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  1. If you find a hybrid RAV4 that is 4 wheel drive (think it is only in Excel spec for the 2016 model) then it isn't mechanical 4 wheel drive that affects the economy but the rear wheels are powered by electric motors and are only powered up to about 20 mph. As for being useful, the main benefit I have found is when getting into traffic from junctions in the wet - the extra distribution of power lessens the chance of wheelspin while allowing a quick exit. I have a sloping gravel driveway which has caught out my son's BMW (no surprise there) but never been a problem in the RAV4, just good steady progress. As for the hybrid battery, no worries there for me, used to have a Prius and reading the forums in the US they seem to keep on going forever. The number of old Prius taxi's about is testamt to Toyota's battery management !
  2. Just wondering - what version software is your navigation on ?. If it is still on version 6.7 as mentioned above then this is as delivered (and how mine was when I bought it) which means the previous owner will not have applied any of the map updates that are available free of charge in the first three years since being registered. Unfortunately this won't be part of the 5 year warranty. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if you bought this from a Toyota dealer and had known at the time it would have been worth pushing for them to update this - I did years ago on a Prius which was on the old dvd sat-nav and they gave me a full new set at purchase time. Just a thought. My last update in April 2019, before the three years was up, took mine to version 6.13 and as others have said, previous updates did improve the software. Peter
  3. Oh the RAV4 menu system can be frustrating, so many functions it isn't always easy to find the one you want. Despite having my RAV4 for over 2 years I still wonder where these settings are. Searching the online manual isn't always easy …. however I believe that the function you want can be found under 'Setup' and then selecting 'Map'. Scroll down and the penultimate entry (unless the software has been changed) should be 'Show safety cameras' - you should then be able to turn them off. Hope this works for you ! Peter
  4. Peterd23

    Parking sensors

    Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity ?. They can be adjusted by yourself between 'far' and 'near' - the previous owner may have changed the default settings. This isn't mentioned in the manual in the section about the parking sensors but is under 'customisable features' which is on page 567 on the electronic copy of the manual that I have. It is very easy to sort if you follow the manual as you might find it hard to find the setting !. From memory on the navigation display you press the 'Setup' button and then select 'vehicle'. Best of luck !
  5. Would never use Halfords ever again after appalling service years ago. They replaced the fuel filter on a 2 litre auto with one the quarter of the size that was for a 1 litre manual because "the computer said so". Not even a Saturday mechanic would have fitted it - I didn't realise until I went on a long trip and found that 70 could not be maintained on motorway hills.
  6. Sorry, should have added that this is from the Yaris manual. While I have a RAV4 my wife has recently bought a Yaris with the Safety Sense bits and I have the electronic versions for both cars - they are similar but different as you might expect !. She really enjoys being able to have the digital speedo displayed in the 'information' panel between the rev counter and the analogue speedometer.
  7. Glad I am not the only one !. Turned off the audible warning as soon as I got my Rav4. Sometimes it is useful but most of the time I view as entertainment wondering how on earth it comes up with the advice it does. Yes, I regularly turn right at a roundabout where it picks up the '20' signs if you were to go straight ahead but at other times it can come up with ridiculous figures - I live on an estate that is very narrow and twisty that has a '20' limit and the 'assist' tells me that the limit is 100 ! It does make me wonder how self driving cars are ever going to work if things like this don't work and sat-nav speed limits are often out of date.
  8. According to the manual it only works above approximately 25 mph - which is probably an indicated 30 mph. Interesting to know as I hadn't picked up on that previously.
  9. Live _dct_ above, mine averages just above the 40mpg mark but I bought it at 11,000 miles. Varies quite considerably depending on the speed used on a journey. Motorway drops it to about 39 whereas A road driving can see it indicate 50 although I realise that is probably optimistic. Haven't seen the air-con affect it much, possibly 2mpg but not as much as you are seeing. Using the heater in winter tends to reduce average consumption as engine keeps running to keep you warm. Are you using 'Normal' mode rather than Eco or Sport ? I have found it the best and still performs well.
  10. True, I took the 16 as literal. Might explain the TSS but not the lack of Nav if really Excel
  11. Sounds strange as I am sure you should have Navigation if yours is really an Excel - does it have roof rails ? But then while roof rails were only standard on the Excel, the navigation was standard on every version except the base Active model. My 66 plate Excel Hybrid couldn't be registered on My Toyota when I bought it 12 months old but contacting Toyota I was informed that the system wasn't in their database and it was soon added. A but bizarre as when I first tried it told me that the serial was already in use ! Slightly surprised that you say that yours is a TSS model where I only thought they came in with the 66 reg - dealer thought mine was one of the first.
  12. Yes, it is a customisation option but has to be done by a dealer. In my case they didn't charge. Then just does single beep when reverse selected before going quiet.
  13. Sorry, only just seen this, hope the info is not too late. I have a Hybrid Touring Sports which was registered April 2014 and haven't had any 12v battery problems. Was slightly concerned leaving it for nearly 3 weeks last May but in the end didn't have a problem. Took the precaution of turning all the interior lights off to be safe and then locked it with the metal key rather than the remote. Decided the risk of it not being alarmed was worth it and would reduce the current drain.