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  1. Thanks, went to look at one today which was supposed to be a mint example of an XT4 with full service history and mint interior and exterior. When we turned up the car stunk of smoke and still had !Removed! butts in the ash tray, there was crumbs on the back seats and takeaway wrappers under the rear seats, the front bumper hung lower on the offside than the nearside, the bottom right of the rear door didn't look to fit properly - looks like a trim piece but as it wasn't fitting properly it was scraping the paint of the body when you opened and closed the door, the exhaust pipe between the middle box and the rear box looked heavily corroded. The body had quite a few little minor scratches and marks on it. I realise that most of this is minor but as it was priced as a mint example I felt it was considerably overpriced. Obviously we walked away. To be honest if it hadn't stunk so much I might have made a lower offer but it would have probably been lower than they would have accepted but as it was I didn't want it! With regard to the rear door is there normally a trim piece over the lower right corner of the door? Is it common to be ill fitting? With the scratches the body work is quite exposed, is it just something you get with these? This one was silver and they seemed to show up quite a lot, I hate to think of what it would have looked like on a black one. This was a 4.3 model XT4.
  2. I've not been on here for a good while, but I'm just looking at changing car and would really appreciate some advice on the Rav4. My current car is a 2.0d S40 but I've changed jobs and currently drive 2 miles to work each day and back again. My car isn't used much more than that and I only do between 2000 and 3000 miles per year. We tend to use the wifes car at the weekend as it is bigger and easier to put the kids in. So I'd like to get a petrol car as I don't think the short journeys are good for diesels and most of the newer diesels seem to have the dpfs which are no good for short journeys. I also have a requirement to drive across fields occasionally which are quite flat and any 2wd car is fine in winter but could do with 4wd for winter. I also have a requirement to be able to tow our caravan which is about 1100kg. I need a good amount of space in the car to make it easy to take the kids and the dog in the car - which would in turn make the car get more usage at the weekends etc. I'd like to have leather seats. I also like the factory steps and bullbar - I think they really suit the car. So I've got my eye on a few 2.0 VVTi XT4 Rav4's which seem to have leather seats and the ones in question have the steps and bullbars - they seem to be around £6000 for a 2006 which is around my max budget. Is there any common faults? Anything to look out for on them? One was an Auto - are the autos OK on these or should I stick to manual? Is the equipment OK on these? I take it they play mp3's in some way or another? I hadn't noticed SatNav - not the most important thing as I tend to use my phone but would be nice to have. Are they OK fuel wise? Am I right to go for petrol or would the d4d be a better choice? As I say the idea would be to use this car more at the weekend so during the week it would go back and forward doing rubbish 2 mile journeys - car never warms up, but at the weekends it would do more lengthy journeys but I'd still do no more the 6-7000 miles per year. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the links - very interesting. I much agree with the thoughts on running a bigger car and that it what I have done for the last few years, I've had cheap sporty cars that nobody wants due to costs. I've had a celica, a 4.6 V8 Range Rover, a 2.5 V6 Cougar etc. I currently have a volvo s40 2.0d which came along at a bargain price I couldn't refuse. That car will probably become the family car and I need to get another car. At the moment the wife has a 7 seater. So we would sell the 7 seater - she is keen to have a car which would cost a lot less for insurance and road tax - as a proportion these are both quite expensive per mile with a bigger engined car. Probably bigger than the fuel savings - but in the end up it is all only a few hundred quid saving. Part of my problem is actaully finding a car that we both like.
  4. We noticed an Aygo for sale at the side of the road, it seems very cheap. It looks in good condition but doesn't say the mileage so I presume quite high. It is a 2007 and it is up for £2450 - had a quick nosey around it and all looks fine. If I go and have a look is there anything I should check out or any particular common faults or expensive repairs etc? I'm not sure of trim level but it had 2 airbags and aircon and a CD player with aux in. It also stated it was insurance group 1 and road tax £20. It says it has service history . It only had steel wheels though - to most toyota alloys fit or is it a french fitment with them being the same as the C1/107? Basically the wife thinks our 2nd car should be a cheaper to run car, I currently do about 2000 miles per year and only generally have me in the car so it would probably be me that drives it. I currently have a diesel car which isn't the best for short journeys but a tank of fuel lasts me about 2 months! We'd looked at an Aygo before but thought they were too pricey, but this one seems cheap - is it likely to be too cheap (ie cheap for a reason?!)
