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  1. Hi Andrew, I agree with the above post from Tony, in that the dust on your alloys does look a bit red and another cause for this is that if you haven't done many miles recently, your disks can get surface rust on them. This bit of rust is cleaned when you brake and the rust powder ends up on your alloys so just check, by looking through the gaps in your alloy spokes, what the disks acually look like. I was still on the original disks and I noticed something similar, so last month when my Aygo was in for it's service, I got them to change the disks, pads, rear shoes and brake fluid as a precaution. On the other hand, as others have said some pads do give off more dust than others, so it could be that but from your photos, it doesn't look too bad and I've seen a lot worse. Good luck and all the best.....Stay safe.
  2. Hi Guys, Well it's a lovely sunny day up in the north and it's a good one to get my little Aygo washed and given it's first wax of the year. I just thought that in these difficult times it's good thing to do as you can keep a "Social distance" whilst getting some fresh air and exercise.....It also passes a few hours very nicely. Anyway, it's just a thought and an opportunity for me to wish you all good health.....Keep safe, everybody. All the best.
  3. She looks champion, Isobel.......And to be fair Nancy suits her more than Bianca! Have fun together! All the best.
  4. She is looking great, Isobel! It won't be long now before you'll be taking her home. Good luck with her and all the best!
  5. Hi Tony and welcome to the board. Good advice from Gerg and Neil ( @RUToyota) and it does seem that the MMT gearbox can be a problem as a lot of questions on here are about it, however there are a good few about and are still going strong. As for the mileage, well the Aygo engine is a little cracker and can do the 110,000 miles that you require, with ease: That link goes back to 2008 but has been added to over the years, so makes interesting reading. As the Aygo engine gets to around the mark that you are at it can start to use a bit of oil but a weekly check is enough to keep you going and if you have a genuine, full service history and a good MOT left then you are half way there with your purchase. Spares are very reasonable and if you have a good, trusted, local, independant Garage, or can work on the car yourself, then the Aygo shouldn't cost you much to run. They are fun to drive and for a little 3-pot can easily do motorway speeds all day long. The Aygo is a great little car that folk love, tend to keep and they become part of the family, so I wouldn't have any fears if the mileage and service history is accurate but as Gerg and Neil (Good name, by the way ) have said, I would do a bit more investigating on the gearbox. Don't let us put you off but it's something to be aware of. I hope that helps, all the best and good luck.
  6. Like I've said before, I'm "Old School" and also old enough to remember one of my first cars....A Mini Cooper and I loved it! At the time, two guys said that the best thing you could do for the handling on a Mini was to fit two new "Rally tyres" (Yes, that's what we used to call them) on the front and go for a squirt around some country lanes...Loads of fun and as safe as houses. The two guys who said it were John Cooper and Paddy Hopkirk, who knew a thing or two about handling a little front wheel drive car. I'm all for things moving on but when these ideas come from "Blue Sky Thinking" and computer simulations then I'm sceptical...Remember that every computer simulation in the world said that you cannot land a passenger airliner on the Hudson River.....A certain Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and his heroic experience proved them wrong! If the latest trend of putting new tyres on the back is to prevent oversteer, then they have never been in an Aygo.....I'd pay good money to see somebody try and drift one. There's more chance of Father Christmas knocking on my front door for a lift to Argos.
  7. Hi Mike, I agree that the train of thought from "Industry best practice" is to put new tyres on the rear. However, being "Old School" I prefer the best tyres to be on the driving wheels. With a small, light, front wheel drive car like the Aygo, I prefer to have the best tread on the front as that does the majority of the driving, steering and braking. I might be wrong but without a skid pan to try out the "Rear is best" idea, I'm not convinced.
  8. Hi Isobel, First things first......All the best with the new Aygo! Very nice!! Secondly, if you are changing the tyres two at a time, then I'd stick with the Pirellis but if you decide for a full swap, then I have to say that I like the Goodyears. I got a set on mine after having them recommended by @fordulike and @Micra2Aygo and as they live in the North East and the Kingdom of Fife, I figured that if they were good enough for them, with the weather conditions up there, then they were good enough for me. I have to say that we haven't seen much snow or even ice since I got them but we have seen plenty of rain! Up to now they have coped really well and I like them. I would guess that the Pirellis are of a similar quality (You would know that better than me) and if you're happy with them, then your idea of changing two and getting two new ones seems a good idea....Put the new ones on the front and the part worn ones on the back though!!!! Good luck...I'm taking bets that the new Aygo will be called "Bianca".....Seeing as (looking at the photo on the other thread) she is white....Then again I could be wrong, that's happened many times before. All the best. P.S. Stockbridge Tyres in Keighley are very good....That's where I go.
