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  1. Renewed my roadside assistance in April this year and despite the email confirming that I would receive new membership cards within 10 to 14 days I received nothing. Similar thing to last year when I changed my car and promised cards with new date never materialised. Contacted roadside assistance on the online form and a week later received this update: "We are no longer sending out Roadside Assistance cards for Toyota Roadside Assistance policies in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. In a breakdown situation we will not ask to see proof of membership on a valid Roadside Assistance card." Thought this might just be useful to someone else expecting them.
  2. That is the email address on the welcome pack I was sent last year when I changed my car. Managed to talk to them by phone yesterday afternoon after failing in the morning.
  3. Not an unreasonable question but I would suggest that the answer is that the current bolts are fine. My 4.5 like my 4.4 both have standard space saver spare wheels but there is no mention of other bolts, just use those already on.
  4. Good move, if you like the CH-R you will like the RAV4 ! I'm on my 5th hybrid, 2nd RAV4 and can honestly say that they get better with each generation.
  5. Sensible advice given already. Just to add, there is a clue on the registration document - check the towing under O - O.1 braked will show 1650 if AWD but only 800 if 2WD. F.1 should be 2215 if AWD. The Type and Variant fields might offer more but I haven't a clue how to decode them !!
  6. I agree with Frostyballs on that one having seen another make with different plates fitted. Sounds silly but it can happen. To avoid a long list of things to check which you wouldn't remember, I would just advise that you should feel comfortable with the necessary controls before you drive off into the sunset. The majority of dealers will insist on explaining anyway but there might just be something you are unsure about. My other advice is to read the manual ! You might be surprised how many people miss useful features because they couldn't be bothered.
  7. Don't think the key has to be in but it does make locking a challenge if it isn't - just don't use the remote key. Not sure the PHEV is the same as the HEV but I leave the remote in the car out of view and lock the car with the small manual key. Has worked this way for a few years now,
  8. Same has happened to mine a couple of times before I put the latest updates on. Although, since having the AA upgrade I tend to use Waze more often on longer trips as the warnings are better and maps more up to date. Playing music from phone through Waze is a real pain though, need something better than Youtube Music.
  9. The previous generation is less economical than the current generation. My 2016 Excel AWD averaged 41.3 mpg over my 3 years of ownership covering about 20,000 miles. Naturally the figures varied with the weather and the type of driving but keeping a spreadsheet of the overall performance gives a reasonable figure I feel. If you want a comparison with the current generation, over 12 months and 7000 miles my 2019 Excel AWD has averaged 49.6 mpg but then with Covid I haven't done as many high speed motorway runs as I might normally. Hope this helps.
  10. I follow the advice in a post some months ago. As pressures drop in cold weather it is necessary to add some air before winter. However, a really cold morning can bring on the TPMS warning light when there isn't really a problem. As mine were all at about 31psi when checked I reset the TPMS and then inflated to 33psi - not had a problem this winter having this small safety margin which wouldn't prevent a puncture warning.
  11. Learnt a couple of cars ago to unlock the car then put the key back in the house to prevent the locking and unlocking coupled with the mirror dance. My brother in law who is very capable complained about this happening and when I told him to put the key away the response was 'oh I hadn't thought of that' !
  12. This has happened to me more than once with franchised dealers. I was a bit suspicious at first but never had a problem. Not sure that upfront explanation is required as that would then need to cover every scenario - including taking in used bank notes !
  13. Yes, it should restart and pick up where it is. Had this happen to mine once, showed I was parked in the middle of a field rather than on the M6.
  14. I don't remember having to enter the password every time but have to confess that I hardly use the app and haven't used it in ages. My process is to take the memory card out after about 6 hours driving and save it to my desktop PC for a couple of weeks before deleting. I am not using the 32Gb card supplied but a 64Gb Sandisk which I had lying round. After the download I empty the memory card. This may sound OTT but once an oncoming car triggered a speed camera and I thought it worth saving the video in case they thought I had triggered the camera - fortunately then I didn't need to prove anything.
  15. I wonder though how moving it back would work for short people such as my other half who is only 5 feet tall and has the seat fully forward ?. The main issue might be that to close a fully open door she would have to get out of the drivers seat as her arms won't reach to where the handle might be. Taller people don't have that particular problem.
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