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  1. Thanks for all your advice is really is appreciated, the car most probably has always done it I just haven’t noticed it before and now can’t unhear it lol.
  2. Had an air con service and on the test no leaks were found so that is all ok but I still have a loud buzzing which I need to get investigated, now is this just me or is that buzzing normal. I have owned the car for 6 years now and can’t say I’ve noticed this before so obviously I don’t want to be wasting anyones time. As a footnote the white powder has now stopped totally so that is all good.
  3. Thanks, as I’ve said in this post it is booked in with my local dealer on Friday so I will mention the problem and see how things progress.
  4. My 2014 auris hybrid has just started with the white powder out of the dash vents, does anyone know if the is covered by the relax warranty
  5. Oh dear, I hope it’s none of them.
  6. Thanks for all your help hopefully the air on service sorts all my problems out. The reason I asked about airflow is since I put my new cabin filter in I get lots of white bits floating out of the vents so I most probably put it in the wrong way around.
  7. I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear, when changing the cabin filter my new one indicates which way it should go referencing airflow with an arrow pointing the direction of the airflow but my old one has no indication so I’m not sure of which way round to put it in. thanks for your replies.
  8. Thanks for the reply, it’s booked in Friday for an air con service so hopefully it will sort things out. I’m hoping there is no damage, out of interest which way is the airflow for the cabin filter in layman’s terms does it flow up to down or down to up.
  9. I hope these short videos help I didn’t make them longer as I don’t know the file size limit IMG_0648.MOV IMG_0647.MOV
  10. Just as a note, the air on is still cold and when I said I turn the air con off the fan stops spinning I mean the one under the bonnet my blower continues to work fine just no aircon.
  11. Hi, when my ac is on I get quite a loud buzzing noise from the fan near the radiator on the front of the car, if I turn the ac off but leave th blower on the fan stops spinning and the buzzing noise goes away. As the buzzing is quite loud and fairly recent I don’t know if it’s covered by the relax warranty, my car is the 2014 model.
  12. So I’m not on my own with this problem then, I have tried using force but it creates movement on my centre console. My car was serviced today and I forgot to mention it, I did think of just breaking it into small pieces and taking it out bit by bit.
  13. That’s the selector not the gearbox, it has a cvt which is not a gearbox in the conventional sense.
  14. Thank you, this seems to work except I didn't need to do the RC2 USB bit as it said downgrading not allowed. iPhone is working fine now and it does not say its in repair mode so all seems fine.
  15. The second picture shows that the car has only been running for 4 minutes which is not enough time to get max efficiency. The last picture shows the average mpg achieved since the update button was pressed on the main screen. My hybrid battery very very rarely reaches full and it has to be on a long downhill drive and this is quite normal.
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