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  1. Thanks Ian! That's great - i dont need to worry about this at all then.
  2. Hi guys I have another query - i see that 2003 rav 4s have been plagued with transmission problems. Is this only relevant on automatics or does this also affect manuals? It seems 2004 models are less problematic, although Grumpy Stumpy's 2004 also had this issue. Grumpy Stumpy, was this an ECU issue? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks so much for this - all these answers are really helpful. Great pointer about checking the 5th gear - and also great to know that about mileage. :-)
  4. Thanks! Do you think the mileage difference is not relevant then?
  5. Hello everyone I'm a complete newbie looking to buy a Rav 4 and am looking for some advice. There is a 2003 with 71000 miles and a 2004 with 95000. I read that the 2003 models often have transmission problems. Can you please take a look at these two cars and give me any advice or pointers, please? I'm not sure whether concerns over the transmission should outweigh the extra 23k miles.....??? http://www.vistamotors.co.uk/used-cars/toyota-rav4-2-0-vvt-i-xt3-3dr-hounslow-201611240062493?at_source=autotrader&at_medium=desktop&at_campaign=website-visit http://www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/used-cars-for-sale/toyota/rav4/toyota-rav4-4-1.8-nv-3dr-air-conditioning-alloys-19337755 Thank you so much!
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