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  1. On the subject of mileage. High mileage isn't necessarily a bad thing. My wife had a Rav4 2.2 with 160,000 miles on it. It ran very well until it was written off in an accident recently. A low mileage car could have been misused and end up being a load of trouble. As there is no real way of judging a cars history, go with the general condition of the body first and try to check out visible things like brakes and suspension etc. Is there any reason why you are looking at a 4x4? If you are looking for a pretty cheap and hopefully reliable runabout maybe consider other cars, you will have more choice.
  2. You should be able to find what you want here: https://www.toyota.com/owners/resources/warranty-owners-manuals/rav4/2011
  3. I would say it is extremely unlikely that all 4 injectors are faulty at these same time. The fault lights can be caused by something as simple as brake light switch (as previously mentioned). It happened on our previous Rav4, I didn't even change the switch, I just jiggled it. But a new switch is only about £20, so worth a try. Engine losing acceleration could be just going into "limp home" mode as the car thinks it has a problem, doesn't necessarily mean there is a real problem.
  4. In my Jag. The option is only available in the automatic version and the car has to be locked and left in park mode. It can then only be driven if somebody with a key enters the car and then has to put their foot on the brake before putting the car into drive. It is correct that it is illegal to leave a car running with nobody in it, but that does not apply to cars parked on private land.
  5. I am assuming it is the system for starting your car and warming it up inside for the winter. Quite a few cars have this. I cant start my other car (Jag) and set the temperature using an app on my mobile phone. With many cars it is an optional extra. I would assume Toyota would offer this on some models.
  6. Several years ago my Renault Megane was rear ended by a van. The estimate to repair was £3000. The insurance company wanted to write off the car as it wasn't economical to repair. The company pointed out cars for sale in automart etc. We had a debate over the phone and I pointed out that my model was not as common as many others and asked them to check the exact spec and see it they could find a similar model. In the end they relented and repaired the car. Remember, insurance companies are a business, they are only interested in saving money and cutting their own costs. They will usually offer less than a car is worth. Regarding the "write off". Cars are classed as Category N write-offs if they don't have any structural damage but will cost more to repair than they are worth. This means they're still safe to drive, and quite often the owners or car repairers will decide to repair them rather than scrap them. So, if you want to keep it, get a quote to repair the car and ask the insurance company to pay. It is important to remember that insurance repair costs are based on new parts. If you use "send hand" parts the cost will be a lot cheaper.
  7. Is it an optional extra? And if so, did you order it? I would check with your dealer.
  8. You say the noise also occurs when you press the clutch. Is the cable fouling on something maybe? When you press the clutch, the cable changes shape slightly, maybe it is lying very close to a moving part and occasionally touches it. If it is that, it would be pretty easy to move the cable slightly.
  9. Our other car, a Jaguar XE has the perfect solution. You can isolate the front sensors if you wish, but if they are switched on and you get too close to another car at traffic lights or something and they start to bleep, there is a switch on the dash that cancels them instantly. As soon as you start driving again, they are working. It is the perfect solution.
  10. As mentioned above, the brake light switch frequently throws up such fault messages. I bought a new one for my wife's car and before I fitted it I checked out how the old one was fitted and played around with the connections in preparation for fitting the new one in the morning. I didn't even need to fit the new switch as the next day the problem was cured and never reoccured.
  11. The thing is though, summer tyres can give better grip in the rain than winter tyres or all season tyres if the temperature is higher. Summer tyres are not just dry weather tyres. They are all weather tyres but designed for a warmer climate. All season tyres are a compromise if you have warm summers but cold winters.
  12. Car 2006 T180. 80,000 miles. Had the car only a few weeks. Was showing 28mpg when we picked it up. Now showing 31.4
  13. Mikeyjd

    Key fob warning

    Silly question maybe. Did the car come with a few keys? maybe a spare key is in the glove compartment or even fallen under a seat or something.
  14. I too would suggest summer tyres for your average temperatures.
  15. Oil and water mixed can be a number of things. Head gasket, crack in cylinder head between water channels and piston bore etc. Are you losing much water?