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  1. Hi Martin, From the Goodyear website and the info on the Goodyear Vector 4 seasons, I would say that the compound is a "Half way house" between that of the summer and winter tyres. That might sound like a compromise but when you add in the unique "Whale tail" tread pattern and the smoother ride in dry conditions, then that would still be my choice for Stuart. If I lived in Scandinavia, Germany, or the Alps then I would go for Winter tyres every year without question but in the UK we get a few days of snow/ice and then we go back to the dreary wet conditions that we are all used to. A couple of years ago we had the exception with the "Beast from the East" but normally our weather is wet rather than icy and having driven a car on winter tyres in the dry (OK, things might have changed as that was a few years ago) I can say that it's not a lot of fun. As I said earlier, with our climate in the UK, the all season tyre could be the answer for Stuart (At the end of the day, it is his decision, not mine) but I like to read reviews and do a bit of homework before I buy something, as AygoStu is doing and that leads me away from the total winter tyre. David ( @fordulike ) lives in the North East and if the Goodyears are good enough for him with the conditions up there, then that's good enough for me. It's interesting to hear different views though, isn't it?.....As for you, Stuart, there used to be an American comedy on TV called "Soap", at the beginning of every episode the did a recap of what had previously happened and ended with the tag-line: "Confused? You will be" I bet you feel exactly the same, Matey! Anyway, all the best and good luck.....I'm sure that you'll make the right decision in the end.
  2. Hi Stuart, To be honest I wouldn't go the full winter tyre route in this country ( more rain than snow here ) but a set of "Cross Climate" tyres might do the trick.....Unfortunately they are few and far between to fit the Mark 2 Aygo. If you do go for full winter tyres, it might be a thought to get a set of steel wheels and fit the tyres to them, that would make the winter change over much easier but would spoil the look of your fab "X-clusive". A good set of tyres with good reviews and the best "Wet" rating that you can find should be good enough. All the best and stay safe.
  3. Hi again, Bobby, I noticed from another post from you that you're probably looking for an armrest for a Mark 2 Aygo, as that seems to be your daughter's car. If that's the case then ignore my previous link as you will need one of these: It's more expensive than the armrest for the Mark 1 but will be of a similar quality. I hope that helps.
  4. Hi Bobby, Here you go: The smaller pictures enlarge if you hover over them so that you can see the fitment details. It's really easy as it fits in and around the rear cup holder, you just have to drill a couple of hole for the supplied screws. The seller is "Mick's Garage" and is the ebay seller I bought mine from....Crikey....Eight years ago now!!! Anyway, It's worn well as it still looks like new. All the best! P.S. If you mean the door "Armrest", then it's a bumper protector from Halfords and the link is in my original post.
  5. Hi Marilyn, If you still have the base for the aerial (The stub that is attached to the roof with a screw thread on it) then try one of these:®-Universal-Black-Aerial-Antenna/dp/B01KHPRAP0/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1DZ1AYYJOUSDR&keywords=car+aerial&qid=1578742811&sprefix=car+ae%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-6 I've got one on mine, it's much shorter than the original, screws straight on and works very well. I hope that helps, all the best.
  6. Diolch Gareth ( @garethpaul) ....Good shout, matey! Emma, if you dry the area, use the mould and mildew spray, let it dry and then use the shampoo that Gareth has suggested then my guess is that you will have the problem sorted....No spores and no stain....err, I hope. Anyway, for less than a fiver all in, it has to be worth a shot! Good luck and tell us how you get on.
  7. Hi Emma and welcome to the board. 😁 Just to give you another option, try a hairdryer for about 15 minutes on the damp area and then spray the area with sone "Astonish Mould and Mildew spray"..... You can usually get it in Home Bargains, Wilkinsons, The Range or even "Pound Shops". It smells faintly of bleach and really works to kill those black, spore spots but it isn't strong enough to fade the material. It really is good stuff and for the cost of a quid, plus your time, it has to be worth a go before you try for a new headliner.....Just make sure that you've fixed the leak first!!! All the best and good luck.
