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  1. Do you expect it to become a problem on (f.e.) a 2010 aygo ? Wouldn't a completely empty battery cause the same problem ?
  2. There is still the idea of installing a main "kill switch" which will not allow current to get lost. In Laura's case, if the battery is dead, not useful. Also cause she is selling the car soon probably. I have known a guy with an old bmw who just had a small spanner and disconnected / connected the battery every time he wasn't using the car for several days. Bad for radio presets. But it's a choice over jumpstarting and draining the battery many times.
  3. 5 liters would overfill it. It's only 2.8 liters for complete refill. 😀 That's why on this oil consuming engine (if abused, not perfectly maintained or high mileage) you need to check the oil ! If it uses 0,3 liter per 1000 km... you can't get to 10.000 km for the next garage visit.
  4. If you need / would like to drive your car now : choose A. And keep it running for a while. If you choose A or B : in both cases your battery will be very empty by Saturday. So what's the worst that can happen.. Maybe this is a car you can keep for a while longer, just jump start it as long as that seems possible to do and as long as it keeps driving after the jump start.
  5. Rarely does send a notification lately. It's crap..
  6. I hear the hissing too on an automatic aircon system, aygoX. No other sounds detected.
  7. Bobby, I just checked it in the aygo x manual which I keep as a pdf on my phone for just in case. The aygoX without smart entry or smart button have the CR2032. The ones with smart entry and start button have the CR2450. Both lithium batteries.
  8. If it matters anything : I think it's a fraud too. And likewise the consumer union in my country thinks its not possible to construct any device that works to do this. Ferrytales are ferrytales. For miracles, you need to pray. Not buy crap online.
  9. With toyota you can switch off the keyfob (as good as) that you don't use so the battery doesn't run out. Press "button to close" on the key and keep pressed while you press "button to open" two times. The led on the keyfob will flash 4 times. The keyfob will go into energy saving mode. This works for the aygo with smart entry system, worked on Auris before.
  10. Change the battery yourself. You will be free to buy better quality battery and replace it when it's really necessary. It's not a difficult job to do.
  11. Hicardo just had a post appear in the wrong subject. I must say that happened to me here lately too.
  12. I test drove the automatic with canvas roof from the dealer. Bit more loud Indeed but not too bad. Didn't drive it in pouring rain though... For british buyers, something to consider. Same for where I come from.
  13. I always wondered how difficult to clean it would be if birds crap on it all the time.
  14. At least the "experts" who support the solution you had in mind.😁 Maybe I would make the same decision as you did. Tyres are expensive. Experts.... that's open for discussion. Who is one. Who is not. We are both not. That is sure.In case you want to trust (real) experts : https://www.michelin.co.uk/auto/advice/change-tyres/tyre-repair An other source : https://www.cars24.com/blog/tyre-burst-reasons-prevention/ About risk calculation. Just for those who still want to calculate and not just avoid any risk : https://www.haspod.com/blog/paperwork/5x5-risk-matrix
  15. I read about the (old days) Peugeot 309 where they developed the first series trunk with a high loading hight to ensure the stiffness of the car, to avoid the window (still built in with a rubber) would shatter as a result of the pressure. Later they changed this design as it became a habit to glue on windows. It seems that Tesla had a few cars where the window in the right back door broke just out of itself. A small stone chip dent in a window can lead to sudden breakage, especially after many cold > warm > cold cycles.
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