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  1. The radio on my Rav4 has failed and the car is 2 days out of Warranty. The reverse monitor is blank when in reverse. The radio has to be on full volume to only just hear it. The CD player stopped working and won't eject. I phoned Toyota Scarborough and was given the option for diagnostic check at a cost or a recon unit of over £500. Having been a mechanic for 40 years and work on new vehicles I understand how components work. I've disconnected battery for a while to try and reboot the unit but no success. Is there a way to force reboot the unit or a case of remove and have it repaired. Any help would be appreciated. Its a 2014 icon 2lt diesel if that helps.


    1. Paddock


      Having removed the stereo head etc removed the CD that was not ejecting from the unit. Used airline on low the blow dust out of unit. Refitted to car  but same fault was still there. No camera no volume unless on maximum. But when I started the engine the stereo burst into life and now is all working as new again. All I can think is what I call a dry joint on a circuit board that's decided to rejoin. 

      Fingers crossed. 

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