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  1. Hii, My avensis D4D T27 2012 Day Running light defective. when i switch on small light, right bulb not light up, left bulb do light up. just that i have not yet taken out the bulb for replacement. but the issue is, when i disengage electronic park brake, the DRL should be on automatically, (Day running light for my car include a small light bulb and a row of white LED. ). DRL did turn on for left side where the small bulb is ok, but not the right side (where the small bulb is defective-not yet have the time to replace it). i noticed the LED of right side DRL did turn on for a second then off when i disengaged the park brake (left side DRL running ok). what's the problem with it ? is the issue due to the small bulb burned, that's why the LED also refuse to work ? any idea which type of small bulb is that ? also, the reflective housing of this headlight is totally melt.. both of the DRL bulb were causing so much heat coincide with the hot summer this year, the reflective housing directly above the bulb were melted, the housing collapsed like a stalagmite of the lime cave.. the one that not working has the worst melting.. the melted plastic has touches the bulb. can anybody help me out.. your help will be appreciate. andrew
  2. hii winter is coming soon, my car t27 d4d avensis is not yet serviced for winter temperature. anybody know how often this car coolant should be replace ? and what type of coolant needed (colour & etc...). is it also 50/50 mix ? how much coolant density is good for UK winter ? according to weather forecast, this week end will be 1deg C already at the coldest most time. hope someone who with right info can help me out. i can't find any toyota t27 d4d service manual online.. thanks andrew
  3. thank you. appreciate it.
  4. hii i would to know which oil used by nice guys out here which is proven to be suitable for t27 diesel 2 liter with dpf filter ? i know ACEA C2 only. but so many maker and brand out there.. and the price is amazingly so much different. for example, i use liquimoly toptec 4200 long life 3, 5 liter costed me 69 euro here.. while castrol magnetec 5 liter costed me only 36 euro.. and Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 Motoröl, 5 Liter costed 40 euro.. all these oil are C2 suitable. why liquimoly is like rocketing expensive compare to magnetec of castrol ? i am really dazzled by all this.. huge different in price. btw, i am using 5w-30 here in germany.. thinking of changing to 0w-30. i saw liquimoly 5w-30 is same price as 0w-30.. then why don't i use 0w-30 then ? crazy not to choose it over 5w-30 .. right ? thanks if anybody can help will be appreciate. andrew
  5. there i changed profile.. wrong entered. sorry
  6. 2014.. Erstzulassung: 28.02.2014 Model ADT270L-AWFEYW
  7. hii, i didn't consider that because this car is only 2 years old.. how can all these happened ? and it doesn't make sound all the time.. maybe once a day... that's all... once or the most twice a day.. if that's the problem it should be making noise all the time i press brake.. do i have a point here ? thx.
  8. i don't know how to describe this: but it has being over 7 times that my avensis t27 diesel 2 liter 2004 front axle make a noise and ***** feeling that i can feel. when i started to drive out of my car from parking, especially when turning, the front axle is noted noise and *****.. it is like the wheel is frozen with ice, and the ice slipped a bit and broke loose.. that kind of sound and *****. it happens only once each drive.. i can't duplicate it.. it just come everytime i make a turn, and it i believe only happened when the car just started to move from a parking position. initially, i thought it was a pebble or due to lately cold weather, the tire might frozen a bit of ice and it slipped and cracked when the wheel turned... but after repeated incident .. i don't believe that any more. could it be "front drive joint" starts to give way ? anybody have problem with this ? i brought it to the agent to check, but they didn't find any issue at all.. btw, when i switched to reverse sometime i heard a sound...sounds like come from brake link.... it is like when i arrived in front of my house, i stopped and reverse in.. that's when i heard a metal hit sound.. or i can't explain.. just in my mind it is a metal knock sound of brake link arm... or something like that.. i don't even know if it has metal brake link arm or not.. haha suspect brake issue... maybe brake stick.... anybody ?
  9. hii, this has being 2 time i encounter this issue my 2004 car display 0km left of fuel when i already refuel (not full tank). what is happening ? why it refuses to update my fuel level ? i restarted my engine, still it refuses to update fuel meter .... anybody can help ? the same photo was taken by my wife when i was driving on highway and when i reached home.. when i reached home after 30 minutes... it still display the same.. what's wrong ?
  10. i have bought slicon gleit spray.. it is a very thin coat of silicon spray .. very thin.. i hope it won't ruining the rubber seal of door and window... anybody any idea ?
  11. FROSTYBALLS: I heard some youtuber said vinegar with water can be spray the night before to prevent icing on the wind screen. just push and the frost will drop off.. anybody tried it ? does diluted vinegar stain left behind after water dried causing harm to rubber parts and paint >?
  12. a month ago, i saw this at this nigrin brand of talcum powder spray. it says prevent windows and door rubber freeze shut. so i bought one, 4.50 euro and after i sprayed on the rubber, it turns powdery white spots... all over.. even after i wipe the windows and paint with wet cloth, some white stain still remain... terrible. ok my bad for not taping up all the parts with masking tape.. after 1 days of raining, the white powder on the door and windows seals being washed off.. bummer. ! forgive me for saying this bad word: this Nigrin talcum spray is doing no ****. !! wasted 4.50 for a piece of ****. just now i was searching the link that the 2 nice guys above gave me: and i saw this : Nigrin Gummipflege mit Rapsöl ... what !?! with cooking oil ? !! if i want to use cooking oil, why should i buy from NIGRIN ? !! This Nigrin brand is so short of money that it willing to get everything it can get to make all kind of !Removed! product... to earn even a small amount of extra money.. i am so ****** off. sorry , my anger is vented.. :=)
  13. btw, if car windows and wipers and door rubbers become frozen.. yesterday, my windows got stuck... rubber frozen... what's your way of preventing it ? talcum power on the rubber (but useless as it rains.. it washes away) . or silicon light oil spray ? thx. andrew
  14. just wish toyota will do like bmw windows... able to clear rain droplets with wind up and wind down of windows.. :=)