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  1. Can anybody supply a diagram of the pin connections for the Touch system. pn 86140-52010. Decided to change the head unit and need to know how to connect the new system. Thanks. This is just the touch, not the touch and go or touch 2.
  2. Given the cost from Toyota of updating the basic touch system from my 2011 Verso S, it seems a better option would be to replace the whole unit with one a new one. The modern double din units can include Satnav as well as a host of new modern apps. So my question is has anybody done it and what problems did you encounter? Did you manage to retain the existing functions such as steering wheel controls and reverse camera? Or indeed any other problems fitting in with the facia trim etc? Further to that, does anybody know if my car touch system uses the 20 or 28 way plug for the steering wheel control input to the back of the Touch unit? Thanks