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  1. Hey all, Some of you may be aware that in the facelift celica st202 there were two types of steering wheel, most GTs came with a four spoke leather with built in airbag, some later GTs (98-99) came with a 3 spoke design. I have a 98 with the 4-spoke and I have managed to get hold of the rare 3-spoke version. Being from the Celica family i assumed swapping them over was a possibility - however when i removed the steering wheel and compared the back, behold the airbag's have different plugs! The 3-spoke is the same as the ones that came in the MR2 in 99 I believe, and not far off a lexus is200 wheel, as well as very similar to the gen 7 version. Question is, has anyone attempted this before? Is this just a trivial difference? Does anyone have any details on these airbags at all? Another difference is the 4-spoke has 2 red wires coming out of it, the 3-spoke has one red and one black...which is a tad suspicious. Any help would be appreciated, cheers, Kamran
  2. No i'm not selling a back box for anything. You ask if I'm selling any other parts, but for which model are you after? Corolla, Starlet, Celica? cheers, Kamran
  3. Have for sale some brand new original parts: Starlet GT Brake disc kit, EP82, p/t number is: 04491-10090 or 04491-10101 (doesn't come up on EPC but this is what it says on the packaging!) Please check they look right....£20 +PnP Corlla EE101, EE111, Cynos, Starlet 1300cc Clutch Cover, brand new original, pt number is: 31210-12180 Please check photos! £10+PnP Also I have still got the following (used): Trueno Rear spoiler, AE111, black with centre light 1995-1997 £20 +pnp Trueno AE111 rear lights pair 1995-1997 £30+pnp Trueno AE111 Climate control kit 1995-1997 £15+pnp Email for more details (pics etc) Celica 15" st202 original Diamond cut brand new Alloy wheel. £40 Celica 15"st202 original Diamond cut Alloy wheel (spare slighly faded but like new condition) £20 Collection only! Email for further details, collection possible from Bristol/kettering. cheers, Kamran
  4. Hi, I have had a clearout of what Trueno or Levin parts for the AE111 95-99 I have but don't need, they are extremly rare and unfortunatley I never got round to fitting them so hopefully someone here will find them useful: As follows: Original Dials, the back plastic clips are snapped, useful as a spare dial and reads 60,000Km. Very useful for converting to mph. (the backs are a straight swap if your clips are intact) £10 plus pnp Full Climate Control kit, includes the centre console control, AC amplifier, sensors and plugs (i really wanted this, makes a big difference for AC just switching it to auto and letting the climate control take control!) £30 plus pnp Original leather manual gaitor with plastic clipping £10 plus pnp Original Toyota CD Changer holder, sits in the boot, comes with cover to hide bracket, extremly rare but best way to hold your MD.CD changer £15 plus pnp Celica gen 6 PI Lowering springs, used for 4 weeks, £50 delivered. All this stuff can be collected from Kettering or Bristol, pm me if your interested, please check out photos: Kamran http://img188.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...N2_122_66lo.JPG http://img34.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=...T_122_963lo.JPG http://img142.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...1_122_815lo.JPG http://img28.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=..._122_1069lo.JPG http://img180.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...D2_122_45lo.JPG http://img130.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...1_122_495lo.JPG http://img34.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=...T_122_963lo.JPG http://img192.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...2_122_395lo.JPG
  5. Haha good try! no chance. at the moment shes sitting in the garage looking stunning and theres no way i would maul her! I'm just waiting for the right person to come and give her a new home!
  6. The car is still available, its sat in my garage looking stunning. I've dropped asking price to £2250 and have just put it in the autotrder in midlands. I drove to Galway, west Ireland to get the skirts and spoiler. The alloys are OZ. Its a cracking car! Extremely rare too.... Kamran
  7. Cheers dude, Yeah the engines are very high revvvvvving...yamaha blocks i believe which would make sense! Kamran
  8. Here is my much loved trueno for sale! I imported it and as such am the one and only owner. The car has done 43,000 miles, is a 1600cc 20V blacktop auto, the car has: BZR dials(orange), BZR skirts, BZR rear lights, BZR rear spoiler (all bought from ireland!) Original minto condition Alloys with four good tyres , Goodrich directionals on front CAT 1 Autowatch alarm and imobiliser with remote locking (160RLI) Electrics all round, windows, mirrors, rectractable Velour bucket seats Original Toyota face off stereo Air conditioning with econ Full Uk conversion with MPH dials, FM stereo, and Rear fog light Comes with all the usual JDM bits I have owned this car for 2 years, it has been used mostly for motorway runs, its runs beautifully, the 20v is a very powerful and quick engine. The auto gearbox makes life very easy, at the lights it is enormously quick. It has ects, which means 3 modes for the auto, normal, manual and power (sport) modes. I have done regular services to the car, including oil, air, gearbox oil, plugs, brakes (pads), cam belt, all belts too...The car has been waxoiled underneath for protection, it is literally brand new underneath! anyway you get the message, i have documented everything i have done to it. I am very much a fan of keeping cars in original condition, thats why i drove to ireland to get the skirts and spoilers etc... I have painted the calipers blue to finish off the car. The alloys are in very good condition. The car comes also with the original rear spoiler and lights, as well as rear CD changer brackets and a Climate control kit that needs fitiing! The cars is taxed till november, MOT till August - The car is booked in for a fresh MOT so when its sold it will have a years MOT. The bodywork overall is very good, its has a slight scrape front driver side corner, and a small dent driver side rear lower quarter, all very unoticeable and all done in Japan..but by the pics you can tell the car is in excellent condition. The car is fully running and ready to drive away, viewings and test drives advised! Im am in Northamtonshire. £2600 ono
