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  1. 2 x Michelin 215/45 R17 'CrossClimate' Radial X part-used tyres for sale. Purchased March 2018 (£264) only used during snowy, icey freezing conditions; approx 4,500 miles. Stored in cool dry conditions. Used on Toyota Prius Spirit, front drive wheels only. £150 for the pair. Based in West Kent, England, UK Thanks.
  2. I am selling my 2011 Prius, which has been maintained by Toyota only; serviced every 10K. It has driven 158,250 miles, had 2 owners (not including the Waterloo Toyota Dealership, Snows which I purchased it from nearly 3 years ago). Vermillion Red (metallic), Full Service History, excellent condition.. Currently advertised on eBay and AutoTrader. Reg: HN11 XPU Taxed until 01/03/2020 MOT'd until 06/08/2020e I'm asking £5,500
  3. Thanks Guys, much appreciated. Keith, I do like that idea of the 3D Printer to produce the 'Grab Grip'. Can I leave that with you for a respectable fee please? Only kidding, but that's a great idea. So, am I right in assuming you own the self same Gen IV I refer to? Regards Chris Lynch (Prius Man)
  4. Yes I know it's another minor matter, but I'm on my second Prius (Gen 2 > Gen3) and blissfully happy etc. However, there is at least 1 issue carried forward from Gen2 which continues to annoy me, that of the tricky to grip and slightly fragile 'Curtain' masking the Boot compartment. I use the Boot quite often and I always find the Curtain a challenge, it can be slippy if you've damp hands, just a tricky thing to grab. When I first acquired this Gen 3 Prius the entire leading edge of the Curtain was split open; glueing job required. Coming to my point, which is, on the new Prius Gen IV they have fitted a neat handle with three slim bolts retaining it. The only problem is that apparently you have to purchase the entire 'Curtain' to obtain the 'Grip Handle' which I'm confident would, with some persuasion, fit the Gen 2 & 3, but the Curtain wouldn't. Anyone know if it would be possible to wangle just the 'Grip Handle'? Otherwise I'll have to fashion one from wood; opportunity for a niche business perhaps? Please let me know. Also, does anyone know if there's a paint code for the silver alloy wheels on the Spirit Gen3 thanks? Many thanks. Regards CHris Lynch (Prius Man)
  5. Yes I know it's a minor, minor point but yesterday when I tried to 'Sign in' I realised, mainly due to the lengthy period since last using this Forum, I'd forgotten my details. So, I decided to use 'Contact Us' and everything was fine until the last section when inputting the magic letters e.g GhJl etc. Nothing would work, I tried capitals, lowercase, spaces, then after 10-15 times I gave up and went back to square 1. Eventually I found a way in. So, what the hell is up with that 'Vetification Routine'? Regards Prius Man.
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