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  1. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    no your alright
  2. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    good outcome 😃 glad its ok
  3. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    what was the verdict about the oil leak then mrpj, did they find anything?
  4. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    when i go in the other customers are usually foreign or old people so it might go on a lot, they certainly wont be getting any more of my business
  5. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    thanks, i will prob pop in from time to time i just felt they were taking my money for service and not holding up their end of the bargain for warranty work. the mechanic apparently didnt need to hear the noise with me in the morning (it was noted down by the woman i spoke to) and then low and behold they cannot hear it two days later. they said they took it for a test drive and wow the mileage was the same from two days ago, who would have thought. they cant even do tracking right on a car, only adjusting one track rod as that is the only one with spanner marks on and having my steering wheel off centre to the left, even having the before and after figures on the tracking printout the exact same and when i went back they "did it again" with some made up numbers as it was just the same and they blamed it on either a bent lower control arm or bent strut, total useless mechanics rrg altrincham, and now the sales team wont be getting a sale for a new yaris when it comes out later in the year. they are all shiny showroom and no substance behind the scenes
  6. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    well its back, wash and airbag done said they drove it but same mileage was on it, they wont do it, they say they tested it and cannot find anything wrong so there you go. good job i just put a deposit down on a honda jazz today hopefully collecting on sat, test drove it last sat as i knew they would drag their heels moved up to an 18 plate jazz s (7 months old) current facelift shape with a couple of thousand miles from a 66 plate yaris icon, i did like my other jazz and civic in the past and the cost to change was not too bad at all well mrpj i really hope they get your seal leak fixed on friday as you seem to have a much better dealer than me and thanks again for your help last year doing the chain video
  7. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    well the car is in for the chain noise, the mechanic apparently didnt need me to demonstrate the noise (it was booked in for noise to be demonstrated as it only comes in after a few mins), he just better not run it for a min and switch it off and say nothing wrong after two days in the shop oh yes and the service manager said the drivers airbag will be replaced for the recall if anyone is interested
  8. he sounds a right pain, i have some surface rust already on my front lower control arms and at the bottom of my front struts and that is on a 66 plate, not the best quality bottom edge of the door is not structural and shouldnt even be put as advisory
  9. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    the thing is they prob wont do anything as yours is in on a friday, you would prob have to get it booked in for a couple of days mine is in on the monday but they might go back to being deaf like the last few times before they did the job, its a £1100 timing chain job job on mine so i think they will try to wriggle out of the job (8 hours labour, £300 parts and VAT), as this is the same job as they did last year toyota might not pay for it again even though it lasted for over 6000 miles and over 10 months before the noise returned. not sure about the policy toyota use, i have heard they get back all the parts money but only two thirds of the labour bill good luck to you too
  10. monkeydave

    Oil leak.

    sorry to hear that about your leak mrpj and thank you for making my mind up fully about getting a honda jazz now after all my problems too as mine is going in 4th march for same noise on timing chain as last year (which i hope they fix and not ***** me about like last time) hope they fix your leak and thank you for your help sending me the video on your engine noise last year too they dont seem to be very good at service really, they even messed up wheel tracking when one of my tyres had outer edge wear and now my steering wheel is lower on the left and the before and after on the tracking printout was exactly the same numbers ..... took it back and they said possible lower control arm or strut bent £300 to £400 to fix, what a crock, the steering wheel was straight before it went in and i looked underneath when i got home and there was only spanner scratch marks on the passenger side and nothing on the drivers side so i really think you pay full money and get trainee workmanship so if they fix it i will keep mine till 69 plates in sept and if they dont i will just get a 19 plate jazz next week even though they are local i cannot put up with this shoddy workmanship and even rust on the tailgate, for once i want a japanese car built in japan and not france all the best with your problems mrpj sorry i cant help you out this time as you helped me
  11. monkeydave

    Power loss

    thanks for the explanation, i take it the replacement 1.5 that is in the current yaris is a direct injection too ? also how many miles on average will it last before the carbon will effect the engine in normal use ?
  12. monkeydave

    Power loss

    thanks, so the carbon buildup you get behind the intake valves should go if you go on the motorway a lot or will it just build up as cleaner would never reach it ?
  13. monkeydave

    Power loss

    is the 1.33 a direct injection engine?
  14. thanks for your explanation, its certainly something to consider
  15. thanks for your reply no me either, they would look at me with their usual blank look