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  1. Could be the automatic gearbox , clutch overheating and slipping. Get it checked.... garage will figure it out.
  2. Don't forget to drive on the right saide of the road ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually that's a bit tricky when you leave in the morning or when you drive off from a quiet area ... where there is no other traffic as a reference. I had it more than once in UK that i wondered : is he driving on the wrong side or am I ... It was always me.
  3. Watch your speed in France on the highways.. French police are very thorough in making tourists pay speed taxes. Be aware they are charging taxes too if you are making use of a GPS system that tells you where the speed checks are. If you have a system like this, at least switch it off. You will see stations in the middle of a highway where you have to pay a road tax. The most fluent way is with an electronic identifier but that is only worth while for frequent use. Second best way : don't pay cash.. use a card.. and don't go in the lines with the big T symbol / telepeage. That's for the frequent users who have the above mentioned badge. Have a good vacation, Michelle !
  4. People before drove to the south of Europe in much worse cars and some Maroccans go back to their home countries in any car that can take them anywhere. As long as you are only with 2 people in the citybug... Seems ok to me. Of course you can do this ! The first long trip will give you an idea of how long and how far you can drive before getting tired with the car's noises and driving tiredness. Seats in this car are surely ok... The loud noise of the engine is tiring but you will avoid it by adapting speed to a lower level. IMHO I could do a 1000 km trip in one day. Not to repeat that every day but it can be done. Used to do long trips in a van... that's not so much better to drive ! If you feel the need , stop for an hour halfway if you are doing really long trips or even stop 2 times.
  5. You could hope in a while retrofit electrifification kits are made for the aygo. I do love retrofit ... if they have a decent amount of miles to go on one load . It's less waste, new engine, Electric powered and you would be getting rid of the terrible clutch design the aygo is now equipped with.
  6. Devonaygo wrote : """""""" The AC no longer "clonks" as it switches on nor does it cut in/out under load causing that surging sensation the old car could suffer The new C554 manual gearbox with stop/start & hydraulic clutch is a huge improvement being light, smooth & precise to select and the clutch now feels smooth with a much lower bite point Interior road noise is much better and @ 85 on the m/way the car is much quieter, easily a match for Yaris and noy far short of my New Corolla""""""""" Gearbox / clutch improvements are enough for me to consider a change in a year or so. Other things mentioned are a bonus and so is the new dashboard design, the safety features and standard available seat heating etc on some/all version(s). I think I am going to trade in mine one day for an X or similar. I hope I can get a good trade in for the 'old' Aygo at whatever time - that would make me buy the new one immediately.
  7. It's normal / designed that way.
  8. I am in need for a new fridge, 85H, 60x60. I wonder if that would fit in the Aygo..
  9. I'm predicting some of you would post that it's a good car to deliver pizza's. A bunch of these small companies who make pizza thought just the same about the microbug ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. I have been using mine for some months now as a 'social taxi' to take people (for your equivalent of NHS) to hospital for examinations etc or to doctor / dentist / physiotherapy. I always try to select the most mobile customers who don't have difficulties getting into a car but who don't own a car themselves and find it difficult to go with public transport. Plus I try to pick the ones who are going on their own.... Sitting behind each other is often (bigger sized people) difficult so I try to limit people to go on the front seat only. The Aygo is not your typical taxi but since the fares are very low, nobody's complaining. Not just the small Aygo could be a problem. Some customers think it's more difficult for them to get into cars like a Vito or small minivans / MPV's because they need to get in high (and some of them are not tall). Any of you who made a delivery truck out of the Aygo or something else ? Let's share it here ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. That's an other thing that makes you really special Dave ๐Ÿ™‚ N* 3: other gearbox in those Aygo's too.. The recent models have been adapted (f.e. second and third gear have other characteristics)
  12. Yes, but maybe it won't make a big difference. Pre 2018 models with no EGR compared to models with EGR are probably a bit more economical on fuel too.
  13. You won't be able to improve the 72 mpg on the long trip much, Robin. That's almost record breaking already. Great result ! What I wrote about the 1400 rpm : of course on cold engine. Not after it gets warm. Hope to get the same result as what i predicted. I'm driving since November in the Aygo. Hope I can manage to get my average of 5.25 liter / 100 km down.
  14. Since November, kept all my fillings of petrol in a database, .. My result, all kind of drives included, i got 54 miles to the gallon / 5,25 liter per 100 km. Didn't do any long trips yet where I could clock it on.
  15. Helps a lot when it's 15 degrees C outside too. At around freezing temperatures, the engine gets a rich mixture of petrol, revs go up around 1400.. I bet if OP only drove the car in winter until now, the best is still to come for general consumption once it's summer. Big difference ! Even makes a difference on long trips, I saw..