  5. sotal

    After A Gen7

    It's been a long time since I had my gen6 Celica and this forum has changed massively since! I can see a few of the old members are still here though. I'm just looking at swapping in one of our cars at the moment always wanted to try the gen7 at some point and they seem so cheap now that it would be rude not to. I'm just a bit fussy so haven't actually found one to suit yet! Its got to be/have: 190bhp Rear spoiler Different alloys (I'd prefer factory alloys but just not the standard ones that came on most) Leather seats Dark Blue, Storm Grey preferred but would also have red or silver. So if anyone sees one to suit please let me know, My actual question is - I'm a bit rusty on these - is there anything to look out for. I remember an issue with lift bolts - I presume this would be sorted by now?? I remember to check that the boot holds itself up, other than that I can't remember much more! Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies - I've never much liked the hassle of bike racks - either roof or tailgate etc. Would much prefer to put the bike in the car. Generally when using the bike the car won't be carrying anything else. I have one child at the moment with plans for another one. We also have 1 Labrador. Is the issue with the tow bar on all models? Ie you can't open the rear door with a towbar on? Do I take it from one of the comments above that the seats are removable in the Rav? The Galaxy we have is a Diesel but it came along at a really good price at the time so was as a cheap as buying a petrol so it was a no brainer - it's been fantastic and the only real reason for wanting to change is we prefer the styling of something like a Rav4. I've always liked 4x4 style cars and have had a Discovery, Range Rover, and I've still got a Series 2a Land Rover. Hi hate having the fear of DMF problems so if the D4D is prone to it, it may well make me avoid - but if the petrol does 30mpg then it's not terrible and for the relatively low mileage we do it may be worth it. Taking into account the current price of fuel, and the miles I do, with an estimate of the petrol doing 30mpg average and the diesel doing 40mpg average then the diesel would only save me £255 per year. Even taking a more pesimistic view and guessing at 25mpg average for the petrol and 40mpg average for the diesel it would still only save about £500 per year to have the diesel. I've been looking at prices of <70k mile 5 doors and there seems to be about £2k difference in price so 4 years of fuel difference at the worst case - so if we did go for one I guess we'd go a 5 door Petrol.
  7. I used to be a celica owner and used to be a regular on here, Whilst driving down the motorway the other day we were discussing cars we'd like as the main family car. We both quite like the Rav4. My wife prefers the smaller 3 door rather than the 5 door, and as she drives the 'family' car the most it will be more her choice. But... I need to keep it practical. We need to be able to tow the caravan, with stuff for a week packed up in the car. I need to be able to fit my mountain bike in the back easily We've currently got a Galaxy and it's been really good with no nasty breakdowns, it has been really reliable. I can put my bike straight in the back with removing the wheels etc, it does 50mpg on a good run and it tows the caravan really well with plenty of room for luggage in the car. How will the Rav4 compare? I presume we're going to need the 5 door to cope with what we need? I'd be looking around 02 to 03 reg. When did any major model changes occur? How well do they do on fuel in the real world? Is it worth the extra for a D4D or is the saving great enough on a petrol to pay for the extra fuel? We only do about 7-8k per year in it. Anything else to think about? Thanks
  8. Don't think it will be an import as the !Removed! didn't do the 1.8 7AFE engine they had the 2.0 3SFE as the base model and the 2.0 3SGE as the GT model. The ST is good for what it is, a fantastic looking sporty car, with a standard engine which provides good mpg but it's pointless to try and boost the power, the cost for power is far too great, you'd be cheaper to run both the one you've got and a GT4 rather than put a GT4 engine in yours. The GT4 is 4wd, you'll be trying to put all that power through the front wheels, next the brakes aren't up to it on the ST, the suspension would also need upgrading. Then you've got to tell your insurance company. If it's looks your after the spoiler fits as do most other parts from the higher models, I don't think the exhausts fit though from memory.
