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  1. Hi Jo, I have a 2012 Aygo fire in orange and I got a set of these from Amazon for mine, they are really good quality and come with the proper fitting clips to push onto the floor studs. I have given you the link for the 2014 model (Mark 2) onwards: As for seat covers, well I've looked into them in tha past and never found anything that is tailored (unless you spend a couple of hundred pounds) and would fit over our high backed seats without looking like a dog's breakfast within a couple of weeks. The best I came up with was these "vests": They look like a load of fun and because they leave the headrest out, might fit the actual seat better and stop all the crumpling that you get with all seat covers. I know that either of these are probably not exactly what you want....But it's fun to look, isn't it? 😄 All the best! 😊
  2. Hi Isobel, Crikey, has it really been two years? Time flies but Rosie is still looking like a new pin.....£25 well spent, I would say. I gave my little fella a wash yesterday after that dusty rain we had and as it's Good Friday, I've got plans to give the interior a good fettling with my box of sprays and polish and if the weather holds (It's not always grim up north, is it?) he's getting the full Auto Glym resin wax treatment, later. It's great to see a few piccies of Rosie, two years time you talk to her (As I know you do) tell her I said that she looks stunning. All the best.
  3. Hi Kev, and welcome to the board. Now then this could be a couple of things....Firstly the rear lights. What I did to seal .the rear lights was NOT to silicone them into place as this causes problems if you have to change a bulb, later, rather than that I got some waterproof draught excluder (On a roll, you can get it from B&Q or Wilkinsons) and stick it around the hole on the back of the lights, where the foam seal was. You can also run it around the back, inside edges of the lights (about half an inch in, so it doesn't show) to seal the outer edges of the light cluster to the bodywork. I had a problem with the back lights misting up and whilst I was doing that, I drilled two holes in the black, back of the light cluster, right at the extreme edges, got a hair dryer in there for about 5 minutes. Be careful when you are drilling but that is the only way, as the lens is sealed to the reflector but once it has dried, get some silicone sealant and put a smear of it all around the edge of the light between the black back and the lens. Then put a dab of silicone in each drill hole to seal the unit up again. I had problems with misty back lights for years but since I did this, last year, haven't had the problem since. The other place that your leak could be coming from is the high level brake light. To sort that, unscrew it, take out the light cluster and other bits so that you just have the lens. Chances are that the seal has broken down so clear it all off from the back of the light and the bodywork and run a bead of silicone around it. Refit the unit and the silicone should "Squidge out" onto the bodywork but a damp paper towel will wipe it off....Don't leave the silicone to dry as it then becomes a Stanley Knife job and that's not good against paintwork. It is a bit of a faff to get the rear light off but you'll need a 10mm spanner, there is only one nut but it's up behind the rear three-quarter panel trim and is a bit of a pig to get to but if you take your time, you can do all three lights, for little money, in a couple of hours. All the best and I hope that helps.
  4. Hi Billy, Have a look at this ln the "How to guides" (Up at the top of the page) and skip down about half way as it gives a good guide to any change of wheel or tyre size. Just be aware that you'll have to inform your insurer of any change....Some charge, some don't but I do love an Aygo with alloys.....They make a huge difference to the look and feel of our motors. I'm still with the original 14" alloys on my Fire but keep thinking about 15" alloys with a wider tyre. Good luck with your new purchase......Post a couple of photos, Matey.....We all love those!!!!
  5. Right-oh, Paul....Not that then. The only other thing that I can think of would be the low fuel warning bleeper which sounds when you get down to one bar on the fuel gauge. I think that Mike was asking about the X-Nav system because, if the car is fitted with SatNav then the beep could have been a speed camera location warning. To be honest, the low fuel and seat belt warning beeps have caught most of us out at sometime or another. I hope that you get to the bottom of it.
  6. Hi Paul, Did your daughter have a bag or something on the passenger seat, by any chance? If so it will have been the seat belt warning beeper, going off. The sensor will have detected some weight on the seat and set the alarm off as the seat belt wasn't fastened. I hope that helps in some way. All the best.
