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  1. I've noticed a slight blip in power of my 1.4 d4d corolla. As the turbo is starting to engage, there's a slight blip / drop in power for a split second before the boost kicks in again, there's not a massive drop but it feels like a slight lag for half a second and then boost. What could this be? It's been serviced a few days ago with new oil, oil filter, air filter and diesel filter, the issue still hung around. Is it an egr issue? Is my turbo being choked up for a split second?
  2. My driver's side wing is a bit damaged so I'm swapping out for a good one, will I have to remove to tte side skirt to get at the very bottom of the wing or can the wing come off with no stress to the skirt ?
  3. My front bumper is a bit lopsided and the lights don't sit properly. How many how do I get my front bumper of? I'm also tempted to get a whole new bumper because mine is in a sorry state
  4. Howdy lads and ladies, my name is Kevin, I'm from Cork, Ireland and I drive a green e12 corolla. I'm also on toyota owners club irl as kevEP80 looking forward to seeing Toyotas from at home and abroad on here and sharing advice / listening to advice
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