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  1. cptfrederickson

    Weird noise - help with cause

    Sounds very similar, thanks Gerg. Thought it wasn't anything serious, and as there are a few threads I guess it is relatively common.
  2. cptfrederickson

    Weird noise - help with cause

    Recently I have noticed a weird noise and looking for a bit of help working out possible causes. Its a sort of creaking noise, and presents mostly when at full lock or thereabouts at low speeds. Mostly notice it when I'm reversing into the drive. Only been happening recently, just wondering if any of you had experienced anything similar?
  3. cptfrederickson

    2010 Auris Hybrid bulbs

    Thanks Frosty. Went with the ones you linked. Some cheaper on fleabay, but wonder how genuine they are so went with the safe option. Got a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime Student (didn't know that was a thing) so should be able to fit them tomorrow!
  4. cptfrederickson

    2010 Auris Hybrid bulbs

    Recommendations sought for headlight bulbs (H11). Thinking of getting night breakers, any other recommendations and best place to buy from?
  5. cptfrederickson

    My "new" Auris Hybrid - 2nd Impressions

    Its intersting how the adaptations of driving style really impact your mpg. I generally take the approach of accelerate hard (power band) then when up to speed lift off and reapply to keep into first section of 'rev counter', this puts me in electric mode and I can largely maintain speed depending on surface, gradient etc. Further pressure on accelerator as required, and getting really good mpg now.
  6. cptfrederickson

    Hybrid...how many mile from a full tank?

    I've been getting closer to 500 miles per tank over the last few weeks in my 2010 t-spirit
  7. cptfrederickson

    Grinding/metal Sound When Turning Right

    I've just had the same issue appear over the last few days. Quick heat shield adjustment and the noise has gone. Top job for the guide to solving this, cheers!
  8. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Been checking them regularly. Tending to go for just over recommended, usually around 34psi. To be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised that I've hit decent figures, I've been averaging around 56 mpg on my usual commute (according to the ships computer) so pretty chuffed. And being a student, its good to save some cash!
  9. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Booked in for Thursday, new shoes all round and 4 wheel alignment. On a separate note, just did my first fuel economy calculation, managed to get a shade under 51mpg. Not bad considering that includes the long drive from Somerset to Kent when I bought the car. 402 miles from the tank, which was Sainsburys standard rubbish. Also, considering my wheel alignment is definitely a little out and my current tyres are knackered, I'm impressed.
  10. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Looks like I'm going to opt for the 215/45, Avon ZV7.
  11. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Thanks Frostyballs. Was referring to best balance of economy, grip and noise level. Will get onto the insurer and check out these calculators.
  12. cptfrederickson

    Auris Hybrid tyre sizes

    Hello all, first post on the forum! Bought myself a Mk.1 Auris Hybrid (T-Spirit) yesterday and after a bit of advice. I've looked around the forum a lot but can't really find a definitive answer. Three of the tyres on the car are approaching the end of their lives, so I intend to bung on a whole new set but herein lies the problem. I understand 215/45 R17 is the standard fit, but some use 225/45 R17. What are the potential pitfalls (if any) of using 225/45s? My preferred tyres are much cheaper and easily available in 225/45, but performance is worse in 215/45, meaning even more money for an alternative. Should I stick with 215/45, or go for 225/45? Any help greatly appreciated.