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  1. Are you sure it's not the nut holding the wheel 😂
  2. If you have a old dpf it will have to be removed and then cleaned out eventually using the correct process and may I ad not by uncle bob with his steam cleaner in the back street garage .or doctor dpf mobile snake oil foam man .after the correct dpf clean has been done mr toyota will have to plug in his expensive laptop and press a button saying hey computer I have have a empty clean dpf then it changes lots of settings and of you go again then we go back to what caused it .putting rubbish diesel in and driving like miss daisy or tootling to the shops and back every day to collect your pension or mister taxi running the car on chip oil and idling for an eternity like you did in the old days . Most things are self inflicted by ignorance by the majority laughed at everyone else as we read your tails of woe . Sorry it's been one of those days .
  3. Ad blue is just a make of def fluid used which is a synthetic urea ,if you can't get any def fluid and are stuck distilled water can be used to get you home with no impact on the system.
  4. Unsavoury as my comments may sound ,you are the owner and driver of the vehicle and in such you are responsible for the maintenance of the car ,people rely to much on the mot test which is only a 45 minute glaze over of your old car .they will not pull back covers etc it is only what they can see .i recommend having a thorough service and full inspection of the car at least once a year. Or more if you continue to drive an old banger . One last thing you should be checking your levels and all warning lights work and then go out as per manual on a daily / weekly basis .this includes the brake warning level .if the pipe did spring a weep you would have felt a soft pedal instantly .if you weren't aware this used to happen a lot on older cars with weeping rear wheel cylinders .
  5. Under load blue smoking simple answer over filled with oil ,not so simple answer ,turbo seals , piston rings ,also check the engine breather circuit .
  6. Don't worry we will all be in driverless cars zooming around and you can stick your kiddie play steering wheel on the dash and scream !Removed! car has a mind of its own as your missus rolls her eyes muttering silly old fool .😂
  7. Make sure it doesn't have a tiny fine filter were it enters the high pressure pump.
  8. I would change the rubber fuel lines on the engine sound's like you have a blockage or restriction it would account for why it starts ok after a few mins . Even restriction back to tank /sender unit .
  9. Surely the car should not increase speed until you have cleared the car in front then it will pick up any other car and hold you at the correct distance .
  10. If this is Sweden why aren't they doing this on snow with snow chains on and big fake moose I'm all for realistic action scenes ,this moose test just screams fast and the furious of the little Swedish guy trying his best to turn that steering wheel as fast as he can .i would also like to see a random joe public picked and said there you go give this a try .
  11. You normally find then slow and notchy changing from 1st to 2nd when the box is cold .change the oil to a 75w gl4 synthetic oil there has been lots of write ups just do a search made mine a lot nicer from cold .
  12. I'm more likely to do a moose swerve test going past a local school when little johnny **** bag runs out in front of my car at 20 mph because his 15 year old mother is too busy scoring a bag off weed of the local do as you likely 12 yr old .
  13. This test is pretty much useless 99% of people will just stand on the brakes and crash into what ever is in front of them .they will not try flicking the steering left and right like Lewis Hamilton at Monaco race track .