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  1. Don’t like replying to old, very old postings but is the reg still available.


  2. For new model RAV 4 owners really I guess. I have the registration mark R4 VVT available for sale. I bought it from the DVLA for £250 to go alongside M2 VVT on my MR2 Roadster. Sadly I had to change plans regarding the RAV 4 so have the registration, on retention, available. Available at purchase price £250. I will complete all the paperwork and post off to the DVLA for transfer. This number has not been assigned to a vehicle before. If interested please mail me hottriathlete@hotmail.com or call 0118 375 3505 (W) 0118 901 7563 (H). (Reading Area). Graham Perkins
  3. I have a great RAV 4 registration for sale: R4 VVT Treat your RAV (or other half) for Christmas. The plate has never been issued before and is on retention. I only want 325 pounds. This includes the assignment fee, transfer fee, and all the paperwork and postage by me to get everything in your name. Please mail by return or call 0118 9017563 (Reading area) if you are interested. Graham Perkins
  4. R4 VVT Cherished Reg for RAV 4 owners. On certificate, never issued before. Price includes £80 assignment fee and £25 change of nominee. Call Graham on 0118 9017563 or e-mail hottriathlete@hotmail.com
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