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  1. monkeydave

    auto full beam dash light comes on

    just looked in the owners manual and it says yellow light fault in the system see garage imediately, what a delight yet another trip to the dealers when i can find time prob not for a good few weeks my main concern is that i dont want to get stranded without normal headlights i hope it doesnt effect the normal operation of those
  2. monkeydave

    auto full beam dash light comes on

    on the way home tonight my auto full beam dash light comes on after a min of driving without me touching it and the tss light is flashing too,and i cant switch the dash light off, it still works but i have never seen it on the dash before unless i am using it anyone else experienced this ? i have had to tss light flash before when it is snowing or heavy rain but never the auto high beam light
  3. monkeydave


    hammerite underbody seal is really good, once set it is like candle wax (not as hard) and doesnt run off ive had lots of luck with it over the years it does dry pretty hard and is not sticky when fully dry and wont come off when you touch it after a day or so you cant paint over it so it will be the final coat you apply and leaves a black finish
  4. with the a/c off the fan wont turn on until the engine gets hotter than operating temp if stuck in traffic etc otherwise it doesnt come on with a/c on the fan should start immediately and then cycle on and off 3 or 4 times per min but even with the a/c fan cycling if it gets too hot it will come on permanently and sometimes at a higher speed (but usually in the summertime in very heavy traffic)
  5. monkeydave

    Reverse Camera - Water Ingress

    the camera still works ok so i doubt they will do anything as they are £400+ (a laughable amount for a camera) ill just keep my eye on it as i still have 3 years warranty left i just hope the rest doesn't come out when i wash it again or it gets damaged by water getting inside
  6. monkeydave

    Reverse Camera - Water Ingress

    im not having any condensation in my camera, but when washing the car today (hosepipe with brush in the end, not pressure washer) i did notice that there was a rubber seal that seems to have come out from around the bottom, i removed it i just hope that water doesnt get into the electronics, the lens is still sealed, it is from the outer gap around the lens. the camera has always worked fine and if a wash made this seal fall out it must have been broken for a while and nothing has happened when driving in the rain mine is a 2016 yaris not a auris
  7. monkeydave

    are there no manuals left?

    i hope when the new model arrives the manual will be back
  8. monkeydave

    are there no manuals left?

    well that sucks
  9. monkeydave

    are there no manuals left?

    just been on the RRG and toyota official uk websites just for a nosey on prices and i cannot select an icon yaris manual it always defaults to a icon hybrid only for nearly £18k not the £16k of a normal icon. have they stopped selling manual non hybrids on the quiet? cheers
  10. monkeydave

    Part behind bumper hanging

    the clips look like they are still attached in the picture, just unclip the middle and then insert into the hole and push the centre back in to secure
  11. monkeydave

    2nd service "extras"

    good to know , thanks
  12. monkeydave

    2nd service "extras"

    so on every service they ask if you want fuel treatement and on the major service they ask if you want a/c treatment which i always say no too my questions is if i get a fault with the a/c compressor in the future will they not cover it under the warranty because i didnt pay the "extra" on top of the £295? i mean they didnt even change the brake fluid as it is perfect clean and no pad wear, but it is part of the service and they put it down as using it on the service, but as i marked it it is still as the full mark with no one touching it, same with the screen wash and battery in the fob. they did change the pollen filter though as i checked and the old one was grubby basically to me the service is an oil change and a stamp for trade in value at a later date and not much else.
  13. monkeydave

    water pump pink gunk

    2nd service been done and pump replaced foc, mechanic said he could see leak on the video they send you but it was pink gunk that had dried still feel a lot better having a new water pump on though with a new gasket and no black sealant around it, you dont use any sealant with a metal gasket
  14. The trouble is where the rust is you cant get to it unless you remove the camera as the gap is too small even for a paint brush and on darker colours you will need a torch to see it properly actually inside the rear trim around the camera. Its easy to see the rust underneath the camera but check inside too.
  15. monkeydave

    mirror indicator removal