seals to an extent that I no longer hear the irritating wind noise at speed due to a better seal and another positive is that it should enable the seals to last longer and with less natural deterioration. The steering wheel has benefited from a good coating of leather conditioner which has improved the feel no end and it now has a more expensive and plusher feel to it.
  7. Hi Not sure about the 1.8 but the 2.0 engine has both direct and port injection. The car will switch between the two in order to maintain best efficiency but the change in fuel injection type is only noticeable when the engine starts at idle and the car is not moving. The engine tone will change to a slightly rougher note when running on direct injection.
  8. I also got a passenger airbag recall letter in the summer stating that i would get a call from the local dealer when they had new stock of airbags. Well no call ever came so i called my local dealer Steven Eagle Toyota in Peterborough and to my surprise they said no problem, when can you bring it in? It was replaced yesterday and took about an hour. Apparently dealers can only stock a limited number of airbags as they are classed as explosives which may explain the delays. i would certainly recommend contacting your local main dealer rather than waiting for them to contact you as stated in the Toyota recall letter.
  9. I am on my third T25 avensis but this is the first that wasn't a company car and the first i felt able to mess about with and try to improve. Each car in my view and compared to any other car i have had has had the dipped beam set too low and so illuminating too little of the road ahead which has affected night time driving to the extent that i was getting eye strain at night. If you take off the plastic engine bay cover and look at the rear of the headlight housing you will see a white plastic bolt head with an optional screwdriver insert. Mark the bolt head and surround with a marker pen so that you can reset to original spec if you need to. I found that by turning this bolt anticlockwise you raise the headlight aim and vice versa. My optional headlight aim was found by turning through 270 degrees from standard and also upgrading the headlight bulbs. Make sure you turn both headlight bolts by the same amount to keep the beam level . I have not had an M.O.T since but no one has flashed me to say they were being blinded by the light and if the M.O.T tester does raise the issue then 30 seconds with a spanner reverts the aim back to original spec.
  10. My 2007 1.8vvti estate used to fluctuate between 600 and 800 rpm when idling and would give the same shudder when too low before self correcting and then going through the whole sequence again. I thoroughly cleaned the mass airflow sensor with no benefit but once replaced with a new O.E unit the problem was solved. The original one looked perfectly clean with no obvious deposits but they can obviously develop faults over time. Mine had done 63000 miles when the fault developed.
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