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  1. It seems that there is nothing to make brake pad stuck to the caliper piston.. but all car repair guy on youtube uses some kind of grease (i don't think need copper grease-too expensive, but copper grease sure stick well and easy to visualize :=) ) to prevent high pitch brake frequency.. well, i do believe a bit of grease here and there won't hurt.. but if no grease available, then i won't put it as well.. lol maybe a slap of butter from fridge just to make myself feel better (warning: as long as it does not drip into brake disc when heated up , lol )... 😁 Thanks for all your info. You guys are wonderful.
  2. What is avensis d4d t27 equivalent in usa ? i just can't use usa website because they simply don't have avensis.. maybe they have equivalent.. just name different. Is there a website that provide info of each bolt size what max torque is ? not accurate, but at least i know what is the limit, so i won't have to go thru snapping of bolt in the future again. How do you manage to find the part ? i couldn't even locate avensis on the website.. My original caliper slider pin bolt head was nr. 13 ratchet socket, after purchased from car spare part website, , the hex head is nr. 12 socket (with 10.9 stamped) on the bolt head. you said it is 40Nm (for 10.9 stamp), but i have got phobia of it already.. hence i torque it same as before - 30Nm.. (i did that hand tight before torque it ), so i know it is tight enough (i won't want to risk snap the head off again.. due to that broken bolt, my car grounded for 4.5 days).. Last weekend, i rushed to local ATU (in dusseldorf), the lady don't even know what is that, told her is from brake part (i don't speak good german). Later i have to show her the google translated word.. then she told me ATU only sell the whole set of caliper, no screw.. 😖hence have to order from online.
  3. ya, the screws finally arrived 10.9 stamped on bolt head. the thread is ok, but length wise, it is 1.5mm to 2mm shorter. crap, but usable. 40Nm torque
  4. Hii, Thanks for all the tips. I normal do all those you mentioned above, such wire brush.... However i use heavy duty grease for all the contacting part so the pads slide well in slots and I never found that i need to file the brake pad so far.. I used ATE and Brembo brake.. (one day, when brake disk worn out, i would want to use ceramic brake pad for a try) There is no number stamped on the head of the bolt.
  5. Do you think i can use ebay spare parts on brake (safety related) ?
  6. Ya, after i snapped the bolt, i started to believe grease in bolt is not a good idea.. but if no grease in it, sometime it got stuck.. so hard to take it out, might risk of ruin the bolt head or thread .. Should i remove the bolt and spray it down with brake cleaner to remove the grease ? maybe a bit spray of wd-4d would be good enough (won't rust if water went in)
  7. What is the different between bolt and screw anyway ? i do believe it is bolt and nut.. hence not screw.. but what is screw anyway ? This picture was taken from this url: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333980549684?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5336639749&toolid=10001&customid=2061X562073X87d46ab268e93f1d0f33f31a45eb7878 However these 2 are weird. I have take my slider pins out to service so many time, how come i never see this small rubber sleeve thing ? and this pin (the one i circled) has got a slot on it.. what is it ? How ever the other 2 sliding pins and bolts are identical to mine. Should i be worry about non OEM part ? because this ebay site does not say it is OEM.. could be china made ? will it be reliable for brake ? Thx
  8. You used copper grease for every screws at brake assembly ? a lot of ppl told me NOT to use grease, least it loosen by itself after some milage due to vibration. By the way, what is the proper gease for the 2 sliding pins ? i use thick silicon grease (from Auto shop), it think it is good, but it is kind of heavy, might cause slider pin not slide so freely as i would like.. Don't get me wrong, it slides well with heavy thick silicon grease, but you know when thick and heavy grease, it tend to not slide so freely ... so the question is , it is ok just to use thick silicon grease or i should change it to the grease purposely formulated for slider pin ? I could have use my other heavy duty bearing grease (which is green thick grease too), but i scare it might melt the rubber boot in long run.
  9. Wonderful, thanks for the info, just what i needed. Yes, i am such a "perfectionist" (my bad character) that i like to follow to the spec.. (and in this case i can't find the spec, i just assumed and i assumed wrongly and paid price).
  10. Sigh! yes, sadly i snapped this bold, do you know what is the Nm spec for this screw ? I snapped the screw, not the sliding pin, pls don't mis understood me. Anyway, i manage to chisel out the snapped screw.. so, now i just need the screw..
  11. I am servicing my rear brake caliper (incorporated with electronic parking), t27 toyota avensis d4d. 91 KW 124 HP I have snapped the bolt. Now half of the screw is in the slide pin. I couldnt find torque spec of the 2 (rear caliper) slide pins screws.. foolish of me thinking it could be same as the caliper bracket screws (which is 102Nm), hence snapped it. Need help with these: 1. what are torque spec for the screw of the slider pin? 2. what is the part number of the screw and slider pin (rear brake). 3. is it bad to add sime grease (like copper grease) to the screws to prevent cease (after i purchased the part) 4. i just lube the slider pins with thick silicon grease (becos silicon won't damage rubber boots of the slider pin. Question 1 and 2 are most important for now. thanks
  12. I can hardly find full synthetic motor oil for my car . 5w-30 C2/C3 with european standard.. I was looking at castrol 5w-30 C2/ C3, all i found was only Hc-synthetic.. no Full synthetic.. Castrol no longer produce full synthetic ? I change at milage 11,000 km - 15,000 km for full synthetic.. is the milage same for Hc-synthetic ? I have read that Full synthetic is better performance than Hc-synthetic on one of motor oil webpage.
  13. Will you recommend non synthetic motor oil as amazonbasics ?
  14. AmazonBasics didn't mention synthetic on it bottle.. does that means it is not ? hence... do you recommend of using it ? I was using full synthetic engine oil all the time.
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