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  1. Job done! The throttle body cleaning recommended by oldcodger, a full bottle of fuel system cleaner and a long run out has solved the issue. Thank you.
  2. This all reminds me of the man in the USA who has done 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800. It is said that when he hit the 3m mark he had done 857 oil changes - so that works out at 3,500 miles per oil change - he used to say this was one of the secrets of its longevity. Having said that he has had two full engine rebuilds, which I guess is allowable 😁 Naturally, had it been a Corolla, the engine rebuilds wouldn't have been necessary 😂
  3. It's MOT on Monday but I think I'm ok now - it was actually stalling before but isn't now. The codes and what they mean are in the Haynes Manual. When I was doing the throttle body I checked the cable and did some lubrication - it was definitely a sticking butterfly valve - it was grating on built up carbon deposits. The ECU probably enriches the mixture and increases revs when it's cold - but that it still revs lower than it would normally. So the problem is noticeable when cold but it just isn't enough to stop the engine. I think I'm well on the way now - I'll find out tomorrow when I'm on a longer run. The Caterham (X2) and Elise are sadly now in the past. I'm just pleased I did it when I could. Then graduated to a 350Z and then an XK8 but they were all weekend toys which it got harder to justify when I retired. All gone now - sob, sob.
  4. As I had 30 mins to spare today, I've just cleaned up all the bits of the throttle body/butterfly valve that I could get at. I decided to have a go at this as I had also noticed a little stickiness in the throttle operation which is another symptom of carbon build up. It was full of black crud which took some time to remove with toothbrush, carb cleaner and appropriate cloth. The throttle stickiness has gone away and the tickover has improved a bit more. I'm not quite there yet but I'm getting there. Thank you oldcodger. As a aside I'd hoped the car might have an OBDll port as it's post '96 but it's got the old one, so bridging with a paper clip and counting flashes is going to be the order of the day.
  5. Good point - I should have thought of that logic - that was very nearly a stupid thing I did there. I have quite a bit of carb cleaner left over from my Caterham 7 days! Thank you for the other stuff as well - very helpful. I’m just trying to get this solved before Monday. I bought this car cheaply with a very short MOT but it all looks good bar this problem. I’ve never had a running problem with either of my other 4A-FE cars so this is a novelty! Thanks for the help oldcodger.
  6. Thank you oldcodger, that’s very helpful. I don’t have any warning lights, however I’m going to proceed as follows, seeing what the situation is after each step Fuel system cleaner and Motorway blast - if still issue then Remove battery for time you suggest to allow a full reset then drive again, if still issue then Follow the procedures in the videos. Already the limited running I’ve done has made a little bit of difference with the revs dropping rather too much but not stalling. I still suspect the problem is that’s it’s been sitting for about a year (with just 100 miles done) albeit it was garaged.
  7. Thank you furtula. I think the port in the engine bay is something the garage can use but I’ll look into the other procedures you mention if my clean and blast doesn’t solve the problem.
  8. Thanks - it’s fuel injection with EMU but without a normal OBD port to use a standard modern code reader. Having said that I’m also thinking either stale old fuel that’s been in there for months or simply suffering from a lack of use - I’m going to try a good fuel system cleaner and a decent blast first, and fill with V-Power which has more detergents in.
  9. Hello All. I've just bought a '97 CDX Auto with 1.6 4A-FE engine. It runs beautifully when moving along. It has a perfect Toyota dealer history and virtually perfect MOT history from new. However, it's done hardly any mileage since it was last serviced 9 months ago - less than 100 miles. The one issue it does have is, when hot, an erratic idle - in fact a couple of times the revs dropped enough for it to stall. It re-started easily but with revs immediately down at about 200 or lower. I am aware that there could be a number of explanations but I'm guessing that, given the service history it's unlikely to be things like Timing belt incorrectly tensioned or incorrect valves clearances etc. I suspect there may be a more simple explanation. My question is, where would you start looking for the answer - maybe it just needs a good run at motorway speed, or vacuum pipe issue/leak or MAF issue? The air filter is new and clear. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  10. That’s a shame. I’ve generally been lucky with my EBay sales (bar one). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet your collection deadline of 18th so that’s why I didn’t make a bid. Good luck anyway.
  11. Unless you’ve changed the Ad recently I think it finishes on 13th? Good luck with the sale.
  12. The last one I managed to find was on Ebay. However, they are often not quite correctly listed so it's worth having a really good look at the pictures to see if it's the right one.
  13. Good luck with the sale. Looks very nice.
  14. It does depend on the set-up of the car. A while ago I had a 350Z with the earlier DE V6 engine. That had to be run on super unleaded and there are many documented cases of those engines being damaged by running on lower octane fuel. It was, however, possible to re-map the car to work ok with normal unleaded - however I have to say that 99% of owners had theirs re-mapped for more power! If you had cruise control you could use the different settings to contain up to 5 different pre-set maps. I suspect that most Toyotas will probably run on almost anything. Some may well "adjust out" the higher octane but that doesn't negate the value of the friction reducers etc in V Plus (assuming you believe, like I do, that they exist and are in there).
  15. Thanks for that. The above was my understanding as well from past research carried out particularly when I was a Caterham 7 owner (there are a lot of expert technical people in that club). It seems, however, that not everyone can be convinced, so I don't try (life being too short and all that).