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  1. Recently purchased my 2nd Yaris Hybrid (used approved) and notice 3 of the lower heating lines of the rear window are discoloured in places - gold/brownish colour. Not sure if that's a problem. The rear window of my last Yaris had to be replaced under warranty due to a few of the lines not heating, but I didn't notice any discolouring then. Any tips on how to test it's functioning correctly bearing in mind it's Summer.
  2. exim

    Car On Drive

    Steven Eagell Toyota sent this email out on Friday
  3. I'm not entirely sure, nothing really different to my usual work commute. I might monitor some of the journeys to see if any common pattern arrises.
  4. How expensive? I know somebody who is after a rare-ish vehicle, but it's even rarer with a sunroof.
  5. What are the chances of finding a latest-facelift model pre-April 2017 registered (therefore VED-free) Yaris Hybrid in the UK? I've come across a couple of Excel models, I'm after Icon/Icon Tech
  6. Mine showed as full today - the first time I'd seen it like that in the 2 years I've owned the car, but I don't like having it on that screen all the time so I'm sure it was not the first time ever.
  7. Does anybody else have the issue of this part constantly popping out? I do, both left and right side. I keep having to pop them back in.
  8. exim

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Does the old x-front bi-tone have the same improvements as the new non-x front bi-tone?
  9. ...though the driver demonstrates perfectly how a hybrid is not to be driven.
  10. So I'm after a used car (I wish my budget could stretch to new, but it can't). I know it has to be the Yaris Hybrid - so many plus points. I'm sure some of you guys have experience with both Yaris hybrid generations. Apart from some cosmetic improvements and slight c02 reduction is there actually any difference? I'm looking at the T4 in particular at the moment. The newer generation equivalent would be the Icon? Smoothness? noise? feel etc? Is the 'difference' negligible? would it be worth shelling out extra? I'd like to hear your experiences.