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  1. A bit of advice needed, was washing my 2014 corrolla, its Barcelona red , when powerwashing the bumpers notice a bit of clear coat chipped off beside a stone chip , around 1cm in diameter of clear coat. Question is , is it possible that it chipped off because it was beside a stone chip, or is it a common problem with the red corrolla? I have touched it up with a touch up clear coat so its hard to see it , just afraid it starts to spread .
  2. All day today the radio keeps rebooting back to the toyota sign and switching off , it happened 5 times today on an hour long drive . Any ideas ? Thanks
  3. Hi all again I'm having a new issue today , all day today the radio keeps rebooting back to the toyota sign and switching off , it happened 5 times today on an hour long drive . Any ideas ?
  4. Hi all I have a 2014 toyota corolla Luna, it has a touchscreen radio , a toyota touch go . Everytime I turn on the rear window heater to clear the rear window it interferes with the radio reception, causing so much static that I can't hear the radio , is this common and does anybody have a fix ?? Thanks
  5. Hi All I recently purchased a 2014 Corolla , it has a touchscreen radio , in the last few days I have noticed the screen keeps freezing and I have to hold down the power button to reset it . It also has a problem when making a phone call , its says connecting call on the screen but the bluetooth does not connect with my phone so even though the call is made through the system the call sound is only on my phone , I have to manually press the bluetooth button on my phone and select toyota touch while making the call in order for it to work through the radio system . Just wondering does anybody else on here have this problem with the unit freezing and call problems. I have seen on the web that it seems to be a big issue , is there a recall on this or has somebody got a fix , as the car was bought privately and I dont have a warranty on it and if the unit needs replacing it will be expensive . Thanks in advance
  6. This is my 2009 T27 after a bit of a mini valet
  7. Hi Mooly No that's 40000 miles in total , we have done 10000 of those . We are getting the clutch done as I type and to be fair the garage have agreed to cover half the cost as we have been dealing with them for a good few years . So it should come in at €400 approx. Thanks
  8. Hi All Just wondering has anybody had any luck getting their clutch replaced under warranty . We had a 2015 Toyota corrolla with 40000miles on the clock , we bought it only 5 months ago at a main dealership , we have put only 10000 miles since we bought it . We were told today that the clutch has gone and they won't cover it under our 1 year warranty as it's down to wear . They want €800 to replace the clutch . My question is has anybody had luck getting a replacement under warranty ? I think it's a disgrace that the garage won't stand over it considering we only have it 5 months and have only done 10000miles in it . Also is it normal for a clutch to go after such low milage ? Thanks
  9. Hi konrad Thanks for your reply , ya it's due a service in a couple of weeks so will get it checked then . It doesn't sound to bad when it cleared by itself and it has not come back since . I think the puddles did not help it like you said . Thank God it's gone as I had nightmares of an actuator problem , the dreaded bill all avensis owners have !! Cheers again
  10. Hi All Had a message appear on my dash over Christmas , I have a 2009 t27 avensis . I started the car one morning and the minute I left go the electronic parking brake a message came on the dash saying ' parking brake overheating' , It only flashed up for 2 or 3 seconds and went off again and the car drove perfectly . I checked the car after driving and none of the wheels were hot or there was no smell of burning , so there was no sign of overheating . It drove perfectly for the rest of the day without the message showing again . The same message appeared the following morning but disappeared again . It only happened these 2 times and I have driven the car for the past week and a half and it has not appeared again . My question is has anybody seen that message before and what is causing it ? As it is completely gone and the car is driving perfectly . The only thing I can think of is there was alot of rain around that time with alot of floods on the country roads , could water have damaged some sensor or could the water cause excess rust on the discs thus causing the pads to stick and when the car is driven the rust clears and the message does not return??? I would be interested to hear any ideas or solutions as I have never seen this message before . Thanks
  11. Hi All Can anybody recommend good dipped neam bulbs H11 , I'm driving country roads and find it very dark with the bulbs that I have . I find the white light better as opposed to the yellowish light. I'm looking foe something reasonably priced with a good strong white light . Thanks J
  12. Thanks Frosty It's a strange one , will mention it at the next service . No need to update my profile as it's not my car , it's my wife car . And don't know if I can register 2 cars under my profile . Thanks again .
  13. Hi All We have a 2015 Toyota corrolla diesel , yesterday while out driving the check tyre pressure light lit up on the dash . It was a very warm day, approx 30 deg c , and we had been driving for approx an hour , I checked the tyre pressure on each wheel and they were all fine 33 pounds pressure , would it be possible for very hot weather to cause the sensor on the wheel to give a false alarm ?? Thanks
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