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  1. Agent Orange

    Gear head

    Hi Rachel and welcome to the board. Do you mean the gear knob as for your model, the cheapest that I can find on Ebay is this:|Model%3AAygo&hash=item23d69604ed:g:704AAOSwatdetWGs The mark two gear knobs are always more expensive that the mark one versions but both are interchangable and a simple screw on fit. There are many "universal" gear knobs on Ebay and Amazon at a lot less money but they sometimes aren't the best quality or fit. I think the price of a new knob from Toyota is up around the £80 mark, which is a bit eye-watering so keep your eyes peeled on Ebay for a good used one. I hope that helps.....All the best!
  2. Agent Orange


    Hi again, Mary, As I said before, I didn't want to sound nasty and there was no wrist slapping intended. I have just had a look at my service book and I have nine stamps in it, as I said, four of those are 40,000 mile services and my Toyota dealer has never contacted me to remind me of any of them......To be honest the only time they got in touch was after two years of ownership when they rang to see if I wanted to swap the car. My local dealer doesn't exactly inspire confidence with their customer service or car servicing and that's why I went to a local independant garage as soon as possible. My biggest concern for you is that I worry for when you come to part exchange your car and the first thing that will be said is that it doesn't have a full service history as the first stamp is at 20,000 miles. I don't think it will work but if you explain the misunderstanding to your dealer, they might give you a letter, explaining their side and practices that you can keep with your service records. In saying that, don't worry or beat yourself up as you have acted quickly now that you know but please remember, as Joe (Catlover) says with some kind of memory jogger, to book it in again, next July. All the best, Mary and happy motoring!
  3. Agent Orange