  8. Hi Ray and welcome! 😁 I have done a couple of things that you have mentioned, the first thing I did was to fit a glove box cover (Very easy job) and an "Armster" armrest (Also very easy to do). Don't go for a cheap armrest, if you fancy one, pay that bit extra for the Armster as it fits really well and folds up between the seats, when you don't need it, such as around town when you need your handbrake more. I changed the stereo for a single din JVC model with no cd drive, so I just leave a micro usb stick/stub with all my music loaded in and that looks much better than the original stereo.....Being a JVC it also came with the correct iso lead/adaptor but I just had to swap the red and yellow lead over (The lead had bullet connectors already fitted to allow this) to get the right positives going to the right places. Whilst I was doing that, I got some mid grey headlight wrap and covered the heater control "bubble", underneath the stereo. Now instead of a white area, I have a nice gloss grey area that I can see all the controls through and still lights up orange at night. That job wasn't just as easy as it's a bit awkward but a rough paper template, a sharp knife, a hairdryer and a bit of patience gets you there. This might sound like a daft one but I also found that my elbow on the doorcard arm"shelf" got a bit sore on a run, so I fitted a bumper protector in black rubber: to each shelf/rest and it's now much comfier and also looks like it was always that way. Apart from that, a front and rear dashcam, an "Autool X60" fitted into the ODB socket to give me a "Heads up" speedo and coolant temperature gauge: and a Garmin satnav fitted to the shelf above the stereo, with the lead run through the back of the shelf to make the job nice and neat and that's about it. I haven't done anythig with interior lighting, so I can't help you there but I'm pretty sure that others on here have done something similar. To be honest, our little Aygos become part of the family and, being easy enough to work on, lend themselves to a bit of individuality, so have some fun, do what you like and enjoy your Aygo. All the best and good luck!
  9. Hi John, It's a bit of an oddball to be honest....On mine the technique is: To unlock...Key in, turn 45 degrees and unscrew the cap. (Everybody says that you can take the key out before unscrewing but I have never been able too) To lock....Screw the cap back on, turn key back 45 degrees (At which point I can take the key out) and give the cap another turn until you hear it click....It's then locked. I hope that helps, all the best!
  10. Many thanks everyone. I went for the Bosch one in the end and got it from my local "Euro Car Parts".....£56.99 after the Christmas promo code, so I'm a very happy bunny. All the best to one and all for a great Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2020.
  11. Many thanks for that, Garth.....Good advice! 😊 I didn't know that about Varta and Bosch so it opens up my options. Being "Old School", I have changed loads of batteries in my time but have never changed one on a car with air bags etc. and was a bit concerned over the time issue if I was to start tidying things up. Your idea of a battery charger is something that I hadn't thought of and, seeing as I haven't got one, could be worth purchasing anyway. Many thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated. All the best!
  12. Hi Guys and may I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Well, I think that I finally need a new battery for the little orange fella......7 years of faultless service is very impressive from a battery that is about the size of 2 bags of sugar but the time has come and all that. I'm not thinking of selling as we still love the bones of it, so I don't want to skimp on a replacement and after bookmarking a recommendation from @fordulike (Many Thanks, David) have been looking at this: Whilst I'm happy to go with this one. I just wondered if anybody had any other recommendations and also might give me a bit of advice. When I disconnect and remove the battery, it might be a good time to give the empty space a good clean and possibly a coat of "Hammerite" and I wondered if anybody had done this. I figure that I will have to retune the radio and set the clock but do any more things crop up when you have the battery disconnected for an hour or more?....I'm thinking air bags, idle speed or power steering etc. I don't foresee any problems, but any advice is good advice and it gives me the chance to send you all the best for a Toyotally brilliant Christmas. All the best, Folks! 😊
  13. Hi Tony, David is spot on with his reply, the wiper arm only lifts by a couple of inches which makes changing the blade a bit of a challenge. I changed to a Bosch Aero Twin a couple of months ago and I was gobsmacked, it's almost silent in operation and cleans the screen with a single sweep....Well worth the money and the time spent to change it. You also have to be careful of the wiper arm when you are cleaning your car, as it only lifts by a short amount, you have to hold it and so it's a two handed operation to clean and chamois the screen. As David (Fordulike) says, don't force it and don't worry, it's meant to be like that as mine has been the same since it was new. All the best! 😊
  14. I know that this isn't going to win me a lot of friends but there are a few things that really worry me and that nobody has answered about fully electric cars. The first is...rechargeable batteries, eventually they don't hold their charge any more and have to be replaced. You can't even put AA batteries in your wheely bin any more so how are the batteries out of electric cars going to be disposed of...Also what is going to be the cost of replacement? I really like the idea of hydrogen cells, fill up with hydrogen (like we do with petrol) and the only pollutant to the planet is a dribble of water out of the exhaust. Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers already have the technology ready to produce, so all we need are hydrogen pumps at filling stations and we are ready to go. My worry is that Hydrogen cells are the real future, manufacturers are selling technology which is already outdated and in a few years time we will be having another "Scrappage Scheme" for Hybrid/Electric cars. I don't expect to be Mr. Popular with views like that but is a real concern of mine.....Don't forget that a few years ago, diesel was the future!!!! Thanks for letting me have a vent, Folks and may I wish you all a very merry Christmas! All the best.