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  1. I used to get the same issue on my old Ford Focus you would have to get closer and closer to the car then I would have to use the key .ford checked key fobs with there test unit no faults advised me to change the Siemens central locking controller uber money .searched forums with no luck then came across a forum were a guy had the same issue all I had to do was disconnect the starter battery for 5 mins fit earth terminal back on and it would unlock right across the road from my house 50 ft away .had to do this about once a year . make sure you have a radio code if needed.
  2. REVvvvvvv up your engines ,scotty says nooooo ,would I put a can of degreaser in my old worn out oil ummmm Nooooooo.watched my neighbour put a tin of forte engine flush in his rustscort mk4 years ago . the bottom end was a knocking within the week but hey it's up to you if you want to listen to the snake oil salesman.
  3. The only advise I would give is trade it in to some greasy slim ball car salesman ,I wouldn't waste your money repairing it .
  4. I would check the top strut bearing
  5. There's only one tyre you need for your rav 4 is Michelin cross climates .or if your tight any Chinese tyre with a low sound rating .
  6. Hi everyone this is a interesting thread how does everyone find the revvy engine when your when your wanting to make quicker progress rather than holding up traffic watching your eco gauge hypermiling 🤓.i am a hybrid convert myself coming from a avensis 2.2d 2012 which did 45 mpg urban and 55-60 mpg motorway and this wasn't trying to be economical torquey engine .but now I have a Lexus RX450h which is lovely to drive no gear changing I prefer driving A roads rather than boring motorways .3.5ltr V6 and it gives me 39mpg driving in more hybrid driving mode, as to say or I can have fun dropping to down to 25-30 mpg unleashing just shy of 300 bhp .which is fun annoying the !Removed! Germans panzers oops I mean Audi and BMW drivers as they catch a sniff of a dual carriage way ahead from one lane opening up to two and I just squeeze on the throttle lol . We did look at the RAV4 but it felt to much like the avensis but I can see us converting to full electric in the future when the ranges improve and prices fall.
  7. I think they are a good car if you are realistic as to what you are buying . 1) they don't like to be hustled off the mark once moving into second then they pull really nice ( if rushed of mark they rev to quick and 1st is over before you know and your over revving the old girl ) short shifting is your friend with this car. 2) if you are going to tune it I wouldn't bother its quick enough ,your only burn out the clutch and flywheel £1000 3) run quality diesel and make sure it has a 40 minute run at 2k revs and 50mph if dpf fitted once a week idling in traffic all week on school runs will do it no favours . 4) invest in quality tyres and decent brake pads (if your a roundabout to roundabout racing junkie) of course this is only my opinion mine was. 2012 2.2 estate
  8. I think the big elephant sat in the corner is asking how much you have spent so far and how much would a used engine cost and normally this is the best option rather than rebuilding these engines ,as I don't think I've heard of one that's lasted a few months after expensive rebuild . I feel sorry for you but you may need to throw in the towel and admit defeat for your own mental health wise
  9. Well it's time to change ,the car now just sits on drive and short journeys been faultless in the 45 k I've owned now on 86k buying a used Lexus rx450 h only thing I could find to beat my avensis on kit and appeal everything else was bland toyota wise .sat in RAV4 felt like my avensis but higher and wife didn't like it so that was that .
  10. When I was looking at buying my avensis we tested a lovely condition 1.8 at the showroom .allmost walked away from toyota it had a clutch pedal up around your ear wife struggled to pull away really disappointing salesman your typical joke there all like that sir .saw the diesel lets try that one it was night and day top of the range still have it 4 years later wife loves it . We looked at a Lexus rx450h as a replacement for the avensis 25k it was a total disappointment for the money condition and interior condition etc compared to my avensis RAV4 no better ,I just can't justify paying 20k plus for something no better equipped or condition than what I have now . Am I just being to picky .
  11. Can off petrol and insurance lol I'm joking off course or am I
  12. I recommend you get a wire brush clean everything up and soak it all in rust killer and when all dry paint them in Hammerite .
  13. Sounds ok to me ,just use engine crane and strap and double check you have undone everything before jacking take your time .take photos and mark items so you know we're they go back . good luck
  14. I could tell you some horror stories from the late eights and the crap they sold the public lol as my dad used to say you don't know how lucky you are now days lol
  15. oh I'm so sorry of course your right I humbly apologise ,I hope you take them bad men to court but I hope you don't get judge rinder I love his saying STUPID lol in a non patronising way