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  1. Hi Jimi, You've come a very long way in a short time......Cracking job and your Aygo looks superb! Well done, Matey.....All the best.
  2. Hi David and thanks for that as it's a timely reminder for me as my little fella is booked in for a service on March 10th. After only doing 1200 miles this past year, I've asked them to take special note of all hoses, boots, bushes and tyres (For age/lack of use cracks). I'll add the rear shockers to my list after what you have said as our cars are, pretty much, the same. Strangely enough, for me the situation was the opposite....It was my front McPherson struts that needed changing. It was at last years service that I was told that whist the struts themselves were absolutely fine, it
  3. Hi Dave, I have to say that I am one of those people and the mark 2 seats are a vast improvement.....You sit ON a mark 1.....you sit IN a mark 2 seat, much more comfortable and supportive. To be honest, it's the best thing that I've done to my little fella. Claude, welcome to the board , I know that you are not in the UK from your profile but my seats came out of a 2018 C1 Furio and they fit perfectly.....If it works you can click on the photo to enlarge the image
  4. Hi Bobby, I know that I still have a Mark 1 but if you click on my photo/avatar thing, over to the left you'll see that I fitted a pair of these: https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/exterior-protection/richbrook-bumper-and-bodywork-protector-370mm-243886.html They were £9.99 when I bought them and if you search on Amazon or ebay, I bet you could still find them at less than the £14.99 in the link. They are still in place after over 8 years and still give me peace of mind.....Daft as it sounds, I have another set stuck onto the inside door card, on the elbow sh
  5. All the best, John! It's been a pleasure, a laugh and a reet canny time following this thread. I'm so sorry to see you go but I've always liked that model of Swift.....I drove one and thought it had the best gear change of any car I've ever driven, so all the best and happy motoring! You'll not be forgotten, Bonny Lad! Take care and stay safe, Mucker! .......Can I just get in a last.......Woot, woot!
  6. Hi Jimi, I don't mind you asking at all!....They were £250 for the full set, front and back. I know what you mean about stained seats, I looked for about three years on Ebay for some 3 door seats and to be honest, I was struggling, I could find plenty of 5 door seats but they and the odd 3 door set I found were cheaper but.....Let's just say, "Not very nice"!!!! I actually got the seats fitted by "Smallcarsrus" and bought a leather and chrome gear knob (again from the Furio) and a very rare drivers door pull (The plastic cover) to replace my broken one, if I remember correctly, they
  7. Hi Jimi, I got my seats fitted from a 2017 Citroen C1 Furio at "Smallcarsrus" in Halesowen (Just off junctiion 2 on the M5) and they were fantastic! Paula and Ric are a husband and wife team who specialise in the "Triplets" (Aygo/C1/107/8) and you just cannot go wrong with them. To be honest, I heard about them from a guy called "Brixton Boy" on the City Bug site ( I browse but haven't joined) and I cannot recommend them highly enough. It was well worth a 250 mile round trip and they fitted them in under an hour......Including the new gear knob! The difference from the ol
  8. Hi Luke, Get yourself down to your local "Wilkinsons" and buy one of these: https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-16-inch-flexible-frameless-wiper-blade/p/0427237 Take it out of the case, throw all the plastic adaptors away and just clip the thing onto the rear wiper arm. It works a treat......I've had one on mine for years. All the best
  9. Hi Robert and welcome. OK, here goes.....I have an Aygo, it's a 2012 "Fire" with 41,000 miles on the clock...sound familiar? Ours is a three door and that's the only difference so be aware of the recall on the 5 door for the rear windows as they can come detached from the hinges. It's a free recall so if it hasn't been done, contact your local Toyota dealer. Apart from that, it is a fantastic car for your daughter.....Cheap as chips to run, zero tax, reliable and loads of fun. I normally change my car after about 3 years but ours is eight now and it's not going anywhere!.....
  10. Crikey John...... .......That, my old mucker is fantastic! A bit of thought, imagination, bravery, a tape measure and a rattle can....as you might say....Woot, Woot!!! Blinding job, you just need to get yourself down to Whitley Bay.....Cruising....Sunshine...Arm out of the window....Shades on..."Fog on the Tyne" blaring out of the stereo....Happy days! Seriously, Mate, that spoiler looks like it was designed to be there.....Top job, Canny lad! All the best!
  11. Hi Mentoras, There does not seem to be a Greek Ebay site but on the site that you use, search for a "Bee Sting Aerial" and you should find quite a few. I've got one of these on mine: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Spiral-Mast-Solid-Aluminium-Black-Antenna-FM-AM-Bee-Sting-Rubber/162004708303?fits=Model%3AAygo&hash=item25b83babcf:g:LtoAAOSwX~dWojXP You can get even shorter, aluminium aerials (You will see them when you look) but the one above has a spiral aerial on a shorter stem and on mine it has actually improved the reception of the radio. I hope that helps, all the
  12. Hi Angel, I really like the purple with the white but I would guess that the Mark 2 Aygo roof will be much more difficult to wrap than the Mark 1 due to the shape, the two bumps don't make it easy, do they? I know that you have chosen a really good quality wrap but before you splash out another £100, have you got a price for a professional wrap done up in Lanarkshire? The professional wrappers will have the job done in no time and also make a good job of the very difficult mirror wrap at a cost of (I would guess) £200-£400. Whilst you're at it, I bet that your Aygo would look
  13. Hi Rachel and welcome to the board. Do you mean the gear knob as for your model, the cheapest that I can find on Ebay is this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AYGO-X-PRESSION-2015-5-SPEED-GEAR-STICK-KNOB/153924011245?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota|Model%3AAygo&hash=item23d69604ed:g:704AAOSwatdetWGs The mark two gear knobs are always more expensive that the mark one versions but both are interchangable and a simple screw on fit. There are many "universal" gear knobs on Ebay and Amazon at a lot less money but they sometimes aren't the best quality or fit. I think the price of a ne
  14. Agent Orange


    Hi again, Mary, As I said before, I didn't want to sound nasty and there was no wrist slapping intended. I have just had a look at my service book and I have nine stamps in it, as I said, four of those are 40,000 mile services and my Toyota dealer has never contacted me to remind me of any of them......To be honest the only time they got in touch was after two years of ownership when they rang to see if I wanted to swap the car. My local dealer doesn't exactly inspire confidence with their customer service or car servicing and that's why I went to a local independant garage as soon as po
  15. Agent Orange


    l'm sorry about this, Mary but the onus is on you. When your car gets to 12 months old or 10,000 miles......You contact them. My Aygo is 8 years old and has done 41,000 miles and I have had four (yes 4) 40,000 mile services done by my very trusted independant garage. I don't want to sound nasty but it's up to you to keep it maintained. Yearly checks are not services and it is down to the owner to keep a full service history. I hate to do this but book your car in for a service tomorrow and get your book stamped. I'm really sorry about that but all the best.
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