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  1. Thanks Devon Aygo for that excellent explanation which helps in a big way. I know that mine is a Panasonic with MM17 software. Pleased to say that I have successfully updated the map database to 2020v2 and didn't need to be worried about the process.
  2. I'm watching this with interest as I changed my RAV4 a week ago to a 2019 and am puzzled how to update the maps although had no problem doing this many times on my previous car. Like you, it appears that the head unit is registered but I don't get offered the update in the e-store, just the free update shown in your previous post. More investigation required !
  3. Update: Pleased to report that good response from dealer. Sales manager has been called at home and admitted that he authorised the swap to keep another customer happy. Plan now is that they will remove the spare and tools from a new car and fit to mine .... and the problem goes on but not for me !. To be fair, the salesman didn't argue and remembered me asking about the spare wheel. Think this is why he called his boss on his day off as he knew otherwise it was going back.
  4. This seems to be quite a thorny subject. Just picked up a Sep 2019 Excel without pano roof (must update profile) which salesman assured me had a spare wheel. Got home to find the dreaded tyre repair kit and no tools. Avoided others with JBL and pano roof as I really really wanted a spare if only a space saver. Yes, I'm old fashioned that way but have experienced tyres with a 4 inch cut previously. Wonder if dealer will sort or if I will have to return under the 14 day window that is allowed under 'click and collect'. Is anyone able to advise on cost of spare wheel and necessary tools
  5. My other half had a 2017 Yaris Icon and it didn't have the AUTO lights although it had all the other things as you mention. As far as I am aware the Icon Tech is basically an Icon with Sat Nav so I wouldn't expect it to have automatic lights. Turning them on and off manually is just one of those things. Manufacturers sometimes have what appears to be illogical differences between specs. The daytime lights on the Icon are ordinary bulbs, the higher spec models are LED.....
  6. Have you tried putting your 'high level floor' in your neighbours car ?. I had a 2014 which had the high level floor but was put off replacing it partly as this feature had been removed by Toyota during a facelift. My understanding at the time was that the rest of the boot had been altered in an attempt to gain extra space and that the old floor could not be added to the newer model.
  7. Thanks PeteB, wasn't aware of the improvement made to this on the newer model. Don't think this will allow my other half to approve trading mine in yet though !
  8. The system is a clever one and knows where the key is as Devon Aygo has said. You can't start the car without the key being inside the car - I have tried it quite a few times. Of course it is a different matter if you leave the engine running ! One additional thing is that when you go to open the doors the car knows which side the key fob is and will only unlock from the door nearest to the key. In your example, if your wife was stood by the locked drivers door a scally by the passenger door would not be able to unlock the car.
  9. I don't have the same model RAV as you so can't give exact advice in your case although there are a couple of things to be aware of: The car must be turned on properly and in 'Ready' state to avoid a failed update. I have heard of people who have only turned the 'accessory' power on (for example to just listen to the radio) and the car has turned the power off after the timeout period which has resulted in a bricked unit. I have updated mine numerous times without a problem. I start it up, start the update and then leave the car secure while update completes. From your screenshot it
  10. Same sort of thing happened when I had an Auris TS. Driving along and realised that the CVT display was blank although working when I set off. It didn't come back on until I parked up and restarted the car when all was OK. Only happened the once and never happened again. Had the car for quite a while after this without it happening again so put it down to a computer glitch.
  11. It might help if you explain exactly which lights are not working - do you mean both tail-lights and rear fog light or other lights ? Also, are you sure that it is no just a case of the bulbs failing rather than a fuse ?. One light might have failed a while ago and you didn't notice until the next one failed ?. I know this may sound silly but I was dragged into sorting a car where both headlights had stopped working and the lady owner had been advised that it was an electrical problem or a fuse - it wasn't, both headlight bulbs had failed.
  12. The 2.0 petrol might have that badge whereas the hybrid has the 'hybrid' badge under 'RAV4' instead
  13. Well the good news is that, although you are correct in how to identify the AWD, the good news is that it only works at low speed - up to 20mph so you won't have to go far or fast to be sure !. It is very subtle, but works. There is no badge or switch. Don't have old files but from memory it isn't available on lowest spec models, but I could be wrong. Are you aware of the tax change for these in 2017 ?. Cars registered before 31st March 2017 are £20 per year, from 1st of April £130 per year. Salesman didn't know this when I got mine and tried to push me onto a newer one - I was lucky
  14. Easiest method that I can think of is to open the front windows while the car is unlocked. Lock the car but only press the button once so it doesn't deadlock then reach in and open a front door using the inside handle. If all is quiet you don't have an alarm - if all hell breaks loose you have !!
  15. No, I can't lock the car while the boot is closing, have to wait for boot to close. Maybe not ideal but hardly a big issue, after 3 years am used to it.
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