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  1. Hi I'm looking for an exhaust system as mine is blowing and sounding like a V8 engine. Its a avensis estate 2.0lt 148bhp year 2000. Anyone any ideas who might have in stock or a place to search. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi I have a 2000 avensis petrol estate my cigarette lighter has stopped working and I want to check the fuse the one by steering wheel seems ok but when I searched it said the one behind glove box any idea how to remove box and check fuses
  3. Hi guys could you recommend a site that sell good second hand parts as I need new washer jet nozzles and was quoted £100 thought it was a bit high. I also need a new scuttle panel. Its for a Toyota Avensis 2000 2lt auto estate thanks
  4. Locking all works when ignition off and car locked still happens. When I put hazards on its fine when indicating other side still flashes slowly and dim. Battery was dead put fresh on worked fine nothing happened then 24hrs later looked out window and started flashing and won't stop unless I pull fuse or battery
  5. Forgot to mention this happens even when car is locked and no key in ignition battery is fully charged and no problem starting car any idea where relay is save me searching thanks
  6. Hi I have e a 2000 avensis estate its been sitting a while i started yesterday ran perfectly. today though my hazards are blinking none stop without been turned on when I indicate the otherside still blinking but slower hazards are OK checked fuses seems OK any ideas guys
  7. Thank you I try sort out tomorrow
  8. Headlight pattern all over the place even on low setting strands of light are high any ideas on how to fix thanks
  9. I noticed the seals around my Windows are worn and need replacing anybody a clue roughly it will cost to get fixed the ks
  10. Thank you I give it a try over weekend
  11. Does my radio have a code and does anyone know where to find it as need to replace battery thanks
  12. Hi I have a 2000 2.0 d4 avensis estate my front washer pump not working anyone know own if it's a 2 or 4 pin pump please 

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