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  1. So I had the lower arm replaced, offside due to MOT failure, corrosion. I had the rear shoes replaced as the handbrake failed. Theyre connected to the discs so those are new aswell as part of it. about 10 minutes into my journey the traction control OFF slight comes on (VSC/TRC light) Its going back to the garage but what could it be?
  2. So I put my reg into eurocarparts and it gives me two versions: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Avensis_2.0_2004/p/car-parts/filters/engine-parts/fuel-filters/?503820018&1&84033373fe2f77c4af4f6af6d32787949e71f34e&000140 and http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Avensis_2.0_2004/p/car-parts/filters/engine-parts/fuel-filters/?503820338&1&24de63f51f1ec0e1e9e7feeb4118adbdc5368b17&000140 which one do I need? its a 53 plate 2.0 d4d avensis Cheers
  3. So i had the aircon regassed the other day and it was ok, really cold. However now the real weather has hit, 30 degrees, the aircon isnt really working/coping Its cold on the passenger side but the drivers is cool-ISH air Is this normal? have i had a duff regass? or isnt it great for aircon? can only imagine it will be an expensive repair
  4. no excess smoke no. Runs really fine just low power at low revs ie. i did a three point turn and it stalled on crap fuel I can tpull away quickly from junctions/roundabouts, but have to wait for the turbo to kick in
  5. So, I thought it just hated non premium fuel but it looks like after a tank of shell V-power the fuel was either rubbish or ive got a bigger issue I filled up with v-power at waitrose, which ive never done, which actually only had one pump to get it from, making me think turnover is poor. I had 200 miles of poor driving, reving to leave roundabouts etc. I thought Id been fed normal shell by mistake, had to check my receipts. No stalling this time like i get on supermarket fuel but not great either. You have to basically let the revs rise to 3000 or you get nothing, ver lo
  6. Interested to see what feedback this gets I use shell optimax/nitro+ as it returns a quieter engine and no smoke However they changed the formula and im getting more smoke on hard acceleration - on supermarket, regular the car is dead under 2500rpm and dangerous so stick to bp ultimat or v-power.
  7. So I think the rear lights are terrible Do i tint them, put a film on them? buy replacement clear ones? (is that even possible?) Any other ideas? Bright red on a silver car looks naff
  8. So I de-badged mine over the weekend just to tidy it up.. got me thinking, has anyone some good intetrnational links for items for the avensis? !Removed! must have modded one of the most popular Toyota saloons going? Not after wild bodykits but subtle trim, grills, lights, tuning parts - even though mines the diesel the rest is the same as others in the range - cant find anything but lowerig springs and k&n filter
  9. instead of banning us from using them they should but the pressure on manufacturers. So, from today, anything new needs to be hybrid/electric and affordable
  10. So the low end torque issue is back. I was using, as a test, regular diesel and its sufficient to say it makes a difference if I do (in a bad way!) Im now on a full tank of BP ultimate as shell was closed for the vpower In the past ive run the full 15 quids worth (double dose) miller ecomax treatment aditive for about 300 litres or so and then it felt lively and churpy on shellvpower Ive been told about BG244 one hit treatment - anyone used it? Ideally id like to use this then continue with V-power to keep it clean But Id like to know if anyones use
  11. Is that a bad thing? The MG ZT had a BMW engine and it was the 'good one'..... the rest is put together by Toyota I always thought the d-4d was the weak point anyway - from a performance poitn of view it lacks...well anything and has now low end torque diesels i renowned for.
  12. So I thought I come a cropper today as my bags, phone and work pass were stuck in the car I could lock it with the keyfob but not unlock it luckily it works via the key manually and didnt set off the alarm, but what is it? I dont have a spare key battery? or worse?
  13. So I want to fit my DAB radio, and need to run the arial up the left pillar. How does it come off? Prize off gently? Airbags in there
  14. Volvo does this. I take it out of drive at the lights Its just the torque converter pressure
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