  9. That's fantastic to hear! Can anyone confirm this for a pre 2002 model as I've read there were a few changes round that year and I'll be looking for a 2000/2001 model I think. Cheers
  10. I've found a couple of non-conclusive posts on here - which do state the airbags cannot be turned off. But I still can't find any info on whether you can actually put a forward facing seat in the passenger seat or not? The only official statement I can find is: So basically ask the manufacturer - anybody done this or does anyone actually use a child seat in their MR2?
  11. I'm looking (a bit early) for my next car. It'll probably be after christmas, so I've got plenty of time to research! One of my choices at the moment is the newest style of MR2 which I presume is the roadster? I'd like one with a hardtop for winter, and will be looking at spending £3-£4k so it will be one of the earlier ones. One of my concerns is that I will need to take my daughter 5 minutes up the road 3 times a week. She will be 2, how suitable are the MR2's for carrying little ones? Do car seats fit well? Can you disable the passenger airbag? Any other considerations? She is in a forward facing car seat.
  12. Thanks, good to see most of the same people are still around!
  13. I have a need for something 4x4 ish, I need to be able to drive across our flat field, I need to be able to tow the trailer, I need to be able to carry hay in the back, I need to carry 2 dogs and a child + me and the missus. I live in the countyside so a 4x4 is more useful round here! That big rav4 looks excellent!
  14. The wife has a set, she had about 5 cheapy sets before cause I said the GHD's were too expensive but she wasn't happy till she got the GHD's since then she's never asked for another set!
  15. ??? ??? Sorry I'm lost what's wrong with owning a RAV-4??
  16. Nothing wrong with this fine establishment! I have found this site to have been one of the most useful sites on the internet, it's part of the inspiration behind this, it's just a totally different car!
  17. Thanks for the tips. The one I am looking at setting up is for a certain model. Currently there is no owners club for just that model but there is one for that model plus a few others. I already have domain names etc for it but don't want to be sued by the other one (which is run for commercial gain). Getting members will be the fun / difficult part but it's worth a shot! Any other experiences would be really good! Thanks again! P.S After a couple of years without a Toyota I'm now finally looking at coming back, the new shape (well 2001ish) RAV-4's have dropped so much in price, I can't resist getting one!
  18. So if I bought www.thetoyotaownersclub.com and set up a toyotaownersclub copy site nobody would mind?? (that's not what I'm going to do!) And what about insurance companies who give discounts if you are a member of a owners club, how do you get recognised by them?
  19. Sorry not been about for a while but I have a quick question.. How do you officially make an owners club for a specific type/make of car? Who lets you? Is there any official body? Thanks in advance
  20. One that sticks in my memory was on a TV program of funniest Headlines, and it was: "Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?"
  21. According to Autodata they are non-interference, so should be OK but don't rely on that
  22. Does that mean your wife is 11 and weighs a couple of tonnes?
  23. sotal


    Sort of - Firstly mine never did it again (it had done it for a couple of months - then if you read my posts I posted that it hadn't happened again - well it never happened again. So I kind of sorted it - just don't know what I did! And I made sure I'd never get the problem again by selling the vehicle 6 months ago! Seriously trying to think of anything I did which may have fixed it: Battery Died when I went on holiday - came back to a more than flat battery - which may have reset something Cleaned Air Filter - never got round to getting a new one I also cleaned the throttle butterfly at some point which may have helped. Can't think of anything else which I did that would be related but I can confirm it never did it again
  24. No problem - glad it helped some people out B)
  25. A friend of mine has had a Big Land Cruiser 07 reg as a courtesy car whilst his car was being mended. It's got the Satnav Headunit in but it's not folding up properly. Initially he pressed the open button, the screen folded down, he put a CD in and it closed back up again, played the CD fine etc, but then when he came to open it again to get the CD out the screen got stuck half way down, after a bit of playing with it (and forcing it a bit) he managed to get it low enough and the CD came out. but now the screen doesn't shut properly at the top. Is there any way to fix it as the hire company are picking it up today!
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