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  1. Hi I have just checked when I jack the car up the tyres (both front ones checked) spin freely does this indicate the abs sensor or something else.....any thoughts welcome please
  2. Hi thanks for your reply, it's a petrol 1.8
  3. Hi Everyone, I own a 2006 Avensis, T3-X, a few days ago the VSC, ABS and TRC OFF lights have come on. I was trying to check the ABS fuse but I cant locate it, then I was thinking off buying a OBD2 code reader to see what it could be, I have been advised that it could be dirt in the ABS sensors. Any thoughts on a DIY solution please? Thanks Charn
  4. Hi I washed the underneath of my car and this metal clip fell off, not sure if its off the car and if so where from, any ideas please??
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