    l'm sorry about this, Mary but the onus is on you. When your car gets to 12 months old or 10,000 miles......You contact them. My Aygo is 8 years old and has done 41,000 miles and I have had four (yes 4) 40,000 mile services done by my very trusted independant garage. I don't want to sound nasty but it's up to you to keep it maintained. Yearly checks are not services and it is down to the owner to keep a full service history. I hate to do this but book your car in for a service tomorrow and get your book stamped. I'm really sorry about that but all the best.
  4. Brilliant info, Colin!.......Many thanks! Just what we need, details and photos ( Yes, I've seen your new thread....Nice one, mate ) In one post you have answered many questions and given folk ideas......Do you know that I'd forgotten about your great idea for a LHD revcounter housing to mount a clock......At the time I looked for one on european ebay sites to strip out and put an Autool X60 inside to get a coolant temperature and GPS, digital speedo up at eye level. Great info, great photos and over three times around the world on the original engine.....You Sir, are an inspiration to us all......I'm off now before somebody accuses us of a bromance and tells us to get a room. All the best Colin.....Keep up the good work for all of us Mark 1 owners.
  5. Hello again Colin, I'm doing fine thanks but crikey!.....You've been busy! Your motor has come a long way since we took a drill and a swizzle stick to our heater knobs, hasn't it? It might not be everybody's cup of tea but personally, I love it...Great job! You've made some brave decisions but you've kept all the character and that's a fine line, so well done. You know that I have to ask a couple of questions now, don't you? Are those wheels refurbished/customised Mini "One" alloys? I have heard that they can fit our Aygos, having a 4x100 stud pattern but I've never actually seen it done so did you have any problems with fitting ( Spacing for clearance, spigot rings etc) as they look the business and fill the arches very nicely. Also, what size tyres did you fit, please? Your headlamp eyebrows.....Is that a home made wrap job or can you buy them? I've seen similar on a C1 but again, never on an Aygo. The orange with the black looks stunning, the exhaust looks just right and I do think the front square number plate is something that might get copied now that you've put a photo on here. 😊 All in all a great result and it's nice to see photos of folks' efforts.....10 out of 10 from me for yours. Take care Colin and all the best.
  6. Hi Colin, how are things, Matey? I've got one of these on the back of my little fella.....It's been there for a couple of years now and still does a great job. It is Wilkinsons own brand and comes with all the fittings but if I remember correctly it fits straight onto the wiper arm without any of the adaptors being needed. I have a Bosch Aero Twin on the front screen and to be honest it's the best wiper I've ever had but the Wilko one is more than good enough for the back....Anyway this is the one: All the best Colin, nice to hear from you again
  7. Good call, Mark I keep something like this ( I got mine from Aldi for about £6.00) in the glovebox but it's a useful bit of kit: Enjoy your new motor Dave ( @davecullen6 )....It looks a little cracker! All the best, Matey!
  8. Good question, Mark ( @eygo ) I was wondering the same thing myself. The "Triplets" (Aygo, C1, Pug 107) as @Puglet calls them ( I like that ) are just about the cheapest cars to insure. I'm not boasting but I paid £182, fully comp with no claims protection ( about 10% extra ) included. Uncle Satan, try Churchill or Direct Line ( It's the same company but Direct Line are sometimes a tad cheaper).....I stick with Churchill as I have my Home insurance with them but it might be worth getting a quote. Also, whilst we're here, I'm sorry Matey but I've lost track of the cars that you are looking at: 2008, Silver £1900 2009, Black, counter offer of £1900 Any chance of a couple of links, please as I seem to have lost track with all the different cars in this thread. ......Then again, I'm not that bright! As I've said before, don't give up and we're all trying to help......It's just that these times are as new to us as they are to you. Stay safe and all the best.
  9. Hi Uncle Satan, Crikey!!!! There's a fine line between sharp practice and....At least Richard Turpin wore a mask!!!! This fella has crossed it so you're as well steering clear of him as he's the sort that give car dealers a bad name....Also profiteering was against the law, last time I looked. To be honest, Matey, I never thought that your search would be so difficult but don't give up....When you finally get one, you'll find the Aygo fun to drive and full of character. We've had ours from new, so it's eight years old, next month.....Normally I would have swapped a car by now but our Aygo is part of the family and it's not for sale......So much so that I'm looking into getting the little guy a stainless steel exhaust when these troubling times are over. Keep searching, all the best and stay safe! Edit : Had to change D1ck Turpin to his Sunday name as the word censor kicked in.
  10. Hi Uncle Satan, A quick look on Auto trader in your price range, with a couple of filters of "air con" and "black" brought up these little fellas: con One of them is in Sutton Coldfield, which might be fairly close to you. Just a quick aside point or two......I'm 6'4" and I fit in my aygo, no problem.....although I did pick the 3 door as they have longer doors which makes things easier for us longer legged bods to get in and out of. The other thing is that wind deflectors at about £30 with the window cracked open is great air conditioning and expands your options a bit. I don't have AC on my 2012 Fire and to be honest, I wouldn't want it......However, keep looking for exactly what YOU want....We're all different and looking for a car is half the fun of buying, isn't it? Have fun and keep looking, All the best.
  11. Hi Paul. Sorry Matey but I don't do Instabook or Twitface......I'm trying to take the social distancing thing to heart and talk to people on the phone. However, I have to say that I totally subscribe to this thread.....I'm loving your work and the BTCC look is really coming on. Hats off to you and keep going....You're doing us proud! All the best.
  12. Hi Paul, I really am enjoying your journey...Keep up the good work, Matey. Can I just say that John @tooSavvy ......You are a genius and what a fantastic thing to say and suggest. "Not gone, just one lap ahead".....Wonderful, Canny Lad, just wonderful. RIP Sir Stirling.
  13. Hi Andrew, I agree with the above post from Tony, in that the dust on your alloys does look a bit red and another cause for this is that if you haven't done many miles recently, your disks can get surface rust on them. This bit of rust is cleaned when you brake and the rust powder ends up on your alloys so just check, by looking through the gaps in your alloy spokes, what the disks acually look like. I was still on the original disks and I noticed something similar, so last month when my Aygo was in for it's service, I got them to change the disks, pads, rear shoes and brake fluid as a precaution. On the other hand, as others have said some pads do give off more dust than others, so it could be that but from your photos, it doesn't look too bad and I've seen a lot worse. Good luck and all the best.....Stay safe.
  14. Hi Guys, Well it's a lovely sunny day up in the north and it's a good one to get my little Aygo washed and given it's first wax of the year. I just thought that in these difficult times it's good thing to do as you can keep a "Social distance" whilst getting some fresh air and exercise.....It also passes a few hours very nicely. Anyway, it's just a thought and an opportunity for me to wish you all good health.....Keep safe, everybody. All the best.
  15. She looks champion, Isobel.......And to be fair Nancy suits her more than Bianca! Have fun together! All the best.