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  1. Cheers for that. So are the engines the same underneath and was there a specific reason why Toyota detuned the new one? And was it this enigine which had headgasket problems or where they resolved in this gen Rav4. Thanks 🙂
  2. I thought that it was the sale of new cars after September. Thanks for mentioning that Philip and Frosty. I think for a diesel's to be Euro 6 Compliant it has to use AdBlue which I wonder why they didn't add that as not all people like petrol. But do you know anything about the old 2.2 and new one? Was it the same underneath as our one because it produces 150BHP and the old one produced 170BHP I think?
  3. We have a 2014 Rav 4 2.2 AWD Auto as a family car and we only acheive 24.5 mpg in city driving (only if there is someone sensible driving) but can get about 35mpg on motorway which was concerning at first but while speaking to a friend, he told me that the Rav4 is heavy so that kind of mpg is expected. I only came across this topic when trying to workout if why the last generation 2.2 D-Cat was more powerful than the one in 2014 as I thorght that they were the same. I am also supprised that my car is Euro 5 as it was registed at the end of 2014 (November) and I read somewhere that all new diesels from Sep/Oct had to meet Euro 6 Standards. Can anyone shed any light on this matter please? Many Thanks
  4. So where do I get a Toyota Camshaft Sensor from and How much is it?
  5. But if I were to replace the sensor with the ones advertised on the internet (with a resistance of over 2000 ohms) then how would I dignose if it is faulty as the values are not within range of what Toyota have specified? Many Thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. That is a good idea, I wouldn't have thought of that, but checked the Crankshaft sensor yesterday and they have different connectors. I thought about swapping the sensor with a friend to see if it works but I don't have any friends with the Yaris. Many Thanks
  7. Good afternoon everyone. I had the EML show up on the dash and got it checked out, the code was P1346 which is the camshaft position sensor. I checked the values in the book and they are: Cold= 985-1600 Hot=1265-1890 So, on this lovely morning I took the sensor out and checked the ohms and it was showing 2060 ohms (cold) and further research shows that the sensors you can buy online have a resistance of over 2000 ohms. The book says that if the reading is zero or infinity, then it could suggest a faulty sensor. Now I am confused as to whether the sensor is faulty or if there is another problem elsewhere and not know what to do. It’s a 2003 French Yaris with a 1.3 engine and the sensor was made by Denso. Many Thanks
  8. usta

    EV Mode button!

    If its like the Auris you have to press the ECO button then the EV, it will stay in electric unless you go too fast or you run out of battery. We never use it so it is a waste of space.