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  1. what about south meets lol??
  2. this is all true as i was just driving to a m8s yesturday wen a red saxo came up behind me and was right up my ****. i wasnt havin n e of it so i slowed right down to 15 mph almost instantly which s*** him up lol. but then he drove past me sticking his fingers up at me, while just narrowingly missin the oncoming traffic car in the process. but then n e way once he is in front he decides to do the same as me by going 15 mph so i just went to over take him, but made sure was safe, but then he swerves al over the place just to stop me, any way he then turns into a pub going about 40 miles an hour when little kids can be walking across at any time as it was a family pub with a play area outside. just thought i would share it, really f**** your day up
  3. the supra is soooooooooooooo fast
  4. i jut had something similar im sellin my m/bike in the freeads and a guy rung up and said to my mum that wat would the price of my bike go down to bearing in mind its up for 1200. any way so today i rung him back up and said im prepared to take offers but not going to bargain it down, but also he would have to view the bike first. So then he says oh rite well ill have to speak to my nephew as hes the one who wants it and also he is a bit short of money so ill have to see what he says. so i think thats the end of that one.
  5. ive had toyota starlet sportif umm umm umm thats it lol had for 5 months and goin great maybe coz i only just passed my test
  6. im looking for a nice exhaust system to fit my starlet anyone know of any sites to browse. bearing in mind i would like my exhaust to look good and also sound good
  7. hi just need some help on finding an exhaust that fits the starlet. the reason i am buying a new one is cause the one which came with the car was just welded on the end and in doing so damaged the baffles, causing an irritating resignating sound. anyways please help as i would like to buy one very soon but i would like it very loud and beefy
  8. try coop insurance, cheapest i found
  9. sounds cool but ill have to join in bit further down the country lol