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  1. No, the 7age isnt an engine that Toyota ever built, its just what people call the 7afe + 4age hybrid. This would pass inspection because the engine Block is a 7afe. The techs only look at the identification tag on the Block so this engine would be legal.
  2. 7AGE is a 7AFE with the cylinder head and pistons from a 4AGE
  3. yes but what im looking to do is build a 7age (since it is based on the 7afe block my car would pass inspection if i could find documents that proove the ee11 was sold with this) but i could possibly get the modification aprooved if the wagon and hatchback have the same front ends and all the mounting points are the same for both front and rear suspension. (is the floor different in the awd stationwagon vs the fwd stationwagon?)
  4. hello, i have a 1.3 corolla 2door hatchback that i want to modify, for me to legaly swap it to 1.8 i need to know if it was produced that way from toyota. did toyota produce 1.8 (7afe) 2door hatchbacks? can i find complete suspension parts lists anywhere? also were g6r models built using ee11 body or ae11 body? (need to know for possible disc brake conversion) i live in norway so everything that i want to do to my car requires either TUV aprooved aftermarket parts or stock parts from a car with the same body but higher trim. (this sucks because i would really love to have a awd 3sgte wrc replica but this is impossible within our laws unless someone has built one and gotten it TUV certified)
  5. I am looking to build a sporty little monster out of my e11 hatchback and im looking for TUV aprooved coilovers, i have looked at kW v1 but i would like to adjust stiffnes and rebound so they arent really what im looking for. The best option that i can find is k-sport gt pro coilovers, do any of you have these or have any experience with them?
  6. im looking to add a nice meaty sound to my corolla, id like to do so by adding itbs and a set of unequal length headers. i cant do an engine swap and turboing my car isnt really an option either...
  7. you can measure the injectors resistance with a multimeter, check two of your injectors and compare them, take one good injector and see if it has the same resistance as the cylinder that dosent get fuel. or you could swap an injector that you know is working into the not working cylinder.
  8. Thanks for the tip! The e11 is good first car but i might not keep it, im trying to see if i could get a 1969 Toyota crown (4 door) or a 1983 starlet instead, i want something rwd but im going to have to sell the e11 first because i dont have the deepest pockets :P (My grandma is giving me the E11)
  9. my (soon to be mine*) e11 hatchback has the most horrendous seats known to man, they are really bad and id like to get some more comfortable seats, anything will do as long as it wil be an easy fit and it dosent cost a fortune. i would also like the seats to look like they are stock. (can get them reuppholstered so it dosent matter as long as they arent some wild and crazy bucket seats)
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