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  1. Last word. My mechanic is clever guy. This time put LUK`s 3 piece kit. So maybe will last longer thank 9 months... All The Best Tomas
  2. Thx again. You are very kind. Nice to know that Toyota`s owners are decent people ;) I hope my case will help somebody in the future. I`ll know next time if car wont drive and you can insert any gear without pressing clutch pedal = BROKEN clutch...
  3. Thanks again for all inputs. Funniest thing is that my mechanic even did not take on account its a clutch..... he said its impossible, slowly changed tune but it took him 2 days... Anyway I guess my junkie scrap yard gear box is ok Gentlemen??? Wont put fancy clutch in a £1k worth car. Within new clutch I have warranty so we will see...
  4. Ok. Mystery has been solved. Its broken clutch disk from valeo.... Impossible people say. Will be replaced under warranty. Last question: Could gearbox damage fancy clutch?
  5. Second hand box and new clutch (expensive one - forgot the brand) been fitted in April 2016, drove no more than 3000 miles... since then. gearbox and clutch disintegrated same time (April 2016)
  6. Great idea, just passed this to mechanic... and pray its only about popping out shaft not ANOTHER gearbox
  7. No, car is ok so far. He will drive it tomorrow for a breakage purpose (if this will happen)
  8. Hi, Thanks for the new inputs. We have this car nearly 6 years and started giving troubles when passed 120k miles. This year got new timing belt, second hand gearbox and new fancy clutch. I think there was no much movement on the shaft when he hit it, it was tiny bit. So far car is driving ok since yesterday. Awaiting for another "breakage" and then can do proper investigation. Thanks for all tips. I`ll keep you informed. Tomas
  9. Went to another garage.... after towing car for around 5 miles left at garage`s car park. Next morning mechanic started the car and.... drove (yes) nice into garage. Said car is ok, clutch pedal been suspended. Took the car home. Drove about 3-4 miles. Stopped it, 1st gear, turn right, drove 5 yards.... pop.... car stops! no gears. Towed it back to garage. He lifted car and we found there is no link between gearbox and left drive shaft. He hit the shaft and all started working again.... but he does not know what's wrong... going to get a box of matches today.... nobody can help.
  10. At this stage I/We suspect pressure plate. Very strange but heard stories about 2 days old clutches at fault.... Would be great if only clutch as its under 12 months warranty....
  11. Donor box 5 speed worked well for around 6 months, brand new clutch :) All happened when car WAS not under load (driving down the hill) if this helps. Clutch seems working ok - no difference before and after breakage... All seem to be as was before except car wont drive. Forget to mention, second time after gears get back I was driving on 1st gear and it "popped off" and that`s it - no more gears. thx for all inputs so far!
  12. Thx, good thinking, what about fact that car was driving for a while after towing (breaking point)?
  13. Hi Everyone, I`m Tomas from Bangor co. Down. We owe lovely TOYOTA AVENSIS T3-X D-4D 5 DOOR 2005. Recently replaced gearbox (second hand) and whole new clutch. Have a problem which my mechanic never seen. Here is the story: One day driving car "I have lost all gears" suddenly Without any noise, nothing unusual happened. Car has been towed back home and I have started fiddling with the gearbox stick and.... all gears "came back", not for long, drove like a mile and they "went off" again.... My mechanic and I were thinking gear cables issue, got replaced and guess what? Yes, still no gears, You can put them on (All of them) but car wont move. The wheels in the gearbox are moving about. New clutch replaced 6 months ago. So it looks like it was not the cables... Will be really grateful for any ideas to solve this mystery. Thanks Tomas