  7. Hi Colin, If you are just after the cosmetic effect of having the roof trim back, have you thought about some kind of plastic or rubber tape.....Something along these lines: I know that is actually draught excluder but if you didn't split it and finished the ends with a dab of black silicone sealant, it wouldn't look a million miles away from the original, at a fraction of the cost. Failing that, a trawl around the breakers yards in your area and online would be my only other idea. I know that you like a project and are very handy, so what about some chrome tape in the channels to match your bumper end pads? All the best, Matey. P.S. I used your swizzle stick tip on my heater knob and it works a treat....So much clearer than the little bump stop that I had originally used....Many thanks!
  8. Hi Mark, I assume that you mean to polish the cut end of the stick and it's something that I wouldn't have thought of but will really help. Thanks for the idea, as usual you come up with a great tip and helpful advice.....even if, sometimes, people don't appreciate it. I'm glad that our shared experience of a few months ago, with a certain poster, hasn't put you off. Thanks again and all the best. Neil
  9. Hi Colin, now that looks good! I've been looking around for something a bit clearer, to replace the bump stop on mine and I think that you've come up with it.....A swizzle stick of all things.....Your "Blue Peter" badge is in the post. It looks like it was always like that, straight from the factory, it lights up better than mine does at the moment and as Mark ( @eygo ) says, it actually looks like a little LED....Well done! I'm sure that we have some swizzle sticks, knocking about somewhere, so I'm going to follow your lead and have a go, myself. Again, many thanks to Steve ( @Puglet ) for passing on the original idea, and also for his great gear knob conversion, over on the City Bug website.....If you get a moment or two, check it out, Colin, you might just like it....It's a new post, so it's easy to find. Right then, Matey, I'm off to search in various drawers for a swizzle stick, it's amazing how much junk we all accumulate, thinking that "it'll come in handy"...Well this time, it just might! Nice one, Colin and all the best. Neil.
  10. Nice one, Colin. Do you know, a slightly bigger hole could help at position II as a bit more light could get through....Or maybe drill a little hole in the grey facsia, behind the knob, next to the screw....Go on, which one of us is going to be brave enough to do it!!!! Whilst I'm here, what is that black thing, stuck on your heater panel, please? Talking of heater panels, your multi coloured LEDs are a bit tasty....I think I'll stick with my orange lights as they match my car but they look good in yours, Matey! Thanks for your bravery on this one, let's see if we've made the right decision, eh? All the best!
  11. Hi Steve, it's good to hear from you and whether it was your idea or not, I would never have thought of it without your post so, many thanks. Anyway, It's almost dark so I have been out for a look and it works. I must admit that I will probably change the small bump stop for something clearer (less opaque) and the light does show through better at Off and I and III and IV.....It's fairly dim on the II (top/centre) position but it's still better than nothing. Anyway, apologies for the shocking photography but this might give you all the idea of what it looks like at twilight.
  12. Second attempt..... My Wife took over the ship and had another go, she used a black bump stop. punched a hole in it and fitted it over the centre of the knob with the hole over the original clear one. I thought that I'd married her for her looks and cooking skills but it turns out that she's the brains of the outfit!
  13. Hi Colin and thanks. Yes it lights up in all the positions as it takes it's illumination from the centre console lighting. The I,II,III and IV markers are also holes in the fascia and so they are lit up in the same way, straight from the production line. It really is a simple and clever little mod, like I said, I can't take any credit for it but I do like it. All the best.....Go on, get your drill out!!!!
  14. OK then, here you go, I just used a little, clear "bump stop"...They come on a sheet and are sticky backed. I will probably find something better but for now, it works. Granted I had to cup my hands over the knob, with the lights on as it is daylight but I can see light though the hole. Looking at the photo reminds me that I didn't push the chrome trim back in but it also shows another cheap mod I did. I wrapped the white heater panel in mid grey headlamp wrap, it just takes away that glaring white and gives a more classy (in my opinion) gloss grey effect. It was a really easy job and only cost a few pounds.....Anyway, have a look....
  15. @Heidfirst Hi Scott, now that is a good idea! My Wife does a lot of "crafting", you know the sort of thing, glass painting, hand made cards and the like so she has all sorts of bits and bobs that might do the job. If I find something, then before I drill a hole, then I'll know the right diameter as I'm all for a more "factory" look. Many thanks! @fordulike Hi David, I'm totally with you on that, surely Toyota could have addressed this themselves as it is such a simple thing but one that makes all the difference when driving at night. When I've done it, I'll tell you how it looks and works but I'm sure that it will be better than it is now......Fingers crossed, eh?