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  1. Splendid! Thank you for the top tips. Gerg, you are correct, it is an Icon, so there is no keyless entry. I am probably overstating the issue here as we are only gone for 2 weeks. But nonetheless, it is always good to know what is recommended practice with a car like this one. Cheers Fellas!
  2. I have been meaning to post this for a little while, not sure why I have not. I am not sure if there is anything that I should do regarding the vehicle as we are leaving on holidays for a few weeks. I apologise if this is a ridiculous question but I would sure hate to have not done something and we get back to an un-driveable hybrid! Cheers!
  3. I feel like a tool asking this but is there a difference between these two manuals? They both came with our 2013 Auris HSD Icon and I can't really tell what the difference(s) are if indeed there are any. This particular car does not have the Sat Nav component to it. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Cheers Greg. I'll definitely look into this.
  5. It was great. The safest and most economical five miles I've ever driven!
  6. Just picked up the new (well, new to us) Auris. Really like it. Here are a few photos:
  7. It is surprising how often one hears this comment in the UK. Is it a function of can't or don't want to?
  8. This is the type of bulb I had on my 1989 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton. Back then most pickups had one bulb for high and low, usually 60/50. You could get "off road" bulbs of 100/80, which, needless to say, were not street legal. I'll take extra notice of the quality of the light and will report back next week.
  9. Thanks! I haven't picked it up yet. Looks like it will be Tuesday. Fortunately we didn't have to go too far, only 5 miles. I've read all about your epic search and road trip. Sounded fun! I was close to going to Southampton to look at a Prius but this one popped up locally and we really liked it.
  10. Just bought a 2013 Auris HSD. Picking it up on Tuesday. Test drove it during the day so I could't see what the headlights were like. Are they really as poor as some people say. With how gloomy it can get here and how dark many country lanes are, you'd think having decent headlights would be of paramount importance to drivers in the UK. Our old Ford Focus had different bulbs for high and low beam (excuse the foreign terminology - I am Canadian). Is it the same thing for the Auris hybrid? I keep hearing about Osram Nightbreakers. Is this what Auris drivers tend towards purchasing?
  11. Thanks! I stopped reading reviews of the Auris/Prius. The biggest complaint(s) seem to centre on the fact that they are boring and not fu to drive. But if you want a car that is reliable, safe and has low running costs, they are great. ****, their cons seem to to pros for us! Try this link: youtu.be/qZhbHcjYgjU Put the requisite https:// in front of it and you'l be good to go.
  12. I am picking it up on Tuesday. They have a detailing backlog. Apparently they do a full 8-hour detail. And we thought it was clean when we took it out!
  13. Thanks. I'm sure I'll have some more questions once we collect it. Many thanks to unclepoo for the suggestion. It made complete sense. We were trying to shoehorn a Gen.3 Prius into our budget which couldn't really accommodate it. Hopefully in a few years time...
  14. Really liked the 2013 Auris, so much so that we bought it. Pick it up on Tuesday!
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