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  1. To illustrate extra consumption in other vehicles, I saw in a Skoda where I usually have 4,8 liter / 100 km : with the aircon on that was 6,6 liter.
  2. Doesn't disengage, that's right. I've been thinking to switch it off and on myself, manually, whenever I need all power from the engine. They talked about the same subject here too, I found out just now.
  3. You got a point there. The reason why I am asking about this is that I have never experienced such a huge dropback in power with the airco on in any other car combined to an aircon giving so little power. It seems like if you buy this as an option, it's almost not worth it. I always felt less power in the engine in other cars , but never this much.
  4. I saw in Asia cars have a much more powerful aircon. Or at least it looked to be like that because if you just let it blow on cold and speed 1 the interior of the car feels like a fridge. That's something that ain't gonna happen with my Aygo. It could really be the case that they put in a heavier installation in Asian market cars as temperatures are higher there. I heard from a VW mechanic they do build in heavier heaters for areas where it's colder than here. Fuel consumption : apart of the feeling I am towing an other Aygo, the fuel consumption convinces me that some part on the car is doing heavy work. It goes up 1 liter per 100 km easily and driving slow on the highway (90-100) doesn't seem to have effect any more.
  5. I have the old school one .. not automatic / electronic display. Just the knobs and a button On / Off for the aircon. I guess the installation under the button would be the same..
  6. You would kind of know after a while that I am not one of the club with the emphesis on 'What a wonderul car this is'. Aircon weather sometimes now. I found the aircon to be on the weak side (takes long to cool down the car) and it's taking a lot of power from the engine. Feels when the aircon is on, my Aygo is towing one or two others. To get going on the highway, I guess it would be better to switch aircon off .. .otherwise I need to pull it, with higher revving, in every gear and it feels like I am overdoing it. But if I don't overdo it, the car will not get up to speed in a safe time. Ventilator noise when in a queue with aircon on. Sometimes stops for a few seconds , then starts again. Would be better if it stayed on.. would bother me less. Any of you who think same or different ?
  7. Read about 'hypermiling' and get out of it what is useful for you.
  8. Could be the automatic gearbox , clutch overheating and slipping. Get it checked.... garage will figure it out.
  9. Don't forget to drive on the right saide of the road 🙂 Usually that's a bit tricky when you leave in the morning or when you drive off from a quiet area ... where there is no other traffic as a reference. I had it more than once in UK that i wondered : is he driving on the wrong side or am I ... It was always me.
  10. Watch your speed in France on the highways.. French police are very thorough in making tourists pay speed taxes. Be aware they are charging taxes too if you are making use of a GPS system that tells you where the speed checks are. If you have a system like this, at least switch it off. You will see stations in the middle of a highway where you have to pay a road tax. The most fluent way is with an electronic identifier but that is only worth while for frequent use. Second best way : don't pay cash.. use a card.. and don't go in the lines with the big T symbol / telepeage. That's for the frequent users who have the above mentioned badge. Have a good vacation, Michelle !
  11. People before drove to the south of Europe in much worse cars and some Maroccans go back to their home countries in any car that can take them anywhere. As long as you are only with 2 people in the citybug... Seems ok to me. Of course you can do this ! The first long trip will give you an idea of how long and how far you can drive before getting tired with the car's noises and driving tiredness. Seats in this car are surely ok... The loud noise of the engine is tiring but you will avoid it by adapting speed to a lower level. IMHO I could do a 1000 km trip in one day. Not to repeat that every day but it can be done. Used to do long trips in a van... that's not so much better to drive ! If you feel the need , stop for an hour halfway if you are doing really long trips or even stop 2 times.
  12. You could hope in a while retrofit electrifification kits are made for the aygo. I do love retrofit ... if they have a decent amount of miles to go on one load . It's less waste, new engine, Electric powered and you would be getting rid of the terrible clutch design the aygo is now equipped with.
  13. Devonaygo wrote : """""""" The AC no longer "clonks" as it switches on nor does it cut in/out under load causing that surging sensation the old car could suffer The new C554 manual gearbox with stop/start & hydraulic clutch is a huge improvement being light, smooth & precise to select and the clutch now feels smooth with a much lower bite point Interior road noise is much better and @ 85 on the m/way the car is much quieter, easily a match for Yaris and noy far short of my New Corolla""""""""" Gearbox / clutch improvements are enough for me to consider a change in a year or so. Other things mentioned are a bonus and so is the new dashboard design, the safety features and standard available seat heating etc on some/all version(s). I think I am going to trade in mine one day for an X or similar. I hope I can get a good trade in for the 'old' Aygo at whatever time - that would make me buy the new one immediately.
  14. It's normal / designed that way.
  15. I am in need for a new fridge, 85H, 60x60. I wonder if that would fit in the Aygo..
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