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  1. Sorry. Done l8 last night when tired lol..updated it now..
  2. Hi all. Im no where near my car atm, can anyone tell me please, the diameter of the rear anti roll bar please.. i found the front. Cant find the rears for my 2002 Celica Tsport ZZ231..
  3. Hi all. i currently have the 7th gen celica i am converting into a track only car. ive came across some info that the corolla's electric power steering column can be fitted into the celica.. more searching i have done for this is not finding any more info about it from anyone else who has done the conversion between these 2 cars. Can anyone help me out. Are these 2 columns a straight swap or is extensive modding needed to achieve this???
  4. Hi all. My 2002 celica Tsport parts for sale. i have most stuff for sale with my celica..im building her for track racing so unwanted items are for sale please ask if anything you need and ill find a price n remove the item. Your welcome to offer me a price aswell. Any money made is going straight back into the car so anything sold is a bonus. Im not looking for maximum profits with items.. i started the conversion few months ago so not everything has came out yet, so items will take few days for me to juggle work and time needed to remove items..
  5. Here is my coilovers ive bought for my celica..
  6. Hi everyone. Im 32 from devon... i own two toyota's. 3rd gen hilux surf and a 7th gen celica that is no longer a road car and has begun her transformation to a track car for competitions.... i still have 2 honda accords for past 7 years. 1 still on the road other is garaged. The VVTI and VTEC are awesome and love driving them, the celica standard handling is so much better than my aftermarket upgrades i had on the accord and im looking forward to racing her...
  7. Hi everyone. im currently building a 2002 ZZ231 Tsport for circuit racing. ive came across a full set of polyflex bushes in the usa for 1/3 of the price in the uk. im told by the company there parts are tested for usa spec celicas and might not fit uk model. Can anyone help answer this question please. will the front & rear and steering rack bushes fit the uk spec celica????