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  1. My injectors arrived today and they weren't too hard to put in. 3 hours with a little messing around. Three injectors were plugged with a powdery residue. But all back together now. Tomorrow I'll check for vacuum leaks using an unlit propane torch. If I am ever across the pond I'll buy a round of "cold cylinders" at the pub for everyone. Cheers Matt
  2. You guys are awesome!,,, Here comes a bumbling yank wif a 4x4 truck to a forum for smart cars! How do you like them? Are they all electric? Dynamic braking? Small cars along side of bigger trucks on the motor way always causes me hesitation. I was passing a semi truck once just as the truck has a blow-out on a drive tyre. The pressure wave caused my car to shift a half a car lane and me to..... well lets just say I needed to stop!
  3. Moderator please move if there is a more appropriate forum. oops, I didn't realize until now that "IQ" is a Toyota model!
  4. http://www.troublecodes.net/toyota/toyota-92-95-pickup-or-4runner-3-0l-or-93-94-t100-3-0l/ I pulled the trouble codes and the computer gives me #14 Ignition reference signal -no signalWhen I did the compression check I unplugged the coil connectors for the computer not the coil wire as a way to disable the ignition.I think this may have tripped this code.
  5. Thanks, I'll keep the thread updated on my progress.
  6. Fuel pressure is 45 psi down stream of the filter. Only one of the injectors are accessible with a screwdriver and that one is in a firing cylinder. I'll go ahead and buy a set of new injectors $80 free shipping. Local parts store wants around $70 each
  7. 3 are accessible and there is a non-firing cyl. on that bank. I will check as soon as it warms a bit. thanks. While looking at injector prices, I see there is a cold start valve. Any insight on what that is and how it works?
  8. Hi guys, I just picked up a 93 T-100 with the 3.0L running a bit rough, 212,000 mi. With it running when I pull the plug wires for cylinder numbers 1,3,4 there is no change on how it runs. The plugs were hard to remove and had way too many miles on them. Might have been original. A compression check on all cylinders shows 150+ psi dry and 170+ after adding oil. There is good spark at all plugs. I put in plugs from a known good running engine along with a cap and rotor. I haven't checked fuel pressure yet however 3 cylinders are firing and I still need to find enoug
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