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  1. In your case, you could try to run it in B gear when going downhill. That should give you a bit more power back. B mode is only useful on bit steep downhill and not on very soft decline cause then it will reduce your speed too much. But in the end, you will never recover as much on the downhill as what you spend on going uphill. You are right about that;
  2. haelewyn

    Auris 2017

    I am a goner here. Bought a new car which I will have next week, but it's a Renault megane 1,2 tce. Will have to use a lot of hypermiling skills as it is not low on drinking at all. Factory consumption : 5,4 liter per 100 km but nobody seems to match that. I am going to try.... it should do 4,something on highway so I am already curious what I can get out of it. I liked the interior and dash a lot. Many functions seemed to have been developed like I would do it myself. Other things are less nice than on auris, like the trunk of my touring sports. Decided to drop the Auris as it makes noises around every coil, one wheel suspension, steering, the panoramic roof, etc.. Recently started to beep loud inside, front parking assistant noise but no detection on screen. It happened in several circumstances while driving, even highway and sometimes for a long time. Giving loud beeps seemingly without any reason outside or inside.. it wasn't worth the money it costed any more to me. Bought a 'one day registration' megane now from 2016, no mileage. Hope I will be happy and lucky with it.
  3. It's an objective way of deciding what difference there is between fuel brands. I always prefer it to the subjective, which is just an opinion. Even if it's my own opinion. If a certain fuel gives more or less hp for a much larger or smaller price says something about the economy to drive it too.
  4. I found a fifth gear test about it which I think was great.. Seems Vicky and her team didn't just decide about the subject lightly. The question came up a few times, so I thought I would post it. Hope you enjoy. Please like this post when you did.
  5. You could also choose to solve the smell by having the aircon system cleaned in some places that works on aircon systems (Midas or other). Maybe your system hasn't been filled up, refilled, maintained in many years and it could be reasonable to expect that if you have it done now, it will work again for many years without trouble. The smell seems to start from bacteria growing in an aircon system when it is not used. It is recommended to use the aircon system a few times a month, all year long. For filling and cleaning the system, we pay around 100 euro around here; Desinfecting and solving the bad smell is around 30-40 euro here. In a complete maintenance, the gas is filled up, oil is replaced, some product is used to desinfect the system. Maybe you could consider to replace the pollen filter too. It's the filter that stops particles from coming inside the car through the ventilation. On my first aircon, more modern than average car (Fiat), my garage didn't know there even was a filter to replace and after about 60.000 miles, my ventilator worked normally but almost no air was coming out of the openings any more. The filter should be changed, i think, every 20.000 miles in most Toyota's.
  6. Would like to give a plus to car builders who make the tyre pressure visible on the screen exactly for each tyre. Better than to just be waiting for the system to give an alarm about it .. or not. Same with the daft idea to take temperature gauges out of dashboards and replacing it by blue and red light. Or giving speedometers more than 10 procent deviation. Car builders should stop assuming that all customers are idiots.
  7. Here's mine. Photos taken by the garage that advertised it. Bought it in November 2016 with 24.000 km on it. It's a 2014 built pre facelift model as you can all see.
  8. I noticed the same .. Also for me they make a sound that is like rattling a bit. The movement is not in one fluid way but rather a bit with small shocks. I didn't put oil on it yet. I suspect sand to have gone in the moving parts. Using oil would trap and attract more sand to stick in it. That's why it's not a good idea to lubricate a lock with oil but it should be graphite or an other dry substance. I don't want to say 'Countrylad's ' way is bad. It's just my idea and it's opposite in this case. We can both be right.
  9. https://www.spritmonitor.de/de/uebersicht/49-Toyota/985-Auris.html?fueltype=2&power_s=116&power_e=116&page=2&gearing=1&powerunit=2 Some figures / numbers there : On this website, the most economical driver got 5,81 liter per 100 km out of his car, the worst result was 8,69 liter per 100 km , average being around 6,83 out of 29 cars. In miles per gallon : About 48 for the best one, , 32,5 for the worst one, general average 41,5 miles per gallon. http://www.calculateme.com/cGasMileage/MPGtoLitersPer100km-imperial.htm Always at your service....
  10. Have a look at the German website "spritmonitor". I found several 1,2 auris cars there.
  11. haelewyn

    Auris 2017

    Did a test drive. Seems a bit smoother and some things, especially the ones they said were improved. Being about ready to order : I don't want the 17 inch special alloy wheels. I think i can make an agreement about that with the dealer. I don't want the chrome on the car either. Both for practical reasons. I live in a narrow street with high pavements, so I sometimes (less than once every month) hit the stones when i need to stand aside for a bigger vehicle or even damage the wheels when i try to go on the pavement in a not big enough angle. I have seen that these wheels are more unforgiving than others and are damaged on every contact with stone. Low tyres make that the wheel is damaged easier. So i would buy the car with 15 inch steel wheels, with the higher tyre. Maybe less beautiful but in the end easier to keep clean. Chrome : Shiny and beautiful, i know. But after a few years of just going to the carwash 2 times a year, it tends to lose its shine. I don't want to change my cleaning behavior just for the car as it is my feeling i am not there to serve the car but the car is there to serve me. Did anybody ever hear it's possible to order the car with 'no chrome' option ?
  12. Had about te same on a new Citroën van once. Only times in 30 years of driving (+ 2 times a really flat tire, 3 times not completely flat one that took me to the garage). Misjudged the reserve and how many miles it was on already. Had a small hand pump, balloon type at that time. Bought a can in a hobby store, filled it up at a gas station, all near the place where I dropped out of gas. On topic : choose the roads where you can drive on electric is a good way to save fuel. Choose one where you can drive on warmup, especially in winter with no traffic lights or queues on the first few miles (if that can be done). If you need to do 3 drives, do them all together will make you do them with a warm engine = better economy. Let the car glide, no throttle, wherever you can.
  13. I think there is some kind of filter on every car between the tank and the fuel pump stopping rubbish before it is sucked in. Gas stations also filter the fuel somewhere around their pumps before it goes into your car. There is also a looking glass to show what the fuel is like. Here, with environmental rools, every old (or new) gas station had to dig up their tanks and adapt to the new green idea or close their doors. Double sided tanks, meaures to stop leaked fuel going in the ground. Good ! I heard from old mechanics that contaminated fuel was a problem sometimes before but I think due to the above, there are less reasons to worry. You hear stories of fuel before containing sludge, rust, dirt.. I guess nobody wants the bad publicity or having to pay for damages on expensive engines. I do almost always fill up between 25 and 50 procent, just to make sure I don't have to go take gas when I am running late already and in a hurry. So I wouldn't have that problem anyway.
  14. Something low emission zone, I guess. Maybe u stands for urban.. or ultra ?
  15. Even the hybrid revs at 1300-1500 rpm in winter. It's all arranged electronically so it should be ok. Otherwise you would get error codes. Seen it before on other cars. . Should be normal.