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  1. Got a new driveshaft from motor factors, slightly different but fitted fine and car is now sorted. The actual shaft is quite a bit thicker than the original. Looks like I have a couple of spare cv joints now too.
  2. It is indeed a snapped nearside driveshaft ! Hopefully that's all and I will be back on the road this afternoon.
  3. Another possibility, going to take a look at it this morning so will post again when I have found the problem
  4. Hi all I have a 2.0 diesel avensis 2007 with 6 speed gearbox, 162k miles on the clock. I stopped in a layby earlier today then went to pull away again, for a second it was fine then all of a sudden there was a bang and the power went. I thought it had jumped out of 1st gear but when I tried to re-engage the gears and released the clutch the engine revved up but there was no drive. Stopped at the roadside I am able to put it in any gear with the engine running and release the clutch, the engine continues to run but the car does not move. There is no real noise other than normal but I think I can feel the problem when I press lightly on the clutch pedal. Suspicions are that the centre of the clutch driven plate has sheared, dual mass flywheel has come apart or something of that nature. Has anyone had a similar problem with their car ? If it's the clutch / dmf then it's perhaps beyond economical repair, hoping it's something quicker and cheaper to identify and fix. Many thanks Ken
  5. Kennycab

    2007 D4D - Water sound in Dashboard?!!?!!

    I have a 2007 2.0 d4d as well, mine started doing this last year and it was caused by head gasket failure. Other symptoms are coolant loss via filler cap and overflow pipe, coolant smelling of exhaust and turning black. The coolant gets sprayed over the front of the engine cover. Hope it's not the same on yours. Check the water pump as well, mine had been weeping and running down the engine by the front pulley.
  6. Kennycab

    07 Avensis Tourer needs replacing

    Don't think 110k is very much mileage, mine has 140k on and is used as a taxi. Only thing it's needed (apart from head gasket) since getting it with 50k on is a wheel bearing, apart from disks and pads that you do on any car, still on original clutch, just passed it's 6 monthly test no problem. There are plenty of other cars, both petrol and diesel, going with no problems over 200k, I know of one guy who has done 360k in his 06 plate with very little maintenance needed apart from servicing and wear out parts such as pads and tyres.
  7. Kennycab

    2010 Avensis diesel 2.2 D4D problem

    Mine takes ages to get fully warmed up and does have high idle speed until then. It also seems to cool down really quickly with the low temperatures we have at the moment. Probably nothing to worry about, will change back when the weather gets warmer.
  8. Kennycab

    2007 Avensis 20 D4D - Coolant change

    Hi there, this picture was taken from my 2007 2.0 d4d so should be the same on your car. There is a plastic nut on the radiator that needs to be undone to drain, I used a 12mm socket.
  9. Kennycab

    The Future Of Our Diesels

    Unfortunately the Prius does not have enough boot space for me, and there aren't many used estates knocking about. I do a lot of airport runs and the Avensis hatchback can usually carry 4 people with their luggage, occasionally it's a struggle if they have 4 large cases or a pram as well but my next one will be an estate so that problem will be overcome. A Prius can't match that. I did think of Auris hybrid estate, similar sized boot to Avensis but not so roomy inside for 5 people, and prices are much higher than diesel Avensis. Even factoring in savings on road tax and fuel it still can't beat the Avensis diesel. I imagine the fuel savings on a Rav4 hybrid aren't quite as good with it being 2.5. You have to be comfortable if you are going to be driving for long periods. I expect the CH-R has outsold the Avensis for a number of reasons, including the fact it is available as hybrid and the Avensis is not. It is the latest trendy styling that also appeals to a young person, whereas the Avensis is more of a family type of car or good for a business user who covers a lot of miles. I don't think it's really the same market. Oh well, I expect that something will have appearred as a suitable replacement to the Avensis when I get to the point where I am buying one that is to be made anywhere close to the end of their production, my current one is 10 years old and they are still being made so there should be at least 10 years more of Avensis ownership if I want it, unless I am put out of a job by Uber and their fleet of driverless Volvo XC90s of course.
  10. Kennycab

    The Future Of Our Diesels

    Hopefully we will all be a little more enlightened tomorrow after 12 noon, and the chancellor won't be emptying my pockets too fast as I don't really want to get rid of my diesel. I can't imagine having a petrol again, too many visits to the filling station. If the tax goes up then the values will go down. An earlier post discussed haulage and the use of diesel engines in vans and lorries. I remember back in the seventies most Transit vans had petrol engines, diesels were rare, even the ambulances had petrol engines. In fact, pretty much all light vans and pickups had petrol engines, with carburettors and distributors with points and a rotor arm, most unreliable at times ! Every time there was a budget, tax would go up on petrol, diesel, beer and tobacco no matter what. Prius seems like it has proven the hybrid system, I see it is now used in various other models but not the Avensis. I will be unlikely to change to hybrid until there is a car of the same size fitted with it, is it not suitable for a car of the Avensis size ?
  11. Kennycab

    Pulsing rev gage.

    Is it the rpm going up and down a little and the gauge responding to that ? Mine does this sometimes, has been caused by egr needing a cleanout, also depends what make of diesel I put in it.
  12. Kennycab

    Toyota avensis - headlights t25

    My car is an 07 TR so has the regular H7 headlights. I drive a lot at night so can go through bulbs of all types regularly. I have not tried the nightbreaker types in this car because in previous cars the lifespan is not so good and they cost a lot. My experience has been that the bulbs from Toyota are the best combination of brightness and lifespan for the money. Make sure the beams are lined up properly and you don't have the height adjuster turned down too. If the outer glass is discoloured or not clear then you should be able to rectify it by polishing with tcut. I had a Vauxhall Vectra before which took the same bulbs but had noticeably weaker headlights so I am quite happy with the Avensis in comparison.
  13. Kennycab

    1AD-FTV DIY Head Gasket Repair

    Notice there is no air conditioning compressor on the engine, I unbolted it before removing the engine and left it on the car. Refitted after installing the engine, then fitted the belt. Air conditioning still working, no need for any regassing.
  14. Kennycab

    T180 A Poor Choice?

    You could look out for one that is advertised as having 'a brand new engine fitted by Toyota', at some point, I've seen ads like this before.
  15. Kennycab

    T180 Head Gasket Failure

    The head gasket failed on my car, I went through all the same options before repairing it. The head can be skimmed if you can get a thicker gasket to make up for the amount skimmed off. It depends which gasket is on the engine now, mine was ok with 0.1mm skimmed off. Looking at buying an older T180 then perhaps look for one where the owner has had the car a long time and can tell you how much or little oil it uses. You have no idea buying from a dealer. Also, is the T180 engine the same as an ordinary 2.2 or another more common 2.2 ? I know it produces more power but is that just due to different tuning and turbo etc. or the internals of the engine ? Perhaps you could get a used engine from a later model (2010 onwards) car from a reputable breaker and have that fitted if the head gasket goes. Despite the gasket having gone on my car I would have another Avensis, considering a 2010 onwards model for next car.