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  1. I'm in the market for a Camry v6 Sport,or I will be shortly. Had a chance to buy one a few years back but left it go,and regretted it since. Do they come up for sale often,finding it hard to track one down at the minute? Any major issues to look out for? Also did they all come with the automatic box,I've yet to see a manual version. Thanks!
  2. I do,I will send you a Private message with my email address now,thanks.
  3. What parts do you have for Corollas and the MR2? Thanks.
  4. What miles are on the car? Have you any current pictures of it?
  5. Daly ya mad spoon ya! You forgot to mention you drive it like your late for mass!
  6. Lad in Galway I know can get them,i'll see if he has anymore left.
  7. milan

    Corolla Fxgt

    Any pics of your one '158 Corolla'?
  8. Welcome along mate,lovely Carina you have there,i've the same one here,except its 1.6 and petrol,same colour and all. Get some more pics up of it please when you get a chance.
  9. im after a rear left lamp and a few other wee bits and peices, the rubber round the windscreen and the 2 rubber strips for the roof? maybe sum interior bits too? werabouts are ye any way? Have the rear left lamp,no windscreen rubber,think I have the roof strips somewhere. Have loads of interior bits. Im in Cork lad.
  10. I have all those parts here in Ireland. u still have parts for the old starlets??? I do lad,what are you looking for?
  11. Alpine CDR-9855R headunit with Ipod collector: £50 Any pics of this? Have you the security case that goes with it,the remote and all the leads? Do you have Paypal?
  12. Hey lad,welcome along,throw up some pics of your Dads car. I have one too,got it last month,been looking for a good one for a long time now,mines '87 aswell. :) What I was trying to say there aswell before my stupid computer shut down on me is I know a lad with one breaking for parts,I'll get in touch with him and see if he has one.
  13. Did you get my pm mate?

  14. An AE82 Corolla GT front wheel drive or an AE86 Corolla GT Coupe rear wheel drive? What interior parts do you need?
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