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  1. Paint or spray it with rust killer .then waxoyl it
  2. I've rebuilt thousands of engines over the last 30 odd years the worst thing is oil consumption is the thing that clogs up engines .sorry none of these wonder product really do anything .
  3. Please don't fall for the charms of the quick fix snake oil sales waffle . it's been rebadged a million times over .
  4. Ha ha sorry I was having a joke with you guys the only fix for the notchy gearchange from cold is switch to a single weight oil 75w gl4 synthetic oil .
  5. Your precious rav would have been used and abused the second it came of the production line all the way to the dealer and peticauly by the mechanis who would have ragged your car up and down the nearest dual carriage way within a inch of its mechanical life .so !Removed! footing around gently breaking it in is just for your own piece of mind lol .
  6. Hmm the new rav 4 reminds me of those old boy racers loud exhaust roar and no go lol
  7. I retro fitted a oil heater into my gearbox which brings the oil up temp and then switches off giving silky smooth changes from ice cold .it pre heats for an hour on a timer circuit from the house then I just disconnect the plug and lead at the cars grill I fit the plug cover jump in start the car and it's give a perfect gear change .
  8. I think whether it's built in America or Canada or Europe the parts would be manufactured to toyota spec and so the crack has either been introduced by someone on purpose or it is indeed a fault which will rear its ugly head to the RAV4 massive .
  9. Looks like toyota are having cracking issue on new RAV4 rear doors near window .
  10. Supra 2020 engine test 😂😂😂😂🤡
  11. I've found some info online and it states zee panzer engine of zee supra tiger needs only ze finest bratwurst sausage oil changing during ze Octoberfest heir Mkmtl .
  12. Are you sure it's not the nut holding the wheel 😂
  13. If you have a old dpf it will have to be removed and then cleaned out eventually using the correct process and may I ad not by uncle bob with his steam cleaner in the back street garage .or doctor dpf mobile snake oil foam man .after the correct dpf clean has been done mr toyota will have to plug in his expensive laptop and press a button saying hey computer I have have a empty clean dpf then it changes lots of settings and of you go again then we go back to what caused it .putting rubbish diesel in and driving like miss daisy or tootling to the shops and back every day to collect your pension or mister taxi running the car on chip oil and idling for an eternity like you did in the old days . Most things are self inflicted by ignorance by the majority laughed at everyone else as we read your tails of woe . Sorry it's been one of those days .
  14. Ad blue is just a make of def fluid used which is a synthetic urea ,if you can't get any def fluid and are stuck distilled water can be used to get you home with no impact on the system.