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  1. I think Mike is right. They are just aids but the problem is does anyone want to get into a fight with their insurance over it in the event of an incident? The other thing is even if autoglass are trained and have the equipment to recalibrate them I am confident they would just be restoring it. To the original factory settings not the ammended ones. They wouldn't have aclue how to deal with the dfaulty sustem and they should not really be expected. Is it really fair that a customer should be paying to have modificatins mamaded because the system is faulty as it was purchased? What ofmthis happejs again? Why should I be paying more that any other normal person would?
  2. When the windscreen first cracked I had to take the car to their centre as like you guys mentioned they needed specialist equipment to calibrate the sensors. Unfortunately I got there only to be told they didn't have the right windscreen for the vehicle and they needed to order it which could have taken 3-4 weeks and they could not give me an appointment until they got it in. So I rang my insurer and said that I don't want to wait and I asked if I can get it done with toyota instead. They said that was fine, I would still only have to pay my excess fee they would reimburse any difference . So I contacted toyota. Toyota uses someone like autoglass to get the screen replaced, which would not be done at toyota but roadside at my home or at work and then they would get the car in to do the calibration. That means from the windscreen being changed until the calibrations being done there will be a period where the sensors are not working. Knowing my work schedule it could take a week or more before I can take the car as I can’t leave work easily.. One of the reason autoglass is insisting on doing the calibration is because they don’t want any responsibility in the event of an accident which toyota has not thought about. There is a question whether my insurance will be valid if I drive my car without the sensors working. In my mind we should be able to see straightaway if the calibration is not right as I would expect to get all the warnings that I have been getting throughout the winter. If these don’t occur until the winter then I would expect it to be because of the original fault and not autoglass. I can’t help but feel that toyota will seize any opportunity to charge me for the sensors or throw any blame for the problem returning in the future on me even though I clearly have a faulty system. I asked them if there are any new updates or remedial work that needs to be done since the lat time they worked on the car and they said there is none. I am confident they never installed the heating element hence my sensors were not working in the winter. I don’t know what to do really.. damn chip!
  3. Sorry this is not direclty related to the safety sensor fault.. My insurer directed me to autoglass where they said they will replace my windscreen and recalibrate my sensors. I contacted Toyota and they said that no one else is allowed to calibrate the sensors apart from their own technicians (for a fee of course). I don't want to pay double if I don't have to and to be honest the only reason I am not getting any warnings now is because the weather is warm. Once the winter comesI would bet touota will try to blame any problems to not having the sensors calibrcalibrated by them. Can they invalidate my warranty when it comes the the senors?
  4. Yeah, Will thecsensors need to be adjusted afterwards? Not syre if they will be affected..
  5. I think I found a chip.. excellent, jut what I needed 😩
  6. Ummm not aure what happened here and whther I need to address this with my insurance or toyota directly but my windscreen cracked out of the blue. It was oarked outside work all day and did not get hit by any stones as far as I can recall.... It just cracked from one corner nearly to the middle of the windscreen..
  7. Thanks I'll give it a try and see.. It's one of these things I thought I'll eventually get used to it but hadn't realised how much it actually bothered me. Until I drove my old car for a month while back in Cyprus 😳
  8. Thanks, I'll check and prob ask them on it's next service that should be coming up soon..
  9. A bit irrelevant but is there a way to disable the function that makes the car swich off when you stop. Does it actually save energy or fuel? Queuing is very annoying..
  10. I know here in the UK people tend to hold on to cars for 10 years maximum normally but in Cyprus people don't change their cars often. The buy more cars as the family gets bigger. My father initiallly had a Toyota Starlet which he kept for nearly 35 years before getting rid of it, he bought a corolla approximately 15 years ago which he still has, I sent him my 8 year old auris and I have the new auris. I mean things start to get squeaky and there are cars with better technology coming out but never had to do any major stuff to the cars so far. we had other non Toyota cars as we are a big family. We used to have a Pajero which we don't have anymore. We have an 10 year old Ford Focus that is still working fine despite my brother crashing it last year and having to replace nearly everything on it. The insurance marked it as total loss - my father ordered the parts from abroad and fixed it because he didn't want to spend on a new car. If I were Toyota I would independently test any system that I decide to put on my cars as at the end of the day, Toyota is the one that is going to be held responsible for any problems and financially impacted if they have to replace or repair parts or cars for unhappy customers or if people decide to buy something more reliable. It was a poor decision on their part and people do expect safer cars now, I bought my car expecting my systems to work. I paid extra for it. It is mostly disabled for nearly 4-5 months a year.. What I am trying to say is that i didn't think twice when I bought my car, I went straight to Toyota. I won't make that mistake in the future. I was planning to buy in 2-3 years the C-HR but will be probably looking at the nissan qashqai or something..
  11. I had the "dark road no TSS" issues but I mostly travel on motorways now and was still getting it up to a few weeks ago so not really sure if it's just the temperature or a combination of other factors. Having said that if the sensors can't see at night shouldn't it be something Toyota should have tested out thoroughly before rolling it out? I bought my car myself, not for a company to drive for a few years and then exchange. I bought it for life and expect to keep it for the next 20 years so you can appreciate it has more impact to me that others perhaps. If it isn't fixed, whatever the issue thar's causing it what am I meant to do? Spend another £20000+ and buy another one? I don't have that money to spare. I personally don't trust Toyota anymore, I didn't even think of going to other car makers and look at other cars, I gave my father my 2008 auris that I bought used and bought the brand new model with the safety sense. They never mentioned any limitations and they fobbed me off for months at the begining. Can you believe it when I first took it in a few weeks after I bought it they made me wait for apprx 3 months while they waited for toyota to "get back to them about this mysterious issue that a small fraction of cars seemed to have develop"? Had I known I wouldn't have spent the money and just kept my old car..
  12. Once on the motorway several months back, there was quite heavy traffic so even the fast lane was packed. We weren't really keeping good distances between us but we were still doing 70ish.. Suddently the car in front of me slammed the breaks really hard. Now it happened really fast but my car breaked before I even thought of slamming the breaks and my hazard lights went off.. Having said that my dealer seemed more surprised it worked than I was 😳
  13. Have the same problem with the driver's reading light. I'm planning to take the car in for the update on the tss system that people have mentioned on the forum but it's hard to make the time during working hours..
  14. Whatever makes you happy 😊
  15. Lol I didn't claim it was a safety issue just a malfunctioning camera system on normal weather conditions that ****** off that couple enough to put a sticker on the car.