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  1. So update DPF is clogged and needs clearing out or replacing in the middle of removing it from the car to try cleaning it
  2. daboosa


    Plooms of smoke out the back but I’ve since found this again so in the middle of replacing the DPF
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if any one has had a Terraclean treatment on thier SR180 and if so what do they think? D
  4. There’s is an evident difference between the regens and the problem your right there is certain amount of which is attributed to the cold weather but this is a lot worst but not as bad as a regen. I only use BP fuel contemplating only using premium as I used premium last few tanks and things have got slightly better (nothing massive) also noticed performance improvements. My driving is mixed there’s a lot of tractors round here and no dual carriage ways so I get a good run every few days otherwise it can get a little slow. when I say it only happens when it’s cold 10c+ the smoke is gone not even a puff Different car but same engine and smoke issue. This person ended up handing car back to place they brought it from.
  5. Toyota have a technical service bulletin ref EG-0004T-0110-EN that seems to cover this: White smoke from exhaust, DPNR only. Models: RAV4, Avensis, Auris, Corolla Verso Model codes: ALA30, ADT251, AUR10, ADE157 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may explain about white smoke from the exhaust. PRODUCTION CHANGE The ECU software has been improved. The bulletin requires the correct operation of: 5th injector, replace if faulty Check for air leaks, repair as required Confirm air intake volume, replace air filter if out of spec Check MAF operation, replace MAF is faulty Check EGR operation, clean or replace as required Check intake manifold for blockage, clean if clogged Carry out forced DPNR regeneration, if regen fails replace DPNR If any of the above are out of spec then they need attention then a reprogramming of the ECU with updated software is required, if they are all OK just the software update is required
  6. Hi all, In need of some help/advice/info Im a proud owner of an 08 plate SR180 It’s a 2.2 D-Cat engine ADE157 this winter I seem to be having a lot of smoking and active regens, colder it is worst they are. First thing I did is clear EGR valve that’s spotless, better MPG but no different with the smoke. Then tried wynns DPF cleaner, good results with this haven’t had an active regeneration once this was used so will defo use this over the winter. So this is where I am major smoke in cold weather, this is apparently quite normal with this model engine and Toyota have a technical service bulletin ref EG-0004T-0110-EN that seems to cover this. Which basically a ECU update. what I’m asking has anyone.... A. Had this problem and resolved it with this update B. Resolved issue another way C. It’s a DPF problem and needs cleaning/replacing I've seen a lot of talk about this on the forum, no one ever tell us if they sort it. Im going to get the update done and will post my results but any other info would be greatly appreciated. D
  7. Did you get to the bottom of this?
  8. Hey Pedro

    i know it’s a while ago just wondered did you get to the bottom of your smoke I’m having same problem wondered if the TSB worked



  9. daboosa


    Hi Ak89 ive been wondering same thing and think it has a DPF too. mine was regening a lot this winter so put some wynns DPF cleaner in (read reviews on Amazon) it worked a treat not had another regen. Apparently it reduces the temperature the soot burns at I’ll be using every third tank for winter months anyway. Tom
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