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  1. Check for leaky injector(s) or high pressure fuel pump.
  2. You can create your own hanger with three large jubilee clips. Wrap around the exhaust and loop the other two and thread through the rubber hanger. I had same problem with a Nissan, it use to hit the road everytime it went over a speed hump.
  3. Interesting, the contact country code +86 is Japan and shipment from China. Remember, Autel UK won't provide support if the product becomes faulty because it's not UK distribution product. Official Autel website https://www.autel.uk/
  4. I originally bought a service kit (oil filter, 5l oil, 4x iridium spark plugs and air filter) from my local Toyota parts dept. It was £65 with 5w-30 oil, however I didn't want to pay the extra for the 0w-20 oil. I sold the 5w-30 oil and bought 0w-20 oil from a Toyota franchise on eBay which I previously bought front brake discs. I'm not sure how much they charge for the oil service kit with 0W-20 oil but at the time it was competitively priced (£80). I supplied the oil & oil filter and got my local Toyota dealer to service the car with supplied invoice and stamped service book. They even washed the car.
  5. Toyota 0W-20 is what I used, £38 for 5 litres. The engine only needs 3.4 litres.
  6. Top mount bearing is your problem - replace them with shocks (struts).
  7. Those calipers look good, shame you didn't replace the discs. There are two screw holes on the disc, screw in evenly two bolts and the disc should pop off the hub without any trouble.
  8. I doubt there are pattern parts for your 2017 Toyota. This only applies to very old cars where insurance company will use second hand parts to reflect the value of the vehicle.
  9. It may require replacing the stop/start control unit which is a known problem.
  10. The 1NR-FE engine has a high thermal efficiency with compression ratio of 11.5:1 !!!! The Toyota 0W-20 grade oil with friction modifiers is designed for this engine. The new TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) engines have even better thermal efficiency with compression ratio of 13:1 and 14:1 for petrol and hybrid engines respectively, this diesel territory! It won't be too long when we see 0W-10 grade oil.
  11. You can supply the service parts and negotiate labour rate. Brake fluid service is £45 inc. This is what I did. Check eBay for genuine Auris service kit and compare prices with local parts department. The kit usually consists of 'free' 5L 5w-30 oil, oil filter, air filter with spark plugs set OR cabin filter. It is better to go for 0W-20 oil which you have to pay little extra. You are looking around £220 with genuine parts (Labour £75, brake service £45, service kit £100).
  12. You need a14mm deep slim socket for the the spark plugs. I've looked at the EGR valve, unfortunately not possible without removing the intake manifold. However, you could try removing the pipe, motor and manually cleaning the EGR valve by pushing the plunger with brake cleaner in entry port (Pic. #2). I haven't done this.
  13. There are two or three versions of CSC, so you need to get the right one.
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