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  1. So I went for the Blackvue as recommended by @mrpj1, getting it fitted on Monday morning. £300 fitted, and including the connector and an SD card. Fingers crossed it does the job!
  2. That was one of my concerns to be honest, wouldn't want to go through all the hassle of that. Seriously considering a blackvue with an OBD cable as that's a much easier install by the looks of things.
  3. Thanks bud, the Blackvue looks like a good shout, even though its pricey. I was looking at a few similar ones, always useful to get some real world feedback as online reviews can be misleading.
  4. Looking for some recommendations for a dash cam for my Auris HSD, as I'm about to start a new job as a district nurse and will be spending a lot more time on the road. Ideally I'd like a front and rear setup, hardwired. If any with experience can share how they got on with hardwiring their own setups that would be great too.
  5. You're best off getting it all checked over. And depending on how badly damaged the wheel is, you may find yourself needing a new one.
  6. Check your handbook, that will have the details for your car's engine.
  7. Managed to get the part number from Toyota eventually. They sell it as a full lamp assembly but not too pricey so will grab one after payday.
  8. Thanks guys. No joy so far with breakers or on the site linked. I've emailed a couple of places so hopefully something will come of it.
  9. Evening all. Can anyone find the part number for the body for the rear number plate lamp? The missus broke one of the clips on the body a while ago so the lens does not clip on anymore. I can find the part number for everything but the main body itself, so hoping someone more knowledgeable can help me out. I've attached a diagram with the part I need circled in red. Its one of the two clips that are shown that have broken off, so the lens no longer attaches. I would like to avoid water ingress over winter, so will have to resort to gluing it on if I can't get the part...
  10. Sounds very similar, thanks Gerg. Thought it wasn't anything serious, and as there are a few threads I guess it is relatively common.
  11. Recently I have noticed a weird noise and looking for a bit of help working out possible causes. Its a sort of creaking noise, and presents mostly when at full lock or thereabouts at low speeds. Mostly notice it when I'm reversing into the drive. Only been happening recently, just wondering if any of you had experienced anything similar?
  12. Thanks Frosty. Went with the ones you linked. Some cheaper on fleabay, but wonder how genuine they are so went with the safe option. Got a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime Student (didn't know that was a thing) so should be able to fit them tomorrow!
  13. Recommendations sought for headlight bulbs (H11). Thinking of getting night breakers, any other recommendations and best place to buy from?
  14. Its intersting how the adaptations of driving style really impact your mpg. I generally take the approach of accelerate hard (power band) then when up to speed lift off and reapply to keep into first section of 'rev counter', this puts me in electric mode and I can largely maintain speed depending on surface, gradient etc. Further pressure on accelerator as required, and getting really good mpg now.
  15. I've been getting closer to 500 miles per tank over the last few weeks in my 2010 t-spirit