  9. Hi @mentoras I know that my Aygo is a 2012 (Mark 1) model but I only had to change my original battery just before Christmas 2019......41,000 miles (which, thanks to Google is about 66,000 km) on a nearly, 8 year old car....not bad for a battery that is about the size of two bags of sugar or pasta is it? I hope that helps in some way......Don't worry about a thing for a few years, my friend. All the best. 😊
  10. Hi Stuart, Sorry to see you go as I remember a few good chats with you on here and you've always tried to help others, so don't be a stranger and all that. I totally get your decision and somebody is going to get an absolute cracker when they buy your X-clusive, aren't they? All the best with your new car, Stu and stay safe on that daily commute. Good luck and happy motoring, Matey.....It's been a pleasure chatting with you.
  11. Hi Martin, From the Goodyear website and the info on the Goodyear Vector 4 seasons, I would say that the compound is a "Half way house" between that of the summer and winter tyres. That might sound like a compromise but when you add in the unique "Whale tail" tread pattern and the smoother ride in dry conditions, then that would still be my choice for Stuart. If I lived in Scandinavia, Germany, or the Alps then I would go for Winter tyres every year without question but in the UK we get a few days of snow/ice and then we go back to the dreary wet conditions that we are all used to. A couple of years ago we had the exception with the "Beast from the East" but normally our weather is wet rather than icy and having driven a car on winter tyres in the dry (OK, things might have changed as that was a few years ago) I can say that it's not a lot of fun. As I said earlier, with our climate in the UK, the all season tyre could be the answer for Stuart (At the end of the day, it is his decision, not mine) but I like to read reviews and do a bit of homework before I buy something, as AygoStu is doing and that leads me away from the total winter tyre. David ( @fordulike ) lives in the North East and if the Goodyears are good enough for him with the conditions up there, then that's good enough for me. It's interesting to hear different views though, isn't it?.....As for you, Stuart, there used to be an American comedy on TV called "Soap", at the beginning of every episode the did a recap of what had previously happened and ended with the tag-line: "Confused? You will be" I bet you feel exactly the same, Matey! Anyway, all the best and good luck.....I'm sure that you'll make the right decision in the end.
  12. Hi Stuart, To be honest I wouldn't go the full winter tyre route in this country ( more rain than snow here ) but a set of "Cross Climate" tyres might do the trick.....Unfortunately they are few and far between to fit the Mark 2 Aygo. If you do go for full winter tyres, it might be a thought to get a set of steel wheels and fit the tyres to them, that would make the winter change over much easier but would spoil the look of your fab "X-clusive". A good set of tyres with good reviews and the best "Wet" rating that you can find should be good enough. All the best and stay safe.
  13. Hi again, Bobby, I noticed from another post from you that you're probably looking for an armrest for a Mark 2 Aygo, as that seems to be your daughter's car. If that's the case then ignore my previous link as you will need one of these: It's more expensive than the armrest for the Mark 1 but will be of a similar quality. I hope that helps.
  14. Hi Bobby, Here you go: The smaller pictures enlarge if you hover over them so that you can see the fitment details. It's really easy as it fits in and around the rear cup holder, you just have to drill a couple of hole for the supplied screws. The seller is "Mick's Garage" and is the ebay seller I bought mine from....Crikey....Eight years ago now!!! Anyway, It's worn well as it still looks like new. All the best! P.S. If you mean the door "Armrest", then it's a bumper protector from Halfords and the link is in my original post.
  15. Hi Marilyn, If you still have the base for the aerial (The stub that is attached to the roof with a screw thread on it) then try one of these:®-Universal-Black-Aerial-Antenna/dp/B01KHPRAP0/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1DZ1AYYJOUSDR&keywords=car+aerial&qid=1578742811&sprefix=car+ae%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-6 I've got one on mine, it's much shorter than the original, screws straight on and works very well. I hope that helps, all the best.