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  1. In the process of buying a 2006 T180 (to replace my wife previous D4D which was written off). The car is quite low milage for its age 80,000, and in lovely condition with full service history etc. I'm looking for advice on keeping the car in good order and hopefully reliable. So, any suggestions for things to check or do. I am thinking of using premium fuel most of the time, also Archoil ARG900 fuel additive. Will obviously be doing regular checks and oil changes etc. Anything else? Is it work cleaning or even blanking the EGR. (what's the latest consensus on EGRs)? Any other suggestions taken on board. She absolutely loved her previous Rav4. Had it 3 years and it was a high miler 150,000 miles until she was T-boned. I want the replacement to give her ss much enjoyment.
  2. Philip. Thanks for that info. Will have a read up. Regards Mike
  3. Anybody tried Falken FK510 SUV Tyres? They seem to have a very good wet weather grip in all the ratings? Obviously, I am waiting to find out if the car needs run-flats, but Im doing research in the meantime
  4. I thought all T180's originally came with 18" wheels.
  5. Philip. Thanks for your reply. Will check the car out next week when we collect it. TBH didn't think to check as my wife has had a previous Rav4 for 2 years and we didn't know about the option.
  6. The car is fitted with Bridgestone tyres but can't remember if the run flat version. (picking up car next week). I would assume it can be fitted with standard tyres?
  7. No, standard wheels for the T180. I believe the car originally was fitted with run flat tyres, but I don't want to go down that route.
  8. Just bought my wife a T180 with 18" wheels.The tyres are getting rather low so I'm looking to replace them soon. I'm not looking for bargain tyres but I don't want to break the bank either LOL. The car is unlikely to go off road but it will be used on country lanes, which may have a bit of mud on them or not be gritted in the winter. Any suggestions? The car doesn't have a spare, so I am also thinking of getting an electric pump as a puncture back up, again any suggestions? Thanks Mike
  9. Thanks, will take a look on the weekend.
  10. Recently our Rav 4 has started to beep when indicating right and also when the hazard lights are on. This does not happen when turning left. The sound seems to be coming from the rear of the car in the luggage area. I assume this is the signal that some cars make when a trailer is attached to confirm that the trailer lights are flashing. I do not use a trailer, so I'm guessing that a wire is loose or earthing or similar. Anyone know exactly where the unit is and is it easy to just disconnect it? Or if they think it could be something else.
  11. My wife was driving her car yesterday when the ABS light came on, along with various other warnings about 2 wheel drive only etc. She parked at her work place and called the RAC out. The "nice man" did a diagnostic and said that the fault was coming from the rear near side sensor. He reset the faults and she returned home. Since then the light has come on a couple of times more. I have found a sensor can be bought for only about £18 online. Anyone ever replaced one? Is it a tricky job? Any guides would be appreciated Cheers Mike
  12. Not done a RAV4 before. But in most cars the socket can usually be prised out by getting a thin tool under the lip and bringing it forward enough to disconnect the wiring behind. they are not usually held in by screws, just a spring.
  13. Latest. The car is still tricky to start some mornings regardless of how cold or warm the weather is. Once it starts it is fine all day even if left until it is quite cold. It is only the it has been standing for 10-12 hours or more. I can't find any obvious air leaks in the fuel system. If I prime the fuel pump under the bonnet, it starts pretty much straight away, so I am pretty convinced it is just fuel draining back after several hours. I don't want to throw money at possible solutions if they don't work, so I was thinking of trying a one way valve in the fuel pipe. It is a very cheap solution if it works. Anyone have suggestions of best place to site this? Also what size would fit? Thanks Mike
  14. I always believe in changing oil more often than manufacturers say. My reasoning is that it is a pretty cheap and easy thing to replace, it certainly won't do any harm and might actually be good for the engine.
  15. That Haynes manual is for the earlier model. As far as I know they don't do one for the 2006 onwards model.