  16. This story seems to agree with the possibility of clutch being bad and just reverse selecting being affected : """"""Question: I find it increasingly difficult to shift into reverse on my 1991 Toyota Camry. The manual transmission just seems to get stuck and wonโ€™t go into the reverse position; it goes into first without any problem. ...................... It often happens because the clutch is out of adjustment and doesnโ€™t allow one of the two transmission shafts to stop fully. It can also occur if you try to shift too quickly into reverse, because the shafts can take about one second to stop. A warped clutch plate will also cause this problem.""""""" https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1999-jun-24-hw-49649-story.html An other possibility : low / dirty transmission fluid can cause this kind of gear problem too, I guess..
  17. Since he states the problem only starts to occur now, having problems could start in any (just one )gear, IMHO. Adjusting the cable is a clutch related problem too... One situation does not equal the other; There is also a gradation in how much a clutch is worn.
  18. Listen if it isn't a belt making noise, engine running, engine bay open and you standing in front of it. If it's also making noises while parked with engine on, check all the pulleys. While driving, roll out in neutral gear, clutch pedal released. This will tell you f.e. if it's a gearbox noise or not. If only a noise while driving, if the noise is intermittent, I would think about the brakes again. You replaced discs and pads. The moving part on the disk brakes, the caliper, could be to blame too (front). Of course the back drum brakes could be the cause too.
  19. He would be able to notice that if he tries to select the reverse while engine is off. If it works with engine off, will rather be the clutch or clutch cable. If he can't select reverse with engine off, your idea would be likely.. or gearbox problem. This last one must be very rare though..
  20. What's the mileage on your Aygo please ? On my new Aygo, 4000 km on the clock, there is almost never a problem with reverse. It wasn't designed with this problem. Wear on the clutch sometimes is a thing that comes with difficult to select gears. You said it's a thing you saw coming on recently, which supports the story. Could be a gearbox problem but knowing the Aygo's faults, it's a lot more likely the clutch is bad. One trick is : try to select the reverse gear while your car engine is still off. If it engages well, there is probably a problem coming up with the clutch. Have your clutch cable adjusted. This should be done at every maintenance as the Aygo clutch cable is not a self adjusting one. If your clutch cable is never adjusted (very common to be neglected by dealers and independent garages), sooner or later it can give you problems like this. Check if there is free play on the clutch like it should be or have it checked. Selecting a forward gear to stop the moving parts inside the gearbox first, then select reverse is a good trick / way and usually works. But it doesn't take away what is wrong or worn. My gut feeling says adjusting the clutch cable will solve your problem but eventually you will need a clutch. They are cheap to install, that is an advantage.
  21. You can be sure about the 'not'. It's not fixed at all... I can't be fixed after delivery.. But the new X has a better automatic, being the CVT. That would be a good thing to consider, knowing that the Aygo2's clutch is still awful. Overall, it's a reliable car with (imho) this one disadvantage. Small trunk : you are used to that on the Aygo1, I guess. Makes an awful noise imho but you must be used to that too. This car didn't get an upfront sound quietening treatment and the exhaust is a simple metal box, I presume. Further more : advantages are that you can't find a cheaper car in drive and write off, Toyota guarantee is often good and longer than the 2 years standard in EU, so cheap on taxes and fuel consumption.
  22. I have a manual Aygo (2021) but find the change between 1 and 2 to be the worst one too. When the car is cold, there is only one gear that will make a bad sound (syncromesh cracking sound) on the first kilometer. After 1 km, I won't hear it again.
  23. The website in Holland I quoted before did an other test on an old vehicle citybug with more than 450.000 km on it and still not at the end of it's life. The owner did all maintenance since it was 2 years old (or skipped some things). The things I remember he said he replaced were waterpump, catalyser, clutch, ... It seems he never used the possibility to adjust the clutch. One comment from the test : 'how does this budget car drive ? Like a budget car ... it sucks !!' or 'it's a way of self-torture if you want to drive this car' The owner held on to it way too long. Maybe a good thing would be to replace some suspension parts after 200.000 km + the driver seat but who does this on a really old car with already high mileage. It would give the owner a more comfortable driving car though.
  24. In my 2021 Aygo : no light in the boot either. I fitted a LED flashlight on batteries that has a magnet. Sold under various brand names... Does the job well and no effort to install, more light , easy to use anywhere and in any direction... and cheap, less than 10 pounds. Easy fits on the backside of the back seats (completely metal). I made the Aygo to be a Skoda : simply clever !
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