  9. Don't think so, brackets are different, but best way is to try and find out i spose, wouldn't hold much luck to it working tho, Kamran
  10. The AE111 and AE101 trueno and Levin rear seats are for two people only, they have a bucket like shape, but im also pretty sure that these seats will not fit in the hatchback models as they are very different... cheers, Kamran
  11. I have never heard of one of these at all! But importing vehicles needs special attention and care, as the dvla here will easily screw people over. You should go to google.co.uk - and type 'ESVA TEST' as this is what the car will need if its manufactured after 31/12/06. I know that if you have owned the car in you country for over 6 months things slightly change, but also go to the dvla site and check out what the rules are, hope this helps, thanks
  12. Like i say, i went to Ireland in Novemeber just to get a load of stuff for my Trueno. He has said to me he wanted 200 euros for the seats, at that price i wasn't interested as they had began to see weather and the back one was a goner. If they had been in good condition, and door cars were available, i reckon i probs would of gone 200 euros, but in the condition i saw - where they needed a clean - i reckon just for the front 2 i would have parted 100 euro maybe, but saying that i'm a bit cautious with my money! I hope you got a good deal, but as long as your happy with em thats all that matters... cheers.
  13. Just as a thought, these Corolla fx's a super rare, i doubt there are many in the country, and i doubt that many were even made in Japan as they are not inot hatchbacks out there! I've come across a few, soemtimes on ebay - but theres not been any for a long time... cheers
  14. Hey, Yeah this is an ae111 were talking about. As far as i know, the car i had a load of stuff from was from a guy who had the car a while, not exactly how long, but very close to Athenry, and it had a real bad front accident, whole front drivers side destroyed, rippled the whole of the front of the car, drivers side door wudn't open! Good for you that they fitted! real rarity those seats, but, of course the back seat was no good to you? In this car the back one was screwed anyway, had been ripped at the top. cheers,
  15. Out of interest, i think i know the person you were buying the seats from, if its from a crashed levin near Galway - they did need some work cause the mould had set in. Also - they probably wouldn't work so well in an ae111 hatchback as they are very low, intended for the coupe and not the hatchback which is a much higher seating position. These recaro's are very rare for the Levin/Trueno!
  16. Hi all, Decided to sell my pda as i now have a smartphone, if anyones interested hers the specs... Toshiba e330 pda boxed great cond With 2 chargin cradles original software windows pocket pc with pocket word, excel all usual stuff Original Tomtom5 with UK maps installed and working 2 wired Rikaline GPS recievers that plug in the car So its a fully workng gps system - all you need is something to hold it in the car. I think in this condition with all accesories 90GBP is a good asking price, but i would listen to offers. For pics email me, heres a link of what the item looks like: http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?i=103887 thanks, Kamran
  17. Theres nothing on there, but thanks for the suggestion... Kamran
  18. Dude, Its a really simple job, i take it you have the a who set of dials to plug in.... SImple, make sure ignition is off, theres a front facia with 2 screws and 2 clips you have to remove with the steering adjusted lowest as possible, then the dials are screwed in with 3/4 screws, undo these and the dials will be loose ish, pull 1/2 of it slightly out, put your arm round the back and there will be 3 long plugs with top clips plugged in, unplug em and thats the old dials out... Hope thats what you were after... Kamran
  19. Hi Im after some wiring diagrams for the AE111 Trueno or Levin. Anyone got anything, or know where they are available? At the moment its mainly for the AC specific parts, but the whole let would be generally very useful... thanks. Kamran
  20. That was a really funny one, because it had a supercharger bonnet, a sj engine and 20v on the doors, yet no skirts or interior. Its mighty strage that, i'd suggest someone had took the 20v outta it and put a 4afe 16v in it, but that doesn' explain the poor interior, no bodykit, or the scoop on the bonnet. dodgey stuff, looks like a heap to, needs work i think...
  21. I just gave it ago, but it keeps saying i need a valid e-mail address.....no matter what i put! ill try and e-mail them directly, thanks
  22. Hi all, Recently had my Trueno broke into, smashed the glass but didnt take anything, I need the passenger rear quaterlite glass for it now, anyone got one of these, or know any good contacts for one? thanks, Kamran
  23. Actually that did help..thanks dude! Also found thi: http://www.topswheel.com/wheel_fitment_faq.htm Really good rundown of what PCD and offset is. sorted.
  24. Hi, I am just wondering, what does offset mean and what does PCD mean? I have the trueno AE111, which has the same offset and pcd as the corolla ae111 and ae101, does anyone no what that is? cheers, Kamran PS does anyone have any original ae111 alloys g6r/trueno/levin going?
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